Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There is a saying ONE COMES ALONE INTO THIS WORLD AND GOES ALONE. I believe in it as a statement of fact with just little variation. After COMES ALONE it should be added IS ALONE before AND GOES ALONE.

Confused? Well, I have read some of my friends here wonder what happens and why friends drift away. I did comment that as time progresses each of us gets into own world and slowly not only friends but even relatives drift away. New friends come, far off relatives become close and then again the same process is repeated. At times closeness is due to own needs too. Now you may be wondering am I becoming senile at 65, so let me explain what made me state this.

I had been in this space for almost a year and half. I have been trying to write as regularly as I could but I did visit my blogger friends regularly leaving my comments. For the past month and half I had been erratic and did not visit even those with whom I bond. And in all this time, it seems that none of my dear friends wondered as to what has happened. Even those with whom I had been in touch either by e mails or some on telephone also, did not feel necessary to check how is this old man. I did write a post about it and I know we do believe in letting one have privacy and do not wish to intrude into his or her space but continued absence does make at least me wonder about my regular friends prompting me to enquire if ALL IS WELL.



Ellen said...

I can understand what you're saying here. Makes us wonder, doesn't it?

Allow me to share this tiny piece I wrote in Facebook. It runs parallel to your article.
Ellen Alvarado Santos Diaz

‎------- I like this >>> "Just when you think that a person is just a backdrop for the rest of the universe, watch them and see that they laugh, they cry, they tell jokes... they're just friends waiting to be made." -- Dr. Jeffret Borenstein

That's who and what we all are, social network or no social network. Here in FB, I have 200+ there on my friends list (and on the blog a good number too..). and they're all precious to me. Just makes me sad that I can't keep up with all 200; works both ways too I guess. I just wonder about those who have 500 or a thousand and more on their list. But that's our problem here, isn't it?

Well, this suddenly crossed my mind, have said this before --- people will come and go in our lives, some will come and perhaps stop awhile, others would stay a wee bit longer, a few will say hello and goodbye in the same breath, and a good number will simply be passing through. 'Goodbyes' tho may not always be said in every case.. maybe just wanting to disappear unto the horizon or was not given the chance to say it. So the list is continually shifting, shaking, rearranging, moving, increasing, decreasing, visibly or not.

And that's what Life does to us. It moves us along with or without our permission. It takes us to other lives, experiences, places, ventures, challenges, directions. Life simply goes on and on and on. But always in all of that there will be friends just waiting to be made.--(Yesterday at 3:27pm)·
Your friends and readers here appreciate you, your writing, your wisdom, and your friendship. No doubt about that. You're a good person, Jack. You may not know it but your name is etched in the hearts of many.

Take care. Blessings to you and your family.


ritika said...

Dear uncle,

What happened?How have you been?

And why have you stopped writing now?

You are a man of great wisdom, I like the way you write! Hope to see you soon here!

Take care!

tanvii.com said...

It wouldn't mean much but I did wonder why you haven't written anything for so long but since I am your new reader and had no idea about the frequency ... Didn't find it my place to question you!

But I do believe that We are all alone and it is better to not have any expectations. Specially in this digital age when you have like a million blogs so the attention span has bound to go down!

Hope you keeping well.

Ann said...

Hey Uncle Jack! This is very disheartening.. Don't feel bad.. I know how it feels but then sometimes people get busy. Even if they remember you, they don't get time to contact you.. But, ya I'll posting comments regulary .. from now.. So, give us a smile.. :)

Take Care,

suruchi said...

hi uncle J,
u know what...it is true...we all are really alone.
n most of the people in blogosphere work on the principle of 'i scratch your back n you scratch mine'

very few readers who appreciate us unconditionally.
i had read a couple of posts earlier...but since the issue at hand was outside my domain of understanding..i kept mum.
and being "mum" anyways leaves me little time to do my usual wanderings:-)

i today read the last few posts...about the girl who asked you to take the other lift...really rude.
she had a problem, she should have taken the other lift n done so subtly without u noticing...but manners n sensitivity in today's times is in great want:/

please keep writing...there would always be some true followers who's appreciate...some lives who get touched:-)

Amrita said...

Jack uncle, in bloggerworld its a bit different. If you are completely hooked to someone you may wonder where they go if they are suddenly not so active, but then, talkin for me, i am sporadic on bloggerworld for various reasons, and i am ok with others being the same.
personal life, yea that might make me wonder

Jack said...


