Thursday, December 8, 2011


I normally go to do chores relating to Bank or payment of bills to MTNL / BSES post lunch as it is generally less crowded. Most of these have arrangements to give priority to senior citizens. Boards are displayed prominently to say that. It is really a blessing as this allows one to avoid exertion at advancing age.

Yesterday I had to visit local branch of major government bank to deposit cash into someone’s account before noon. I had visited that branch a few times earlier to put my cheque in drop box provided for credit card payment. As expected there were a number of persons but almost all were seated in the chairs lined up along the walls. I did not see any long queues. I was impressed by this orderly way. After I filled up the required pay in slip I looked around for the counter to do the needful. I could not see any such caged cashier window. On my asking the watchman told me to take a token from the vending machine and see the directions given on the electronic board for which SINGLE WINDOW to go to. It seemed all fine. I took the token and saw that my number had another 40 + persons ahead of me. As all the seats were occupied, I stood in a place so as not to obstruct anyone. It was after a wait of almost 50 minutes that I was directed to window number X. The paying in took just about 2 minutes. While standing all this while I read a lot of boards informing customers about various services offered by the said Bank. One of the boards displayed prominently said “ We give preference to Senior Citizens”. After I had finished my work, I could not resist meeting the Branch Manager to request him to remove the said board as I felt this was a mockery or make some provision to honour it.


Shreya said...

You did the right thing, asking to remove that board if they are not fulfilling that. They display their plus points in capital bolds especially highlighted with red, and terms & conditions at the corner end followed by "asterisk".

P.S. Its sad, today youngsters don't care if they see a senior citizen standing in a queue or waiting or something, I sometimes leave my chair for senior citizens. It feels nice to help in anyway.

Realistic post. TC :)

Harman said...

Very Sad!!
Senior citizens should be given a due respect and a separate line and counter for them!
the board has no value if it doesn't do that!
Jack you should go and meet the concerned person ,,,n should take n action!
Sometimes someone has to say..and it sets examples to others!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

it is sad ....
earlier things were much easier since they had multiple windows and queues on first come first serve basis.

now, in a lot of places, though the token system is supposed to help, it really doesnt seem to be

maybe they should try good online services too ... mght help reduce queues

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

just read ur last post ; that was really scary. but ur friend's daughter in law had guts to share everything .. Inshah allah .. she is safe for the rest of her life

Scribbling Gal said...

Very Very Sad...
My dad generally avoids government offices for same reasons...he cant handle the crowd and the preference thing is just a joke....people have just gone so insensitive nowadays that I feel soo did the perfect thing in the end

Hope you doing good uncle :)

Upasna said...

In general I wish Indians were better at following such rules. Would make life so much more easy!

☆ Rià ღ said...

I second Scribbling Gal, my dad too avoids the govt offices for the same very reason. There is no respect for the elder in India. U did the right thing Uncle Jack. Take care.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Why just put up something when he people aren't following it!
You did a correct thing!

Purba said...

So much for special treatment. And what was his reaction?

Suruchi said...

50 minutes-OMG!
it is a nuisance going to these banks for transactions...and I can't imagine how difficult it is for senior citizens to tolerate the fake regard!

i hope the manager got a good piece of your mind!

Live2cherish said...

time to go for ebanking uncle jack!
i hope the branch manager acts upon your comment.

Sonshu said...

Aaawww most of these places are like this. They pretend like they care when they truly dont. You should def complain and take some action because so many others will suffer.

Pathetic condition!

Jack said...


Thanks for your support. Almost all service providers or even traders put terms & conditions is very small print which evades eye. And as far as youngsters are concerned, I think it is our fault in not inculcating right values. Take care


Thanks for your support. I am planning to visit sometime next week to see if there is any follow up. Take care


They had 3 persons manning different Single Window for multi- transactions. Token system is fine as no one needs to stand in the queue but go only when number comes. But if they make statement like Ladies First or Senior Citizens are given priority, then there should be some system to honour it. They have online actions but for depositing or withdrawal of cash one needs to go personally.

I know what happen to that young lady was very scary. I hope and pray that no one ever gets into that situation ever. Take care

S G :

He is wise but at times it becomes unavoidable. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for support. Take care


At times visiting such places becomes necessary and then one feels the pinch. Thanks for your support. Take care


Thanks for your support. Take care


Sad, isn't it? He was struck speechless and before he could recover from shock I moved off. Take care

Jack said...


At the end of it, I did feel tired. I did not say anything more than what I wrote. Take care

L2C :

I do not visit bank much except when I need to deposit cash as I make all payment by cheques or ATM. This was one of those instances when I had to go during rush hours. Take care


Thanks for your support. I will visit that branch again in a few days to see if my highlighting it made any difference. Take care

Tanvi said...

*sigh!* We as a country are not efficient at following rules. We make them just for its presentation-value! Hope you voice your concerns!

♡ from ©

Sakshi said...

Good thing that you put them right :)

Jack said...


That is what I told him - why make a mockery. Thanks for your support. Take care


I hope it makes some difference. Thanks for your support. Take care

Rohit said...

I am moved by this post Sir !
The title is fully justified and apt-mockery..We do lack the culture of respecting experience...But I'm doing my bit and will keep doing so!

Jack said...


I am so moved by this support shown by you. You are kind person to care of elderly.

Take care

Ms. Capricious said...

Well, the Bank Manager wasn't lying, coz if you had noticed, most of the boards(how about all?)were green (read currency) words right ?

This incident has really set me thinking. I don't have a grandpa, err I mean I never saw him. H e left too early. And now as I am reading all these, I feel he must have been like you!