Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last month I wrote about Media Antics. While commenting Jigyasa ( freespirit-jigyasa ) very rightly brought out point about availability of Public Toilets. I am aware of this shortfall in our system but still to see if there has been any improvement in the past couple of years I did a little survey on my own. And the findings are pathetic.

While visiting markets or even driving around on roads which are quite busy with all kinds of traffic or even some biggish bus stops I was dismayed to see lack of this facility or even if available it was either non-visible / inaccessible or unfit for use hygienically. In some of the markets I asked shopkeeper if I can find some place to relieve as my bladder is bursting and was mostly told to go behind some shop in isolated place for the same. Pathetic, isn’t it? What about ladies, where do they go?

I think it is time for so called Associations which claim to fight for rights on behalf of traders or residents to do something on this issue. Will somebody in authority please wake up?


Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hi Jack,

Nice to hear from you. I think Sulabh International is one such organization which deals with pay and use toilets in many cities of India. We just need it in large-scale along with increasing the public awareness.

Have a great day!

idiot said...

Hello Uncle :-) The thing is we find it hilarious! And do not take it as an important aspect...I have so many times heard elders saying "control, wait till we reach home". But why? We need a sea change in attitude as well. And yes, Sulab is doing a lot...infact Brindheshwar Pathak whom I have met a couple of times is a very approachable person and is campaigning for the cause of women in particular.

idiot said...

Now, that was my comment and I wonder why google accepts my name as "Idiot" and not my real name!


Sonshu said...

I think your totally correct.
It gets on your nerves, all these public toilets pay and use ones are so bad that one might get all the diseases in the world just entering it. Something should be done to bring about PROPER usable toilets in places.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

ohh .. i thought Sulabh was there throughout India , no ? Infact, I found it easier in Bangalore than in canada ... if i had to relieve myself when outside, shops , or even better nirmala toilets were always around. But i agree completely with you .... there should be more visible toilets in malls and shops, ans mainly free public toilets ... would help enforce hygenie

Ritika said...

Hello Uncle,

I agree, Men pee anywhere they want to. and women can't. Isn't it the high time that authorities should think about it.

I like it. I thought about it too.

And was busy with my exams, just got over with it. Now, I ll be writing and reading more often. :)

Take care.

suruchi said...

so so true...and i have had a bad experience with this while travelling in a bus on tour in rajasthan...women just have to bear or bare:(

i hope instead of beautifying parks n raising statues...governments do their bit about raising hygiene is equally sad to see men go about anywhere n everywhere:/

Alka Gurha said...

You have raised such a basic valid point...In todays TOI Jug also talks about the same issue.

☆ Rià ღ said...

Wish the toilets were clean in India...i dont knw what's worse; not having enuff public toilets or having a few which can't be used.

Harman said...

...its sad...if one cannot find wash room in urgency ...which I think system in India lacks but why?
public toilets are also pathetic state with exchange of germs and yeast infections ...
..I think top priority shld be given to cleanliness and public wash rooms in India and public shld also give tips to people cleaning wash rooms like here in US as encouragement.

Jack said...

T-F L :

Sulabh is doing a very good job but their resources are limited. A year or so ago Mr Pathak had said in an interview that they are looking for partners. I do not know why much hyped P P P can not take on this project. Public awareness is another issue which has to start from grass roots. Take care


It was hilarious to see this name. I know this is not your real name but it seems Google knows you better. LOL. Please do see what I told Tonguefu above about Sulabh. I think something has to be done urgently lest some BABA goes on fast unto death on this too. Take care


That is why I say so called Welfare Associations should take it up. Also why can some big corporate which has office in that area can not take it up under C S R? Take care


Why can we not have NIRMALAs in all cities? Or organistions like that? Do read what I said to Sonshu above on this. Take care

Jack said...


I too have been culprit a few times due to urgency but not without making efforts to find Public Toilet, even dirty, first. Do read my suggestions above to views of others. How did examinations go? I am sure you will do well. Take care


It is really sad. I fully agree with you on what you said about Parks or Statues. Why can this not be taken up under much hype P P P or C S R? Take care


Thanks for support. I must check with him if he read my post. LOL. Take care


This is such a basic need and I am at loss to understand why those in authority fail to see it. I have repeatedly said above about P P P or C S R. Take care


With growth of population and business establishments this has become a urgent need, not only for public but even shopkeepers or their employees. We not only need to make clean Public Toilets available at convenient places but also raise awareness to use those as well as demand proper maintenance. Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

I dont think someone in the authority on his own will be ready to think about it..

issues shall be taken to them in the right time..

I agree with you on the survey; there may be a little improvement in the recent years but not at all up to the mark..

Jack said...


Nice to see you after a gap. The people in the authority need to be pushed but at the same time why not P P P or C S R? Why don't you ask your organistion to construct & maintain such facilities in the area of location? If we all approach our organistaions for this, may be there will be some improvement. Take care

Gayu said...

Hello uncle....
Long time....I visited...Samruddhi was not was busy with her...
Even I face problems when i take Samruddhi for shopping...if she wants to pee..i need to go all the way to a mall, there are no facilities anywhere else...n I don't want to inculcate the habit of doing it on the road...

But how much can kids control???

Its a very serious issue our government should address.


Thinking said...

hmm...yeah...its time for our AUTHORITY to wake up...

Thank you so much for visiting and giving me time...

I am honored.

Jigyasa said...

Uncle J,

Great that you did a survey. But you know what its only in Delhi where the problem is this big as in Bengaluru - Sulabh is there at almost all the right places.

I really wish someone would take notice of this very valid point.

Jack said...


It is so nice of you to inculcate good habits right from young age. Malls being new to our life are still keeping acceptable standards for public utilities. Hope it can continue. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often. I too hope that someone takes notice and situation improves. Take care


Not only Delhi but few more towns which I visited in the recent past have this deficiency. That is why I am talking of P P P or C S R. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

I was going to say what Alka Gurha said, i too read about this in TOI that day, but cudn't comment here.

Jack said...


I missed reading it as that paper got used by mistake. I will visit club and pull out this issue to read.

Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hello Uncle Jack! Nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for coming over and leaving a comment. I am absolutely ok. Please don't worry about me.

You just have to gatecrash into some hotel or mall. Which is such a pity! I really wonder what the Govt does with the taxpayers money. They can't build good roads. They can't provide toilets. They can't build good schools for children. They just want to stash away all the money. Time for a sea change!

Jack said...


I feel so relieved. Thanks for your visit. Where does that money go? Your guess is as good as mine. If situation does not change for better, it will surely lead to public uprising. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

you've pointed out a very serious problem which is pervasive but seldom written or published.... really concrete steps are needed in this regard.

Jack said...


I hope my suggestions about P P P and C S R are taken seriously. Take care