Saturday, December 15, 2012


ALAKH  NAA  BUKHAARE, JEHRHA SUKH CHHAJJU  DE CHOBAARE   -   which translated in English means East or West Home is the Best.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was out of Delhi from 3rd of this month till 8th when we returned.  I had to go to Chamunda Devi in Himachal Pradesh to attend marriage of my younger brother’s daughter. Though they do not belong to that place but had to perform marriage there as boy’s family stays close by there. My wife decided at the last minute to accompany so I opted to go by car. Our son suggested that I engage a driver but I preferred to drive myself as this could be our last time to have an outing together. It was about 600 kms drive covering plains and hills. I did not want strain myself, so we covered around 200 kms per day.

On way out we halted at Ambala on first night and then in Pathankot on second. On third day we traveled to destination which was mostly hill driving. We stayed the night there. Next day we started back with one night at Pathankot and then second at Ambala. At both these places as well as at Chamunda Devi we had comfortable accommodation with all amenities available, including my few CHHOTAAS of Old Monk pre – dinner at intervening halts. But it was only when we got back home on the 8th that I found real comfort which lead me to mention the saying in the opening of this post. No matter how good facilities one has at other places, it is HOME which actually makes one feel comfortable. It was only after reaching home that the driving fatigue caught up and made me take it easy for a couple of days to recoup. I do feel that at my age it is normal.

As I was driving, I could not take many photographs of enroute scenery but here are two of hilly area :


Shilpa Garg said...

Oh yes! Agree completely. Nothing can beat the comforts of the home! One may stay at the bestest of hotels, it's the home that one yearns to go back to!

Irfanuddin said...

Hamne Bhi So Kar Dekha Hai Chote-Bade Shehron Mein...
Jaisa Bhi Hai Apne Ghar Ka Bistar Achaa Lagtaa Hai....!!

Welcome back Sir....:)

Saro said...

Recently I'd gone to Philipines for a month and stayed in the Shangrila for the whole duration. When I came home, yes, the sheets were not nor pressed and folded stylishly at the edges, but I slept better than I did there the whole month. Dorothy got it right in the Wizard of Oz, there IS no place like home

Amrita Tanmay said...

सुन्दर यात्रा-वृतांत ...

Meera Sundararajan said...

Road journeys have their own charm especially if you can drive. I admire you for making that 2 day drive up and down. HOpe you had a good time at the wedding! But yes, we do not realize it home is something that we always miss- we realize it only when we get back after a long absence!

rama said...

You are absolutely right, nothing can compare to home. I am sure many of us may not even like to stay in a relative's place also for more than 2 days. Of course it is home for them, but somehow we cannot be totally comfortable there despite all the facilities.
You probably enjoy driving, that is why you chose to drive, and also it is a change from the routine: taking breaks, and soaking in the local flavor.
The second picture is really good.
Delhi must be getting very very cold now.
Here in Bangalore, there is still no real sign of winter, to think once upon a time it used to be very pleasant cool year round.

Amrita said...

BEAUTIFUL place!! hope you had a good time. India is soooo pretty!

Shreya said...

So true. Enjoy!! :)

Oldfox004 said...

you seem to have had a wonderful road trip, Uncle!
yes, home is the best...though I would like to know your thoughts about homes with fighting/abusive parents, incestuous relatives and such?

Ruchi Jain said...

Delhi is one of my fav place in India..

Sabi Sunshine said...

It feel good when you finally come home :)

Veena said...

So true... home sweet home...
1 ques... why did u say that it might be last time traveling together???

Ann said...

I can imagine, you must have enjoyed the loooong drive.. and the pictures are really beautiful.. keep sharing :)

Harman said...

love india ..miss india..
these are beautiful pictures had good time brought good memories home ,,and had devi darshan ..blessed one!
home has comfort but worth of home is known after we visit hotels ..and relatives!

Jack said...


So true. It is felt only when you are away for some time. Take care




You said it - There is NO place like HOME. Take care




It was fun driving, specially in hills. I have undertaken such long drive after almost 26 years. Wedding was enjoyable as expected. And HOME is SWEET HOME always. Take care

Jack said...


I do love to drive but now like to take it little easy. So true, we like to stay at our relative's place for not too long. Thanks for appreciating photograph. Delhi is getting cold now. Take care


I visited that place after more than 26 years. Inspite of some changes it is still beautiful. You are right India is beautiful because of diversity. Take care


Thanks, you too have all the fun. Take care


Yes, we had wonderful time. I will try to write about what you suggested a s a p. Take care


How about visiting soon? Hope you do and also find time to meet. Take care

Jack said...


Right you are. Take care


So true, nothing like HOME. Such opportunities are not very frequent as when whole family goes out of town then someone has to stay back due to our dog and generally I do so. With advancing age, though no medical hitch, one needs to be practical, isn't it? Take care


You are right, I did enjoy. Thanks for appreciating photographs. Take care


It will definitely in fond memories. And icing was DEVI DARSHAN. There are so many worth visiting places in India. Home is HOME, isn't it? Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

You are matter how many faults our home is still OUR home..Built with a lot of love and one that has withstood stormy weathers and splendid sunshine..

Jack said...


So have so well told what most of us may feel.

Take care

Bubblegum.... said...

We say 'Duniya no chhedo ghar'! The end of the world is home. Pictures are beautiful and it wont be a last outing together.