Wednesday, January 19, 2011


At times I wonder is law equal for all?

Recently there were reports of demolition of unauthorized structures on Government land. Just because those happened to have been constructed to offer worship or prayers, does it justify those to be allowed to remain? Why should the authorities wilt under threat of unrest? Is it because of vote bank as those in power are scared that if they act strongly the opposition parties will take advantage to garner that vote bank? Have we still not learnt lessons after having been ruled by outsiders for such a long time that TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL? Are we that short sighted and selfish?

That brings second point for thought. Have such structures or for that matter ADRASH Society Building or Lavasa township or Latika Park building which collapsed resulting in deaths of so many or any other unauthorized colonies come up overnight? Where were those responsible to ensure no unauthorized building comes up when all these were under construction? Should we not give exemplary punishment to those who allowed such structures or colonies come up?

May we have a discussion on this?


Ria said...

I have the same questions as u...wonder if anybody has answers to these questions!

Sakshi said...

look at the other side of things- why do people take it as a war on their ego if the government is doing its work?
Let us not forget that we are in a country where there is a God for everybody. And they follow that God, but forget the eternal words of each GOD, that God is Humanity, love and peace.

And the Government, on the whim of a few people cannot risk the rest of the people.
It is responsible for the entire population.

And as far as scams- I maintain, that it is our misgivings that we are facing. It is we who encourage these politicos, first by way of petty bribes till the time they become brave enough to pull off such scams.

Khud ka boya bugat rahen hain hum.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...


You asked a great question.

I really wonder why do we need so so so many temples and other relgious places to worship? first someone will just take some bricks and cement and build a little temple on a corner of a road, and then u cannot dare touch it.

What happens to the difficulties faced by the passers by? it doesnot matter. what about law of the land, no question asked.

But, its their pooja sthal, so no one can touch it. isn't it a bit funny?!!

the recent outburst due to the razing of the mosque, just like any temple, i mean, it makes us feel to helpless!

and yes, govt had to track back... vote bank.. or say communal unrest.... anything... but surrender it was!

let's hope ppl find Gods in human beings and not the structures, and soon.



Jack said...


Answers are there but who will give those? Those who can have their own hands dirty too.
Take care


You have summed up the situation so well. It is we who are to be blamed for encouraging such episodes. Take care


You said exactly how it happens. Vote bank is the only factor in their minds and nation be damned. Take care