Thursday, December 22, 2011


It is an open secret that we all need space to do something or the other. We do not like anyone to overhear personal conversation, specially some official matter or when in relationship. With advent of mobile telephony it has become quite easy to do so. Now what made me say all this –

When I take our dog out after her morning meal I see a young lady of mid 20s escorting her about 4 years old son to school bus stop on working days. On most of the days while coming back she is on her mobile. She stays in block next to ours. She keeps pacing infront of the block and talking for some time before moving in. If she sites her husband or either of her in laws, she hurriedly discontinues talking. I know she is working lady but I wonder who she could be talking to at that early hour in the morning.

I invite your opinions on this.


Sakshi said...

It is nothing. I do not like people hearing my conversations, for THIS very reason. They start asking questions.
What if she is bitching about her husband and or in laws to her friends, she has the right to be flustered and frustrated and that is a GOOD enough reason to discontinue talking when you see your husband/ in laws.

Or maybe she has been planning a party, a surprise party for her husband, and doesn't want any one to know.
May be it is her friend who has a problem and she doesn't want others to know about it.

Uncle you are being very judgmental here. Just let her be!

Gayu said...

I could so relate to this....even I do this. I don't keep the phone if i see my in-laws or husband. I take a walk in garden after i drop Samruddhi at school.

I call up my parents everyday, that is only time when I can peacefully talk to them. When I am at home, something or the other comes up, and then i need to rush to office, so this is the best way wgerein I can talk to them, and also remain fit:)

In this case, maybe she is talking to her friends, or maybe her parents or...maybe...don't want to think so far.


Irfanuddin said...

well....on 1st reaction there comes a thought into mind that something fishy is going on, but again it may not be.......and it can be anything from those mentioned in above comments....

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I am 99% sure it is her mom.
Women like to talk about their life at their inlaw's to their mothers.
So she doesn't want them to her her talking about them.

Also, maybe the husband and in law's dont encourage her talking to her mother on the phone.

I doubt any boyfriend would wake up as early as that.

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

You also have no idea what is going on at her in laws place.
What if she has a lot of problems and doesn't cant share it with anyone around her?

Meh, what if she was talking to someone like you and sharing her problems with?

You are being very narrow minded by saying that people disconnect calls with someone from office or someone they are being in a relationship with. I used to do that too, till sometime back, not only cos my parents would overhear me, but also cos they didnt encourage me gossiping. that didn't make the person at the other end my boyfriend.

Kevin said...


As a recovering 'conclusion-jumper', I would like to point out that proactive judgements are rarely accurate.

For your reference, there is a set of videos titled 'Don't judge too quickly' on youtube.

Harman said...

well.. it could be anything..
an affair.. or gossip.. or a surprise party ..or even looking for a new job ..
So cant say anything!
Uncle you keep an eye:)
let us know too

Tanvi said...

It could be anything, but I rather not speculate!

♡ from ©

Neha said...

It's definitely her mother or elder sister. Only these souls are free to talk early mornings :) and this I say from experience :))

Sonshu said...

Ohhhh. Now what someone would think is she's having an again or something. What I thought is a surprise that she might be planning. i completely agree with Sakshi. Somethings are very personal! What if her husband is an abuser and you know physically abuses her? She might be telling someone about it? Opening up? Or maybe its a counsellor? Or something of that sort.

Uncle, don't think much about this. People have a right to keep certain things in private. You do too. All of us do! :)

I think you just got a bit worried. Let go! :) I completely agree with Sakshi! And Gayu. :P

Jack said...


Did I in any way make any judgement? I have said that we all need space and just said I wondered who could she be talking to. I will come out with rest of it in my next post. Take care


There are times when we need to talk to someone or the other without letting anyone overhear. There is no harm in it as such but it depends upon what one's intentions are, isn't it?
Take care


Yes, that is what most of us may deduce but one has to think with open mind. Take care


True, she could be talking to her mother or may be anyone for advice. And by the way a boyfriend or lover would surely be available to talk if time is set for this. Mind you that I have not at all condemned her disconnecting calls on seeing anyone from her family, I just stated facts as seen by me. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often and have your valuable views. Now may I say that you are the one jumping to conclusions. I have not made any judgement or said anything but what I have observed factually. I just wondered who could she be speaking to and invited opinions from you all. Take care

Jack said...


