Sunday, January 9, 2011


A couple of days ago I had taken our dog, Cocker Spaniel, out in the afternoon and on my return I found lift to be on the ground floor with a lady with 2 children – a girl of about 12 and boy of about 8, getting in. As I came close to the lift, the girl said “ You take the other lift.” The way in which she said it conveyed that it was like an order and not request because of being scared of dog. I always keep the dog on short leash when people are around and am careful that she does not trouble anyone. She as it is, is very docile and childfriendly. Our grandchildren keep troubling her without any retaliation from her. What made me feel sad was that little girl did not have any regard for my age, close to her grandfather’s. And her mother, I so presume, also did not have courtesy to use polite language. She just kept mum. Is this what we teach our children for manners? She could have politely said “ Please take the other lift as I am scared of dog.”


Apurva said...

Sir, i completely agree to you , this was very rude behavior by the girl,and her mother should have also shown some level of respect ..
even i have a cocker spaniel who is also very friendly dog with children and my dad takes him for walk always..i can totally understand and relate to this post, as i have heard my dad about such incidences often..

Sakshi said...

I think that children are becoming highly stubborn. And the parents in the garb of love are nurturing just that!

Alka Gurha said...

All about upbringing and values..

Ria said...

Totally agree with u on this one. Things are going from bad to worse these days.

Raj said...

somethings some people just cant learn. one of them is a certain degree of class, the other manners.

i agree with you sir.

Jack said...


They become like part of family, isn't it? Zubi has to sleep on our bed inspite of her being there. She likes to snuggle up at feet side. Take care


You got it right. Keep it in your mind when time comes. I loved our children and now our grandchildren but when it is needed one needs to be stern without raising voice. Make them understand right from wrong. Take care


Truely said. We need to start it at home. Take care


Each one of us can contribute our bit to hold this slide. Take care


Right you are. Take care

Ann said...

I know.. kids these days have become very arrogant and people call such sttitude bold.. but it's really an irony that children these days don't have basic manners..

Starry-eyed nut said...

Wow, that was really rude, you should have just gone in anyways :)
Makes me feel scared if we will be able to give the right values to our kids

Librangirl said...

Happy New Year! And welcome to Dwarka!
Yes, she was rude and this is not the first instance that I've seen where the parents choose to be silent rather than scolding their child. I remember when I was a child my parents were very strict with me and my brother. But I dont see that in this age's parents. fail to understand as whats happening!

Jack said...


It is upto us, grown ups, to make efforts for inculcating right values. We can start with youngsters related or well known to us. Take care


I feel children with this kind of trait may later become bullies and lead to fights in school or college. Hope parents recognize this danger. Take care

L G :

Thanks. It was definately a change from Vasant Kunj. We should try to bring some sense into our known persons. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

It must have been really awful for you. Actually, the meaning of good manners have changed... so sad it is.

take care


Jack said...


It made me so sad as to where did our efforts to inculcate manners go. Take care