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This is last of 4 posts, each with different circumstances, I am putting up to bring out how youngsters get into situations without realizing what their actions could lead to. This one deals with how even well educated who have blind faith in something or the other may get into such situation.

My name is Devi. I am 28, married for 4 years and have a little over 2 years old daughter. I come from a very orthodox and conservative family. To give you a little background let me tell you that my grandfather was born prematurely and chances of his survival were put at minimum. So his mother took a vow to pray for a particular deity, keep fasts and give up non-vegetarian food though she was very fond of it. He survived. He was youngest of seven children, others being all girls. There was no looking back after that for journey on spiritual road. He too took to religious activities like duck takes to water. He was a teacher and retired as Inspector of Schools. My father too inherited his fascination for spirituality. He too was in teaching line but in college. Now he is retired and devotes most of his time reading some religious scripture or the other. He too has 3 elder sisters. My mother is housewife and very pious. There was no restriction for me to study. I graduated in Sanskrit Honours and followed it up with masters. I had chosen this language as I wanted to study religious scriptures in original without relevance being lost in translations. I also took up teaching. Having been in such atmosphere I too am very religious and believe a lot in astrology. I am married into a like minded family. My husband is in business for exporting ethnic Indian wear. He too is only son with 2 sisters who are married. We observe festivals strictly in accordance with laid down rituals. I too keep fasts as per advice of our priest.

We decided to have only 2 children and my mother in law is keen on grandson. So she consults various astrologers and priests. I too have a lot of faith in conjunction of different planets and influence thereof on our lives. Presently due to economic downturn my husband is facing some difficulty in his business. As such he spends a lot of time at work trying to find more customers. He is under lot of stress. I make all efforts to help him out and de-stress. Recently my mother in law came to know of some Guruji who has reputation of offering solutions to hurdles faced by people. It was also told that he mostly stayed abroad as he has very large number of foreigners as disciples. We went together to see him. He is around mid 40s and well built. He had a lot of followers at his place that day. On hearing us, for grandson by her and business difficult by me, he told us that he would study our charts and let us know on our next visit as to what should be done. As told by him, we went to see him after a week. He told us that there is mismatch between planetary positions between my and my husband’s charts. On her asking, he told that I need to pray for a particular deity, keep fast on certain day of week and have to perform a ritual prayer. Praying for the deity and keeping fast was all fine but for ritual prayer I had to be alone on day and time given by him. He assured that after that everything would be in our favour. My mother in law agreed and asked me to go ahead.

Three days ago as advised by him I went to his place alone in the morning. There were two of his helpers, a male and a female. He asked me if I had followed his advice not to eat anything till ritual was over. On confirmation we started the ritual with him sitting on one side and I opposite to him with helpers sitting little distance behind me. He recited some prayers and lit a fire in a pot close to me. Once the fire got going, he put some material in it. The whole ritual took maybe just about 15 minutes or so. I was feeling dizzy due to fragrance arising out of burning material. He offered me some Prasad and soon after eating that I do not know what came over me. Though I was in senses but had no control over myself. It was as if I was watching everything as a spectator. His helpers guided me to another room where they disrobed me. They made me sit on a bed and left. I was conscious but could not lift even a finger of my own freewill. He came in and undressed. Everything happening was registering in my mind but I could not do anything due to trance like state. He then proceeded to touch me around and rape me. Though I was shocked but did not resist due to my state. I could also feel that there was some movement in the room. It may rather have looked as if I was co-operating in his act. After he left his helpers came in. The woman made me drink something and after a while I felt normal. She told me that I should not say anything about this to anyone or they will circulate video recording they had made in which I appear to be a willing partner. They then told me to dress up and leave, warning me to remember what they had told me about the video. I was in daze and just followed what was told.

The return journey took almost an hour due to congested traffic which gave me time to ponder over what happened. The reality hit me hard that I can not tell anyone about it as firstly no one would believe me and secondly I would face being ostracized which I could not afford for the sake of my daughter. At the same time I very strongly felt that I should not let this scoundrel get away with his heinous and treacherous act. I composed myself and carried on as if all was normal. I am sure there must be some more women who have fallen prey to him. A school friend of mine was tortured by her in laws and she had sought help from a NGO. I got contact of that NGO through her and met the elderly lady who runs it. On hearing my plight she too felt very shocked and angry. She knows high officials in administration and police. She told me that she would consult them confidentially without revealing my identity. I am sure we will find a way to get that blot on the name of humanity brought to book. I will not be able to have mental peace till I see him paying for his dastardly acts.


Tongue-fu Lady said...

It was disturbing yet true. Certain "religious GuRUs" do take advantage of people's blind faith. I m glad Devi sought help. BuT there are many others who would rather stay behind the screen of shame then get justice.For very weird dogmatic reasons, society always blames the woman. even "justice" is questionable these days.agreed, some NGOs are working towards it, but in certain remote corners of the country "spiritual rape" is still considered holy. Its a shame. Society knows its wrong but at the same time, doesn't let any kind of change.Sadly the moral police is doing nothing but safeguarding the "rat" in the religion.

Heavenly Muse said...

another bitter reality of our society

Sakshi said...

Reality bites. I very opinionated when it comes to religion and religious practices. And to follow a religion or a spiritual guru is your own personal choice. I will not comment on that.
The thing that irked me was that The Lady had gone to the Guru to find a solution so that she can have a 'male child', and well- after so many years of marriage, if charts do not match, then well- her mind was not in place.
Being religious/having faith in stars, destiny is your choice. But to have BLIND faith is something that is so very wrong.

