Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday our d i l had organized a party for children to celebrate birthday of our granddaughter who turned 4. Our daughter and her husband made little ones play games. The children seemed to be enjoying dancing away to music. I was taking photographs and keeping an eye if any child seemed aloof. After children left, the party continued as we had some guests and their children. It was quite a fun. Today morning I asked our granddaughter as to how was the party. Her response was short, “ Good “ and she continued with what she was doing – playing with dolls she had got. I realized that instead of reminiscing about past she has just moved on to present.

This brought to my mind what I have seen many a times in the small park in the society where children gather to play in the evenings. There are some discords or the other between some of them, with young boys even coming to fisticuffs, but within a short span of time I have seen them again on buddy buddy terms and playing. They move on and get over whatever it might have been.

This set me thinking why can we grownups not learn to move on like that and get over past to live happily in present. We too in our childhood must have moved on from all such petty things but at what age did we start keeping grudges? We must learn to be child again to forgive and forget.


Shreya said...

Yea, kids move on so fast. But grownups have to deal with situations, feelings, relationships. It takes time. I kinda agree with you, we should learn from kids.

Harman said...

very much to learn frm kids is to move on,, But I do sometimes feel..that "to forget n move on "..where r we heading to.??
frm kids I could always see the purity of heart,innocence in eyes and serenity of love...

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

That's the best part about childhood - innocence. Children don't complicate things like we do.

sulagna ™ said...

jack uncle i love teh way you observe such little, yet important truths of life :)

Gayu said...

yes, that's true...we tend to hold walls...and what not...and at the end we lose the precious relations...

But is it really possible to move it takes time...lot of time and requires lot of Patience.

Wish we all could be like them. Belated wishes to the little one!!!

Take care

Tanvi said...

So true. I do try ... and will continue to ... and always keep the child in me alive ... though sometimes its hard.

♡ from ©

Amrita said...

yes thats so true.. but its also because as adults we develop the need to control things. so we try to understand people and scenarios so that we can avoid unpleasant ones in future and try to learn stuff and all. but as kids, the mind is not so complicated to think so much. that is why the adults who have this childlike innocence are such a pleasure.

☆ Rià ღ said... kids we were definited less complicated so we wudnt take things to heart, but as we grow things and ppl change and sometimes it bcomes really hard to just let go.

Raniyal Niyada said...

I have the same thoughts...

Maybe sometimes our mind is set and its too hard to change it :)

But i still like to learn from them, the children... Life would be happy place that way. ..

Take care

P.S: thanks for all the visits jack uncle... i really get encouraged by all the comments you leave... :) and getting to the anguish part... maybe someday i'll blog that too :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

really the best quality of kids to "Move on" everyone suggests it... but as we grow up, as u said it becomes difficult y ??

I wish if everyone can have that child-like innocence n behavior :)

Belated happy b'day to your grand-daughter !!

Latha Vijayakumar said...


Sanjana said...

I strongly agree to your post.. and if we want we can learn a lot from children.. its true indeed-childhood is the best part of our life :)

Nice post :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

It's lovely to see how innocent they all are :)
They teach us so many things. THey are wiser than we are :P And watching them, is lovely :)

Iqra said...

For the same reason everyone misses his/her childhood :) Things are so easy to tackle then..

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle, that's an awakening observation. Forgiving, forgetting and moving ahead are important for any happy life..

kids just do it that way as they don't have any grudges.. grown ups have it too till particular age i guess.. in late years, again, everything seems to be enjoyable.. correct me if im wrong!

and yes, we need to learn from children.. :)

Jack said...


Isn't it that we as grown ups create situations leading to attitude of grudges? Take care


Is it impossible to keep that purity of heart, innocence and serenity of love? Take care


I am so glad you said that.
Take care


It helps in keeping peace with self, isn't it? Take care

Jack said...


Why do we have to build walls? Why not take time and have patience for sake of happiness all round?
Take care


Lucky you are if you can keep it up, no matter even if with little difficulty. Take care


I understand that as adult we have to face certain situations in work or society but why make things complicated by being little self centered? Take care


Why not try to change as little as possible keeping attitude of child intact? Take care

Jack said...


Thanks for such support. We do need to keep things as simple as we can, isn't it? Please do not bottle up, do share what causes such anguish.
Take care


I second you on your wish.
Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to see you regularly and have your valuable views. Take care


I feel so grateful for such solid support. Take care

Jack said...


Right you are and it is upto us to learn such good qualities from them which we lose while growing up.
Take care


So true. We all keep talking of childhood at some time or the other. Take care


I am so glad to see you here. That is why they call old age second childhood, isn't it? It is the time in between which makes one keep grudges. Take care

Suruchi said...

that is why we all grow up to wish to be children made me think too...yes, "moving on" is the only mantra in any situation that screws your mind!

Gayu said...

Thanks a lot....!!!!


Sakshi said...

Kids move on. The problem with us is that we think about the world and the society before our own selves!

Jack said...


We can make life less complicated like children if we want to, isn't it? Take care


Visited and left my comment.
Take care


That is what causes all this problems, if we think without bias life would be so pleasant, isn't it? Take care

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Thank You so much for your comment :) Looking forward to your next post :)

Jack said...


Visited you today and read interview of Zain. My next post is coming up today. Take care

Neeha said...

It's like in Ekta's melodrama,elders might be stubborn, it's the children who should take of everything(that's what I feel).

Jack said...


Right you are. Children can overcome all old differences and make two families reunite. Take care

Meera Sundararajan said...

You are so right... children can teach us many things and one important lesson we can learn from them is to forgive and forget!Wishing your grandchild a very happy birthday!