Sunday, March 4, 2012


Minnie was all of 16 years when she met Rohan. Though he was little over 6 years older than her, their attraction was like magnetic pull. He also liked her. She was in final year of school while he was in final semester of MBA in marketing. They would try to meet as and when they could. Well, I know this as her father was our next door neighbor. We were like one family. Though his children were younger to ours, they treated each other as siblings. She has a brother younger by 3 years. Rohan lived in a locality nearby. I saw them in the market or park of our locality a few times lost in each other. It seems she knew that I have seen them. She confided in me about her liking. On my asking she told me that her father is aware of their friendship. I advised her to see that their friendship does not get any blemish. Their love flourished though not very openly known to everyone but we, the close ones, knew. Her father had told her that he trusted her and was sure that she would not do anything to make them feel ashamed.

In due course of time after completion of graduation in computer science, she went into much sought after IT stream. He had by then established himself in a MNC as Manager Marketing. Once she started working, her father broached subject of her marriage. As expected she confirmed that she would like to marry him. He then approached his parents and it was learnt that they too were aware of their closeness. They readily accepted the proposal. So they got married about 5years ago. It was a marriage much talked about as they both looked made for each other couple. We all were so happy that their love had happy conclusion. They used to visit us whenever they visited her parents. We shifted out to a locality a little distance away about 6 months later. We, of course, remained in touch. She too used to call up off and on.

I visited her parents place a little over a year after their marriage and was shocked to learn that she was with them due to differences with Rohan. It was totally unexpected as their love was comparable to legends. She was in tears when she told that after initial couple of months there were small misunderstandings which developed into quarrels. His parents started blaming her for all such issues. He though still loved her but started showing anger more often. He even blamed her of listening to her parents and creating unnecessary issues. Things went a little too far when in a fit of anger he started getting physically violent after each quarrel. She kept it to herself as she did not wish to burden her parents. On one occasion he slapped her hard many times. She was so stunned that she could not say anything for a few days. She just went into a shell. During this period she was needled by his mother and he told her that he did not like her behavior. So she came to her parents place hoping that her absence might change his outlook. But he never even called her up asking her to return. This was about a month ago. She called him up a couple of times and he brusquely told her without any show of love that if she comes back it would be her own decision and she would have to cut off from her parents in totality or she could file for divorce. She told that she loved him and felt incomplete without him. After listening to all this, I told her that she had two options. First being that keeping ego aside she should meet him and have a heart to heart talk. Second was that if he did not want to meet her or showed his unwillingness to make efforts for marriage to work, she had to move on. Her father agreed with me fully. He told that he wished that she settles down with Rohan as he knew her love for him was immense.

A fortnight later she called me up and gave me the good news. She had followed first option and their meeting lasted for more than 2 hours in which they spoke to each other very openly. He too said that he did not wish to be without her. So they decided to give their marriage another try. He even went to the extent of asking his organization for transfer to another city. They moved to the new city within a few days after their meeting. He had come to her parents place requesting them to send her with him. She kept in touch with me by mails, though had been lazy at times. She sent me their photographs in mails often.

Today they are proud parents of a son born just yesterday. That is what prompted me to write this to say that TRUE LOVE ultimately does win.


Ruprekha said...

Yes, differences does disturb at times, after all no one is perfect. Lovely to know the end result in the lives of this young couple. The role played by you was wonderful.

Rachit said...

life's a roller coaster ride.. full of unseen twists..

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CATGIRL !! said...

it's amazing how u come across so many romantic/tragic stories in your real life. sometimes feel they r just tales, ..i make them on my own to come to some conclusion abt my fav topic i.e. relationship while u see them in real n give me so much more isnight.

Jyoti Mishra said...

love is a powerful thing, have potential to overcome any obstacle... your post proved it :)

Sonshu said...

Oh. Jack Uncle. Such a lovely story. You are indeed awesome :)
And true love wins always. After all its so pure :)

Gayu said...

u know that i agree with you....hehehehehe:)

M so happy for them....:)
God bless them both!!!!

Sakshi said...

I am glad that good sense prevailed

Humaira Anwar said...

Hi uncle jack. Read two last posts by you. I hope you are in good health and enjoying life even more.

Uncle jack i am happy with all happy endings and love stories , companionship, patience and compromise. But somebody hitting you ?

IF he can do for once he can do it again? why girls have to control? why not guys act like gentleman too? I agree with everything but not hitting or physical torture.

Tara said...

Yes it will and always will win !

Elvirah said...

Whether its arranged or love, little differences and misunderstandings does disturb the balance of love. But with a little understanding and a little comprise from both ends without ego, a married life would bloom like a beautiful flower.

Rià said...

I am so glad that they didn't separate, sometimes small things bcome big and ppl just give up too easily. Thnx for reinforcing my faith in true love Uncle J.

Jack said...


It was so satisfying to see them sorting out differences and settle down. We as elders should always show right directions and let the youngsters take own decisions. Take care


True, life takes us for such rides that at times one wonders.
Take care


When you get to my age you too will have so much to tell, even now at your young age you must have seen many things which you can share with proper advice. I do add little bit but keep the soul same as I see. Take care


Very true, love is too powerful and we need to channelize it in the right direction. Take care

Jack said...


True love is so pure that it wins. Take care


I join you on requesting God to bless them with happiness always.
Take care


It is really good that they saw what is right for them. Take care


I am totally with you that no one should accept violence, verbal or specially physical, even once as that opens the floodgates for repetition. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often. I am grateful for your supportive views. Take care


It is only when you are together 24 X 7 that you get to know the person fully. We need to put EGO aside to make success of our relationships. Take care


Small misunderstanding couple with EGO make a big issue. We need to have open two way logical communication to sort out such situations to make success of marriage. Take care

Jigyasa said...

Good to read the happy ending of this post!! Life at times teaches like that i guess....

Oldfox004 said...

this is such a real beautiful story!

yes, true love does win in the end, they did take the necessary steps at the right time:)

harman singh said...

yayyyy..too good!
keep up; the good work..
thanks for sharing.. I hope every story has happy ending and we keep aside our egos and take care of our family values!

Phạm Minh Tâm said...

@ Vatinam+
Wish you a good day and full of joy...

Jack said...


We need to face life with all ups and downs with logical and calm mind but we do fail at it a number of times. Take care


Yes, that is the catch word - take the right steps at right time. Take care


You are right that we need to keep EGO aside for happiness of not only family but our own too. Take care

P M T :

Welcome to my space. Hope to see you often now. Take care

She scribbles said...

Love too goes through tests and tribulations.

Ellen said...

True love is indeed unshakeable. Lovely story. Bless you, Jack.

Lady Whispers said...

May God bless the couple always :)
I have seen such kind of tiffs with my friends a lot but then in the end I saw love winning if they wanted it to :)

Purba said...

Sometimes parents are their kid's biggest enemy. Glad that the couple finally saw sense!

Jack said...

SH@S :

It does but true love wins. Take care


True love can do wonders. Take care

L W :

I join you in praying for their happiness. Take care


Parents should be supportive. I too am so glad that they are happily settled. Take care

nAvi said...

These days many marriages break down so fast without even talking out or settling it properly. Good to see this couple were not only in true love but also was sensible enough to take a right decision for their future.
God Bless them :)

Jack said...


Very true. It is basically EGO which prevents one to have logical communication to find out what the problem is and that leads to break down of relationships.

Take care