Monday, February 7, 2011


This world is really a mixed bag. After having shared about goodness still being there in human kind, I was brought back to reality with a jerk.

I used to see a girl of about 14 or so going to school in the morning when I took our dog for morning round. She used to be going out of our complex gate. Her uniform showed that she went to some government school. In the evenings I normally saw her looking after 2 children of around 7 and 5 in our small park. I had seen them too going to some public school in the mornings. Her clothes gave an impression of her being a maid. At times I saw a lady, who is mother of those small children as they addressed her as mummy, scolding her for being careless. Her tone used to be very harsh. The girl looked scared but did not say anything. On few occasions I saw all of them going out in car driven by a well dressed man. This girl used to be in the back seat with children in same maid kind of attire. I felt happy that they are affording education for their maid. However it was so short lived.

A neighbor of our was with me yesterday when we saw them going out in the car. I remarked to him that how nice of these people to send their maid to school. He looked at me and asked me did I know them. On my negative reply, he said then I do not know the actual facts. He then went on to tell me that the man is her father while the lady is her step mother. She treats her like a maid making her do all household chores in the morning before going to Municipal school and same is the story in the evenings while her father is a mute spectator. I was dumb struck on this revelation.


♥ Duchess ♥ said...

Y do certain male behave like this acc to how their wives want them to..
Her life is ruined due to him being a spectator

Disturbing !!

Heavenly Muse said...

its really nice to see your comments...i am really amazed to know that Lahore is your birth place....From which area you really belong to...if you feel feasible then tell me..:-).
your observations about society ios really perfect.

suruchi said...

omg..the world is filled with strange people n stranger happenings..sad but true:/

Sakshi said...

Oh! Well, I have no words!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Sometimes we come across such things, which shock us completely. that was sad.

ritika said...

patriarchal system sucks!!

Komal Ali said...

:( :(


Jack said...


I feel angry at her father. May God be kind to her. Take care

H M :

I try to bring out what ails our society. I will send you a mail soon. Take care


I still am to get over this. So disgusting. Take care


I agree no words can express what a right minded person feels on this. Take care


Not only shocking but highly disgusting too. Take care


It is not just system but mean mindedness of persons. Take care


I am sorry I have not visited you for long. Will make amends soon. It is not just sad but beyond words to describe cruelty.
Take care

Amrita said...

oh God! Its so sad :(

Amrita said...
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Jigyasa said...

I feel anger for the it is his responsibility to strike the right balance....and I pity that this lady failed to understand a kid's mindset even when she is a mother of two.... disturbing!

Jack said...


Sad is a mild term for this. I say it is deplorable on father's part. He should have made it clear to woman he married that girl is to be treated like own daughter. Take care


If he did not have courage to stand up for his own blood, he should not have re-married. As far as she is concerned, her mindset is of typical step-mother.
Take care

sulagna ™ said...

jack uncle i think so poorly of the man, who can not take care of his own child just because of a woman !! there is immense sadness around us but we need to keep our minds strong and carry on

PS: Thank you soooo much for your blessings and wishes !

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. I fully agree that there is immense sadness around us but we need to keep our minds strong and carry on.

You both are most welcome. My wishes for your happiness and wellbeing are always with you.

Take care

EM said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Jack said...

E M :

I feel honoured to see you here. Thanks for your supportive view. Take care

Starry-eyed nut said...

what kind of a father does that..feel sad for the child, imagine the pain the mother must be going thru, seeing the girl from wherever she is, this world or the other
cant we do anything
complain, raise it as an issue!
i know its a far fetched ..thot...just

Jack said...


It is not an easy task. Who do we complaint to? I am trying to mobilise some community pressure. Let us see how it goes. Take care

Ellen said...

How sad! I didn't think that a father could be so heartless with his own flesh and blood. So sad!

Jack said...


You are absolutely right. Take care

Mannu said...

Bad and Sad.

Jack said...


Yes, it indeed is so sad. Take care

Kiran Ashraf said...

oh my god!!!! poor girl!!! its so sad to hear such kind of incidences.Really i still couldnt believe that how can ppl be so cruel with small children. May god save these children from such tyrant parents.

Sach! said...

Hello Uncle Jack!

I am reading all the posts by you these days. This one is terrible. :( I wish we could do something of such parents in India. Such things in particular disappoint me.'
At the end all I can say is I am thankful for having parents who consider me world.