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Uncle,

In this particular case, i will give all blame to the woman who blindly believed the guruji. IN THE UNIVERSE, NOTHING CAN BE CREATED FROM THE VACUME..all the stuffs which are said to be created by them are sheer the same time, these guruji's have been using people's ignorance...

people are believing so these kind of guruji's are playing with their lives, what if we dont believe them..??

The awareness shall come in people..if we go against this particular guruji and keep him in jail, there would be N number of gurujis who would do the same to other people.. the belief can be a major part of all this and the awareness shall come as well..

Keshi said...

hey Jack ty for the recent msg :) Hope all is well with ya?


Americanising Desi said...

your posts always leave me aching!

Jack said...

T-f L :

By posting these 4 fictions it was my effort to raise awareness so one does not get into such situations for want of proper application of mind. Hope it has desired affect. Take care

H M :

Yes, it is so. We need to raise awareness level to such incidents to avoid ignorant persons facing such situation. Take care


Religion or faith is choice of an individual. But one should not have blind faith or follow something inspite of being aware of fall outs. Thanks for your constant feed back. Hope my effort does raise awareness level so youngsters do not get into ugly situations. Take care


Our blind following of something is main reason for such persons taking advantage. Which Guru goes to slums to remove sufferings of persons? Most of them travel by air or AC and live in palatial Ashrams. They live by their gift of gab and ignorance of masses. Take care


So nice to see you. Hope you read all related posts. Missing your sane views. Please keep visiting regularly. Take care

A D :

You think I enjoyed writing these? I am too pained as all such incidents have taken place, though I put these up as fiction to draw attention of youngsters so they understand. Hope it helps.
Take care

Pavi!!!! said...

Isnt it so shockin that in this modern world..people YET believe in sadhus n stuff! It’s a shame. The solution to this problem lies with each one of us. I’m thinking nothing more than common sense is really required to see thru it.

Cursed♪♫ said...

All your stories were an eye opener for me. These saints are so fake.
Do write more. You're a really open minded person. I really look upon to you. Can I have your mail id?

Jack said...


This was in urban setting but if you step into rural area it is much more severe. We need a lot of awareness campaigns. There have been human sacrifies too. I do believe that religion or faith is choice of an individual but not blind faith. Take care


I hope you will take any decision only after applying your mind fully. You may write to me at

Once we are in touch, I will let you know my details.

Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thank you :)

anupama said...

Dear Jack,
feeling nice reaching here.i could sense what was going to happen;as this is happening on a daily basis everywhere;one gets surprised when the so caleld educated people fall nto the trap!
my blood boils at the injustices practised in the society.but then the number of people who shout against the same is less.
anyways bloggers can bring awareness about the dangerous rituals n consequences in lives.
and who doesn't need the reputation in the society?friend,people should be educated first n then the foundation is laid.
i have a smile going through your profile.:)
have agreat day!

WarmSunshine said...

This was disturbing. What have humans come down to??

I read the previous parts as well. Equally disturbing. But yes, i understand they must be brought to light for awareness.

How are you doing Jack?

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. It is true that we need to raise awareness level of masses to realise that blind faith is not at all justified. Hope you read other linked posts too and gave your views. I shall be grateful if you can read as many older posts as you can and give your views. I too would like to visit you, please do suggest which of the told blogs you would like me to visit.
Take care


It is really sad but true. We need to make people aware about follies of blind faith. Take care

workhard said...

This is very common now in all the faiths.. the religious teachers or gurus take advantage... that is so sad and that makes u stay away from religion...

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Nahl said...

Jack, i updated my post about true friendship.
Would love to have you read it again. :)

Jack said...


Read your views on previous post too. Hope that this does make youngsters think properly before taking leap. One can believe in any religion but blind faith is not good. Take care


I will visit you soon after this. You have not given your views here. Take care

Jigyasa said...

Hi Jack

This one is remorseful and I am still not able to gulp in the story since it is very much of the educated lot ....but we have been listening to such cases & reading about them in newspapers.

Of course the blame is all on those people who blindly follow people & rituals.

Ok! you cannot find logic in all the things you do but atleast common sense should be used. I really pity on those educated blind followers.

Cursed♪♫ said...

I'm waiting for your next post. I've written you a mail. Do check it out.
Also, do check out my new post when you're free.
Tc :)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope you have read other 3 related posts as well. Please do give your views on those too. Also if you have time, read as many older posts as you can and give your views. It is a pity that even educated ones also fall prey to blind faith. It is mainly as desires for something are too strong to think logically.

Take care


I am putting up a lighter post in a while. I have already read your new poem and am so happy. I have also replied to your mail.

Take care

Starry-eyed nut said...

this incident that you describe (fictional) is am sure a very common occurance in India. For a child, mainly for a male child, for wealth, promotions etc etc...There are so many people out there to cheat in the name of religion and belief1

Jack said...


I just hope we can bring about awareness for such things.

Take care

Jigyasa said...

Great! You think I can help the cause??

Guide me how?

Jack said...


You are right. Such incidents are happening and those victimised prefer to keep quiet for the sake of honour and who would believe them against the Guru. As I told Jigyasa we need to raise awareness level to pitfalls of blind faith. I am explaining this to her in my reply after this and you may too see what you can do. Take care


There are many ways to involve in this. You could write articles or join some organisation which holds regular sessions for women empowerment and give talks there. Even in your daily marketing schedule you could see how could you fit this in. You could start with your near ones first to see what are their views on this. If you find someone going on this way, you could counsel her or him. I am sure you will find a way. Take care