Monday, January 31, 2011


Kamal, a young man of 23 or so, almost 6 footer, handsome with good physique, had been with me in one of the organizations where I was GM a few years ago. He was very good in his work but used to get very shy if he had to talk to any girl. After I left that organization he used to call up off and on. It was a pleasant surprise when I met him a couple of days ago in the market. A young woman showing signs of being newly married was accompanying him. He introduced her as his wife, Sandhya. They had got married a month ago. I invited them over to our house as it was time for evening tea.

It was over cup of tea when Sandhya was in the kitchen with my better half, I asked him as to how come he did not tell me about getting married. What he told me is something for which I admire him.

One of his distant cousins got married to Sandhya about 6 months ago. It was love marriage. His parents had agreed reluctantly. Her father had passed away while she was in school. Her mother survives on his family pension. Unfortunately his cousin died in a motorcycle accident about 4 months after marriage. His parents told her to either go back to her mother or marry their elder son who is a widower with 3 grown up children. She was still to come out of grief and she was shattered with this. Knowing her mother’s financial state she could not have gone back to her without first getting some good job and she could never think of getting married to her brother in law with grown up children as she had always looked upto him as elder brother. Her in laws were insisting that she decide soon. When Kamal came to know of this, he spoke to his parents as he felt this was total injustice to poor girl. His parents were very supportive. On approaching her in laws they were told who would marry that girl to invite bad luck. That is when Kamal, the only child of his parents, offered to marry her without any clauses. His parents backed him up. They got married within few days after that in a very simple ceremony in a temple and also registered it in the court.

Hearing this I felt lump in my throat and at the same time felt so proud of him. May God be kind to them and give courage to more youngmen to do what they feel is right.


Sakshi said...

OMG! There is still some good left in this ghor kal yug!

Mademoiselle Deva said...

this is beautiful, it's still sth very unreal to ppl who are not Hindi but it's very beautiful. he is warm-hearted man!

Apurva said...

wow!! dat means there still some great human beings out there!! so gud to knw abt it :)
great post, could actually visualize
everything like a tele serial!! great

P said...

That's really commendable of Kamal and his family. My best wishes to the couple..

Amrita said...

Wow! Seriously that is awesomely nice of him!May God bless them with all joys life has to offer.

nazia said...

Impresd.....kamal seems to b veri practicle person wth veri simple thoughts in hz plce fr making fake stories.....i appreciate hm fr doin so....
Gud luk...

Jollliiieesss said...

Wishing them both a life filled with happiness. Goodness begets goodness :)

Movingcloud said...
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Jack said...


It is reall so heartening that we still have some good souls. I think that is what is keeping this world still ticking. Take care


Am I happy to see you here? Sure. Sometimes such good seems unreal to people. Take care


Yes, there are still some good persons with heart of gold. May God be kind to them. Take care

P :

I am planning to meet his parents and bow my head to them for two reasons, fist for having such a fine son and second for backing him up. Take care


I sincerely pray from bottom of my heart that May God be kind to them always. Take care


Yes, he is. May there be more persons like him to keep proper balance in today's world.
Take care


I am sure God will be happy at this good deed and bless them with lots of happiness. Take care

rohini said...

uncle i sent u one mail..kindly chek the same at gmail id.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

hI jACK! sorry don't have much time, right now. will be reading ur posts soon, missing reading u all.

just dropped in to say Hi!!!

have a nice weekend


Deepika said...

Kamal is am angel. He seriously is. When there are ppl with mentality that says 'the girl is inaucspicious for family' he accepted her with will and proved that humanity is still alive. Btw.. Sorry for being absent since a long time.

Vinnie said...

Uncleji :) How u doing?

thanks 4 sharing this beautiful story, just made my day...cant believe such a thing can happen outside films n serials !

Jack said...


I have sent reply. Thanks for trust reposed. Take care


No comments still? Take care


That is why I shared this with you all so we can still believe that there is still some goodness in humans. Take care


My respect for him and his parents has gone up like anything. I will do anything for them should they need my help. Take care

Librangirl said...

WOW! I've become a admirer/fan of this guy. Nice to hear that there are still good people left on this earth in this age.

Jack said...

L G :

It is so heartening that we still have some goodness left in this world. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


was keeping busy all these days, so...

We need more such young men with conviction who can stand against the tide. And hats off to the family as well for supporting their son.


Jack said...


I am with you. We definately need more such youngmen and such families to make this world a good place. Take care