Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have just got back from market after getting my wrist watch checked and could not wait to share what I witnessed there.

My watch had been showing signs of slowing down so I took it for check up to a watch repairer whom I had known for some time. His shop is very small and one has to stand outside for purchase or repairs. After initial check he told me that it needs a new battery and little cleaning which will take about 15 minutes. So I decided to wait. While standing there I was just observing people going about. There are a number of coaching centers in that market which attract a lot of youngsters who need to prepare for either Board examinations or some qualifying ones for professional courses.

There were 4 young boys standing a couple of yards away from me and chitchatting. I heard one of them say loudly “ Hello, sweetie, want to be friends?” or words like that. On looking I saw a young girl of about 18 or so walking past. She was nice looking, tall and attired as per normal trend in jeans and t shirt. She stopped and approached that group. Now that aroused interest of not only me but some more persons around.

On coming close to those boys, she asked, “ Did you say something to me?”

The boy who had uttered those words was taken aback but after few seconds said,” Yes.” She then told him that she had no objections to be friends if he introduces himself properly. The boy became little bold and told his name. She asked him to tell her about his family and where had he studied as well as what was he planning for his career. He became bolder and told what she had asked for. It turned out that his father is a senior level government officer, mother a teacher and elder sister is doing MBBS. He had completed 12th from a well known school and was preparing for entrance examination for medical colleges. He had come to attend coaching class at a nearby center.

After hearing all this what the girl said made those boys turn red in face and look around sheepishly. She said, “ With your such impeccable background I would love to friends with you but I will not as you have let down not only your parents, their upbringing, your sister, your such reputed school, noble profession you have chosen but also society as whole by passing unwanted comments like you did as if you were from some disturbed background.” And she just walked off with her head held high. All of us who witnessed this were speechless. I strongly feel that those boys will think a lot before they indulge in such behavior again.

I admire that girl and wish that there are more like her.


Arooj said...

wow! this is the way of handling such everyday apparently awkward situations.hats off.
i always wonder why parents teach their daughters to be quite and in such situations while strong and confident response can check the bad trends of patriarchal society.

Rià said...

Wow! U r right...we need more such women. What a reply.

sulagna ™ said...

woaaa !!! thats the new age girl !

S. Mahnoor Shah said...

Wow hats of to that girl!

Amrita said...

Amazing lady! A real role model

Thinking said...

hmm...not all the time such brave attitude is appreciated....

But I do applause for the girl...

harman singh said...

witty!!..too good..God bless her..
we need more like her and an example to others!

Veena said...

Amazing and inspiring.. thanks for sharing the same

Chakoli said...


now thats BRAVO!!!

Punam said...

Amazing, what she did.. !! But dangerous too.. :(

Gayu said...

I appreciate the girl...!!
Yes it takes immense courage to fight such things...and very few people do that.

Last week there was Rickshaw strike in Mumbai. I had to take the bus to reach station. A guy was continuously trying to touch my hand. I ignored it twice as i thought he didn't intend to do so. But the third time...i was seriously pissed off. I shouted and asked to hold the iron bar next to him. Everybody in the bus stared at me. They understood what happened. and the guy moved back.

Now i was properly dressed (not showing off and I never invited anybody's attention)..!!

We need to take the stand and defend ourselves. Enroll your kids in self defence classes..!!!

take care

Ann said...

That was really a confident move on girl's part. and yes, the boys will learn a lesson. The'll try to gentlemen in from of females from now onwards. We gals really need to be that confident.

Thanks for sharing :)

Jack said...


Your are right. We need to make our girls strong to face such situations boldly. Take care


I totally agree with you that we need many many more such brave girls. Take care


I was really floored by her boldness. Take care


Welcome to my space. I hope I see her again to find out more about her and give her my unqualified support. Take care

Jack said...


Real role model. We all talk but she did it. Take care


I agree that mostly this kind of boldness is discouraged. But it should not be. Take care


Hope more girls come out with this courage. Take care


It was totally unexpected and so bold. I hope this inspires other girls not to suffer silently. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for your support. Take care


I know it can lead to some bad situations but she took a chance in that place where there were some persons around. I admire for her bold decision. Take care


You did absolutely right thing. Such nonsense should not be tolerated any time. Take care


I really hope that those boys learnt good lesson. We need more such bold girls to ward off such nonsense. Take care

Meera Sundararajan said...

That girl was really smart..!! Wish boys would learn from their female counterparts!

Sakshi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooo!!!!!! I wish that there were more of her.. like this :)

Escapist said...

How smart f that beautiful grl....appreciated..n more over ur jotting has a good style of letting what happened there..


Jyoti Mishra said...

she smartly handled the situation....
it clearly shows that if u handle such situations like this.. it'll not only b a lesson 4 that boy bt for the others too..

i too wish that we have such smart gals n boys around us..

Jack said...


I too wish very much that there are more girls bold like her to tackle this menace. Take care


I hope and pray that more girls learn to be bold and handle such situations teaching the culprit that he can not get away with nonsense. Take care


I am so happy that you have come out of hibernation. How is my dear young hero? Please do check mail. Thanks for appreciative views. Take care


It was so bold that we all onlookers were left speechless on witnessing this. I strongly feel that there should be more such girls to curb this menace. Take care

Rachna said...

and, if only more women will hold their head high.


Sonshu said...

Every post gives me a different feeling. Your posts are all so different and lovely. This was too, aaaah, what a woman! Definitely. :)

Jack said...


I fully agree with you that we need many more women who hold their head high. Take care


I make efforts to share what so ever I experience or see happening around, good bad or ugly. It is so nice of you to appreciate my efforts. Thanks. I too say WOW, What a girl!

Take care

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

There are certain people who have nothing to do, and thus they indulge in such acts. They might not always have a bad intention, but then the majority do have.
The girl did a great thing :)

Ellen said...

You think someone would truly speak up like she did? :-) That was quite a long speech to ward off jerks. Lols!

Jack said...


It is sad that some persons indulge in such acts thinking it as pass time. We need more such girls to discourage such acts. Take care


That was the most surprising part. No one ever expected such retort from a girl. That is why we all were left speechless. Take care

Escapist said...

Yes,i did..so do u.


Bubblegum.... said...

Just an awesome answer!!!

Jack said...


Done that. Thanks. Take care


Nice to see you here. Yes, it was so awesome that we, the onlookers, were left speechless. Take care

Amrita Tanmay said...

समय लड़कियों को भी सिखा दिया है किसी भी परिस्थिति से बुद्धिमानी से कैसे निपटा जाय ..