Yes, it could be anything. It does not concern me at all. I will give rest of what happened in next post. Take care


Neither did I speculate. Take care


So true, they are really the only ones who will take calls at that early hour. But don't you think that a boyfriend or lover could also be there to take calls if no other time is suitable. Take care


I have stated that we all need space for something or the other including speaking on phone. It does not concern me at all but I just said I wonder who could she be speaking to at that early hour. It could be anything. I will post rest of it in next post. Take care

Suruchi said...

Aapko kya karna hain Uncle J...let each one to his own:-)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Yea, but once they set a time to talk, it would lead to you-are-never-free-to-talk-to-me fights.
Then that relationship will also become like the marriage the girl is already in and she will cheat on the boyfriend with another man :P

Shreya said...

I appreciate your post about asking for opinions of fellow bloggers. Before making any views on that lady I must say we go wrong sometimes taking some negative thoughts. She must be talking to her close friends, or discussing something and this has nothing to deal with her character and all. I love my personal space, I don't like anybody keeping an ear on my convo. I don't like all that hawk's eye over me, I mean c'mon we are humans we need space. We are not mannequins to be treated in any way.

People are so much concerned about others matters, they can solve their own instead. But its true a fleeting thought comes as a question when we see such thing you mentioned. I welcome these things positively, with all my heart and I never think anything negative about anyone until I know about them personally. Oops, sorry for such a long comment, am not succinct.

Chakoli said...

The way you have mentioned puts the straght answer that it could be his bf... but it could also be other way... may be his hubby doesnt like her talking to her parents/even friends..

there could be n number of possibilities......

Jack said...


I agree it does not concern me at all but seeing it daily made me little curious about it but not that much also that I try to find what is going on. However I will share what came to my knowledge later in my next post. Take care


You mean after marriage fights are common place. Take care


It could be anyone she may be talking to and that is totally her prerogative. I have not made any comment, positive or negative on this. I also have said that we all need our space and we do not like our personal conversations to be overheard. Take care


One could jump to that conclusion if one is narrow minded but as you say it could be anyone - her mom, friend, office colleague or such. Take care

Ann said...

I agree with what most of the people said. She might be talking to her parents bitching abt her day-to-day problems. And she doesn't feel comfortable to talk in front of her in-laws, that's why she puts down the phone.

One more thing.. She might not imagine in wildest of her dreams that she is being talked and discussed on a blog :)

Wish you Merry Christmas.. Keep posting...

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

It could be anyone :) After all, everyone has cell phones nowadays. :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I mean, once a relationship gets serious, fights start.
Not just marriage.

Mannu said...

Uncle jack,! u becoming naughty? :P..Uncle what are the chances she has some extra marital thing and there is some room for some married men:p
men will be men.:P

Do you see her going out alone or secretively anytime. If no, She may be bitching about her in-laws and hubby to her mom or friend then.

Jack said...


I said I just wondered who she could be talking to at that hour and I have not made any suggestions. It could be anyone, isn't it? Take care


I said that in the post that mobile telephony has made it easy to talk in privacy. Yes, she could be talking to anyone. Take care


Yes, once you start taking others for granted this can happen. Take care


LOL. Naughty and me? It was just an observation which I had during my morning round with our dog. I am not at all nosey to see who goes where and how but I do observe things closely when I am out on walk or ever drive or for that matter even in a party. She could be talking to anyone but this did make me wonder as it was daily affair. Take care

TheBluntBlogger said...

I am with Neha on this! Quite possible she speaks to her parents or family, may be talks or complains about her in laws?

ps: i came here via Sakshi's post on Anna :)

Jack said...

T B B :

Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often and have your valuable views. Please do read my next post to know what is the complete issue. Take care

Jack said...
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Neha said...

Jack Uncle, then that boyfriend needs to be totally vella with no job :)

Jack said...



Take care

Neha said...

Hahaha...Good one, Jack uncle :)

Kevin said...


Thanks for the warm welcome!
It's true - it appears that I've jumped the gun again. I apologise for the blunder!

Jack said...


Thanks for appreciating it. Take care


No need to apologize as we all make mistakes some time or the other. Please do give your views on some of my older posts also, if you find time. Take care