Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am writing this post with a very heavy heart. I feel so ashamed about what has happened to the young girl who was yet to see happy days after all the hard work she had put in and my heart goes out to her parents who had given her all they could. I did not write anything as there is so much being talked in media as well as by public but cake goes to our respected leaders who are now talking to gain something out of this. Why I say so? Were they not aware of problems faced by not only girls but even public as whole? Did they ever speak about it earlier or suggest some ways to curb crime on the whole with special attention to crime again women? The answer is NO. Even now after all these demonstrations or protests, situation will go back to same state after a few weeks. This case will go on in the courts for a long time and who knows what will be the verdict.

Everyone is now talking of measure which should have been taken or should be taken and pointing fingers at each other but in my opinion it is WE as a whole who are to be blamed. The whole system needs to be purged. And in my humble submission first step is to ensure there is NO corruption as that is the main cancer which leads all those who are responsible to provide protection or service to public to shirk their responsibility. The NETAs need to stop meddling in or politicizing governance. They need to keep interest of NATION at heart and not just cling to POWER by any means.  But will this dream ever come true? YES, it is possible if WE ALL take a pledge not to accept any nonsense by those who are responsible for good governance and ensure their accountability. These include bureaucrats or government servants also apart from politicians.

May I request all of you to join me in praying for eternal peace for the departed soul. 


Oldfox004 said...

severely ashamed.. May her soul rest in peace

Harman said...

Ashamed of being an indian

Ellen said...

It's been said that some big lessons are learned hardest through pain. As an individual, a community, a people, a country.

Prayers for her eternal repose.

Saro said...

Jack, thanks for the post. In times like this, we cannot loose hope, that each of us can leave a dent in this society, that together will be a wave of change. Because, we still have life, that she doesn't have. And in her death, she's made us ashamed, by our deaths, we need to redeem ourselves.

M said...

It doesn't matter where it has been done. It seems so like we all are lacking humanity everywhere. India, Pakistan or where ever. Similar cases happen everyday and go unnoticed by several. A recent death of a 25 year old boy here has left us all in shock too. And now I read about this girl. It is just plain cruel. May her soul rest in peace.

Chakoli said...

shameful act!! really feel those people should be left to public... and then know how it feels... The worst fact is now those guys would be given police protection so that public doesnt beats them...

may her soul rest in peace!

The white cabbage said...

I'll join ! ...and I'll follow you

Happy New Year


Gayu said...

Her soul will rest in peace, only when the culprits are brutally punished!

Shilpa Garg said...

That was truly shameful and disgusting! May she rest in peace! And may the culprits get the harshest punishment and may we have change our mindsets as a society!

Amrita Tanmay said...

अंत में केवल प्रार्थना ही तो बचती है जो हम कर सकते हैं .

Jack said...


I am with you on this. Take care


You said what I feel. Take care


Sad but true that she has made all of us feel our failure. We now need to see that her sacrifice does not go without some positive results. Take care


I agree with you that she is no more but we are still living. So it is our moral duty to see that her suffering does not go futile and changes as needed not only in legal system but society as a whole do materialize. Take care

M :

It is not just a country but society as a whole or human being as one entity which have to see that such shameful incidents do not happen again. Take care

Jack said...


Sad and so shameful. I just hope and pray that we wake up with this. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views in future. Take care


May her soul rest in peace. Even punishment to culprits will not erase such shameful happening. Take care


Punishment should be such that it deters would be criminals but more than that mindset of society needs to change for removing gender discrimination. Take care