Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After 4 serious thought provoking posts, I think it is time for some lighter one and here is my attempt to bring smile on your face :

Jill was planning to go for weekly shopping of daily necessities. Their house was on top of a hill. It had snowed the whole of previous night and everything was white. She knew the road winding down to town nearby would be slushy and partly covered with snow. They have a SUV but she was not familiar with engaging 4 X 4 drive. Her husband was away on business trip and her father in law was away visiting other son . She called up her husband who briefed her in details how to engage 4 X 4 and ended by saying if she still had difficulty she should ask Tim. After an hour or so she was ready to leave but she still did not feel confident so she called up her father in law who too briefed her fully ending with to take help from Tim if she had any difficulty. Tim happened to be her 5 years old son.

It had rained heavily the previous night and all paths were slippery in the hilly terrain. Bobby reached school very late. On being asked by teacher he gave reason that for every two steps taken forward he slipped back by four steps. The teacher thinking that he could corner him for telling lies, asked then how did you reach school. He replied on seeing what was happening he started going back towards home and thus reached school.

A girl was with her elderly aunt who was driving up on hilly road. She was scared every time they took blind hairpin bend but her aunt seemed calm as ever. On being asked her aunt told that she too was scared out of her wits on every such bend so she just closed her eyes while negotiating it.

A young man went to the club for the first time after becoming member. It was early evening. There was only one more member, an old man there. So to strike conversation he asked the old man if he would like to join him for a drink. The old man replied “ Tried it once, did not like it ”. After some time the young man who wanted company asked him again if he would like to play cards with him. The reply again was “ Tried it once, did not like it ”. He then asked if he would join him for scrabble. Again the old man replied “ Tried it once, did not like it.” He got same reply for game of darts too. At last he asked the old man if he would like to play snooker and was told “ Tried it once, did not like it, however my son would be here soon and you can play with him ”. To this the young man retorted under breath “ I think he must be your only child ”.

An average man has sex life in three stages :

Tri – Weekly

Try – Weekly


Try - Weakly


Pavi!!!! said...


Being Pramoda... said...

hahah..:) ..

That boy's answer to the school teacher was hilarious ..heheh..intelligent fellow..and if it is the fiction, even intelligent is the one who had created this joke ...and if it is u, thank youuu..:)

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Girl Next Door said...

Lol :) .. the last one was Awesome... And yeah thanks for sharing..

Meghna said...

hahahahah..good one Jack

Jack said...


Thanks for visit. Hope it did bring smile to your face. Take care


Yes, I agree the boy was quick witted. I will not take credit as I read it long ago somewhere.
Take care

H M :

Hope you had some lighter moments with these. Take care

G N D :

Nice to see you here and am glad that you had a laugh. No comments on previous posts? Take care


I am glad on two counts - first to see you here and second that you enjoyed these. Have you read my previous 4 interlinked posts? I am really looking forward to your views on those. Take care

Sparkling said...


Thank you for the smiles :) :)

Ever thought of writing a book on short, real short stories - maybe on the lines of 'To cut a long story short' but with an end that brings forth smiles? :)

And hey, btw, Bobby is truly a genius! :D

Miss Always Carried Away said...

hahaha! too funny! You made ma laugh Jack!!! I especially like the first one!

Thank you for your support, I still have loads of work to do but I took some time to immerse myself in blogging. A little pleasure!

Hope you're doing fine.

Miss Always Carried Away said...

ahhh forgot to tell you that I changed a bit the look of my blog... and my name too!

So Miss Always Carried Away is former Deva84

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Jack said...


I am glad you enjoyed these. I do write short stories but yet to get them published. Let us see when I can. Take care

M A C A :

You definitely foxed me for a while. I am glad you liked these. Next will be a serious one again. Take care


Welcome to my space. Is it experssion of enjoying the jokes or disapproval? I hope it is former. Please do read my older posts and give your views, specially on the previous 4 interlinked ones. I will visit you soon. Take care

Shruti said...

nice nice

P.S: ur on my blog roll (:

sulagna chatterjee said...

Hello Jack,

First and foremost,i must tell you about the ear to ear smile on my face right now as i read your blog ;)

thank you for writing such wonderful comments on my blog... believe me it makes me write more,even if its late at night..

PS:I am regularly stalking your blog now on

Ellen said...

A refreshing change. Most welcome too! :-) :-) :-)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope you read some of older posts too. I would request you to kindly read my previous 4 interlinked post. Your views are most welcome. Take care


Welcome to my space. Please do let me have your views on my older posts. Hope to see you more often now. Take care


Thanks. Hope you enjoyed this light post. Next one is little serious and I am trying to write it as soon as I can. I have written half of it by now but due to preoccupation with grandchildren I have to do it in bits and pieces. Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hi Uncle,
I'm going out of station for a few days, so I'll catch up with you once I'm back.
Happy Diwali TO You :)
Take care.

Starry-eyed nut said...

that was a good laugh..esp the lil boy going to school!

Jack said...


Have nice time on holidays. Do let me know when you are back. Please wish Happy Diwali to everyone in the family. Take care


I am glad you enjoyed it. Visited you today and am still chuckling. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Dhanteras and a Happy and prosperous Diwali :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi there..dint see any new write ups so thought of visiting by and wishing you a beautiful Diwali

Jack said...


So sweet of you. May you have bestest Diwali and happiest coming year. May all your wishes be fulfilled. How I wish I could send e-card! Take care


What a pleasant surprise! I have been trying to complete one which I want to post but not getting proper inspiration. May be in a few more days. Wish you both Happy Diwali. Take care

Lavender said...

Haha Hilarious :)Esp the one about the young man and the old man :)

And thank you soooo much for the bday wishes and for stopping by every now and then. means a lot :)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am glad that you enjoyed these. Wish I could send you e-card on your birthday. And for now VERY HAPPY DIWALI. MAY THE COMING YEAR BE FULLL OF JOYS AND SUCCESS. I was looking forward to send this too as e-card. Kindly do read my older posts too and give your views.

Take care

Heavenly Muse said...

waiting some more vlueable words from ur side sir

Keshi said...


Hows u Jack?


Jack said...

H M :

May be in a couple of days time. I am working on it and as it is serious I have to do justice. Take care


Am I glad to see you here! That is understatement of the year. How have you been and where? I really wish I could write to you but it is upto you to take lead.
Take care

Luscious Sealed Lips said...


So true about a man's sex life.


Miss Always Carried Away said...

Jack I tagged you. I have no idea if you do tags, but you're a frequent guest on my blog and I thought it would be great to know you a bit better. If you don't do tags, it's ok. I'll understand.
Hope you're doing fine.

Jack said...

L S L :

Welcome to my space. I am glad you enjoyed these. Hope you do read my other posts too and give your views. I will visit you soon. Take care

M A C A :

I do take up TAGS but am little lazy on that. I have seen the one you have passed onto me and it seems a little tricky. I will try to take it up soon after I complete the post I am drafting. Take care

Jigyasa said...

Smiles are always welcome! Glad you are spreading smiles....

Nahl said...

Hahaha...good one!
Btw, you've won something on

Jack said...


I am glad you found them entertaining. I have put up part I of next post today. Looking for your views on that. Take care


Sorry, I had been caught up with something or the other. Visited your other space and found a very sensible post which I could read half only before being evicted from PC by granddaughter who wanted to get on with BEN - 10 games. I will read it fully first before visiting other space.
Take care