Sunday, March 18, 2012


This post is inspired by book review given by Restless in her space, myworldmyperception , recently.

We have progressed so much in technology, specially in the past hundred years. Our forefathers, if they can witness it, would be so surprised at what we can do. Being at one place we can project our virtual image thousands of miles away and talk to people there, this all started with our voice being sent to such distances earlier. Why that even while visiting Moon our astronauts were here with us, albeit on TV, and we could not only hear them or see them doing their chores but also some of us could converse with them. We can be physically also at another place in a matter of hours by air, be it by any type of aircraft. We can make rain by using scientific methods to make clouds do it and we can also set any place miles and miles away on fire by sending our guided missiles, conventional or nuclear. And it happened as it did a few times eons ago. History was repeated. One day someone in fit of anger due to frustration, just like that US soldier who went on shooting spree, pressed a button which unleashed nuclear holocaust and it was retaliated by others who were targeted. So the present world with all living beings got wiped out, well almost. Very few who were in deep waters or in deep interiors of jungles survived. Very very few indeed. So the Mayan prediction of end of the world this year came true.

Those who survived could not venture out of their normal habitat as that made them contact illness not understood by them and died. So it was fabled that there are evil spirits out there which gobble up those who venture out.

Then many thousands of years later as the number of living beings multiplied they had to venture out of their habitat by compulsion. They started inhabiting places away from jungles and in another thousands of years they came across time capsules buried by us at various sites. These have many photographs alongwith write ups. But the language was alien to them. So some of their elders depicted what they could from photographs and birth of new epics took place, making some figures as heroes and some as demons. The coming generations started worshiping the heroes and decreed the demons. Thus the new civilization was born. As time progressed it was felt by some that the dictats were becoming too rigid, so they started their own cults. The new civilization began progressing till they also reached a stage competing with God and fighting with each other on our God and your God culminating into another holocaust.

And such cycle will go on and on.


harman singh said...

nice..thanks for sharing,,
sometimes this Mayan theory scares me!

Shreya said...

Oh.. gotta check this out. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

infinite cycle of creation n destruction..
interesting read !!

Ann said...

This post was quite different from your other posts. But it was interesting.. Thanks for sharing.. :)

Ellen said...

We worry so much how change is transforming things. I think the only way we can influence change is by introspection.... trying to change oneself from inside. And acting to make that change so desired. If we succeed to change for better, it will eventually change the world for better too. The world is inhabited by people.... we ARE that people. We make or break our world.

Blessings to you and yours, Jack.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

I have to check out the book review :)
Yes, it's scary at a point to think about what life on Earth is going to become like. But then, the cycle does continue :) Else if it didn't, then we'd be living with dinosaurs around us!

Jack said...


Hope what I said makes sense. Take care


What is your finding? Take care


Do you agree with me on this theory? Take care


This is my belief, do you agree with it? Take care


I did not try to say that change is not good. As a matter of fact I firmly believe that it is only change which is constant. What I tried to put across is that we are the ones who will be responsible for end of the world or rather this civilization. And in due course of time new civilization will replace us with their own theories about what they find in time capsules buried by us. Take care


Well, the cycle will go on and we need not be scared about it. The next civilization too will go through same process. Take care

Purba said...

Change is the only constant in life. Where the old must make way for the new.

Komal Ali said...

Wow, this was so bringing reality into my face. Like all your posts, it was thought-provoking but in a very different sense.
Thank you for writing! I hope you are doing great.

Jack said...


So true but do we have to be responsible to bring about end of the world by our selfish motives? Take care


Thanks for such supportive view. We must understand that we need to co-exist, isn't it? Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Thanks for the mention Uncle :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

yep I do.... but I'm not sure about the timing of the events !!

Jack said...


Credit where due must not be denied. You inspired me to share what I have had in my mind for so many years. Take care


This is what I feel that earlier civilizations after reaching zenith perished due to may be nuclear type of holocaust and thousands of years later some of our ancestors who saw pictures or painting wrote our epics. This belief is as there is no further record of their dynasties. Take care