I am so overwhelmed by indepth comment which has been very soothing. I wrote this at spur of the moment but it was true feeling. I know it is not possible to keep in touch all the time, even I am guilty of that but at least I make efforts. Take care


I am fine as that was a passing phase. I have a recent incident to share which I will do soon, may be in a day or so. Take care


I agree we should not have any expectations if we do not wish to have disappointment. But we are humans, isn't it? You visit and sharing your views mean a lot, thanks. Take care


I know but could not help it as it bugged me bad for a moment making me post my feelings. Take care


I fully agree with you. I can well visualise how Seeya must be keeping you on toes. Just wait for her to grow a little more and then like our granddaughter she would also put her claim on use of PC first. That is what happens with me and now that she is with her father watching POGO, I have time to be here. Take care


I agree with you and will keep it in mind. I am ok now and will take care not to get into this mood ever again. Take care

Komal Ali said...

I exactly know what you're talking about.
Write more often, Uncle Jack!

Sonshu said...

Omgg :( Thats such a sad but true thing. :/ I always feel the same thing about people though ive not experienced such stuff *TOUCHWOOD*

I was absent too for a LOOONNNGGG time and no one bothers. I guess people just talk when they want to and when they dont want anything they dont care whatever may happen! :( thats what the world has come to! :(

Hoping all is well with you. :) Glad to see you back. :)

Lots of Love and Luck!
Take care

Librangirl said...

I do read your posts but b'cz of laziness I tend to skip the "post your comments" part. How're you and hows Dwarka treating you ?:)

Meghna said...

hmmmm..came to your blog almost after an year!! yeah A YEAR..long time...i wasn't even regular on my own blog..and when i did write, i just wrote and posted..and left..wasn't reading anything by any of the fellow bloggers that I've been following ..including u Jack..

so that's the truth..no excuses here :)

Cheer up :)

Jack said...


So nice of you to share your feelings too. I will surely write more often. Take care


Things are settling down and am likely to be more regularl. I will be visiting you soon as I have started catching up with all pending posts of friends here. Take care

LG :

So nice to see you here. I am finding my feet here now. It will be a pleasant surprise to run into you someday. Take care


Good to see you coming out of shell. Do try to write more regularly. Take care

Scribbling Girl said...

Sigh ....I get the same feeling a lot nowadays...but then cant do much can we?
I wondered quite a bit that where u disappeared but then since i was myself not around too much so cdnt ask u...hope u good uncle.

Haven't been regular in blogging of late so missed even reading u....hope u are doing good....will try visiting often :)

Jack said...

S G,

I am so glad to see you here. I am now catching up with pending visits and should be visiting you soon. You do understand the feeling when it seems you have been forgotton.

Take care

Vinnie said...

Hey Uncle!

i dont know what to say :(
yes v r all alone...but give company to each other from time to time...but sometimes it does not happen ;)

i'll try my best to give u virtual company though. take care n have a great new year ahead n a wonderful, healthy life n loads of cheers to u !!!

P.S. :
do create an id on twitter...twitter is a micro-blogging tool...maximum limit is 140 characters...so u could post a 'hello' or inform that u have a new post on ur blog or find friends!
do add me, my id is @oldfox004

P.S. 2:
do listen to Akon number called 'I'm so lonely'...its so cute that u will never feel lonely again!

Jack said...


I am at a loss of words to say anything as I am so moved by your show of affection. May God be with you always. I do not know if I can come on twitter but let me see. If you can and wish do guide me by mail. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

I don't know what to say!! I read all the comments of other bloggers!Now, if I say that i was not regular in blogging and hece was not reading any posts of any blogger pal, would u believe?!!

But that was the truth.. so sorry...and yes it does feel very bad, when ppl don't even notice ur disappearing from the site.

tc uncle Jack


Jack said...


I do believe you. No complaints. Take care

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I could relate very well to this post. Somehow i always find myself on the 'giving end'. Am always the one calling up friends, and asking them to meet if its been really long. I noticed that one of my blogger friends (at least i consider her as a friend, i dont know about her) hadn't posted for more than two months. I tracked her on facebook and found out if everything was ok with her and only then i felt peaceful!

There is nothing wrong in being on the giving end but as you said we are only human and its natural that expectations creep in after some time. Or maybe we use that 'we are just human' as an excuse. Maybe if we try harder we can live without expectations but is it really worth it? I don't think so.