Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I wondered what goes on in the mind of anyone just before any mishap. Well, I experienced it first hand. Last Friday I had gone to bring children of our daughter from her place to spend long week end with us.

We set course after lunch. I was driving at a comfortable speed of about 50 as the road was good with not much of traffic. Usually I keep pace with fast moving vehicles and ensure that I am in the right lane. That day as the grandchildren were with me I was slow and kept two lanes on right free for fast moving traffic. There was an auto infront on right of me and was moving at the same speed. I kept a distance of two cars as that would ensure that I can stop in time if need arises. I had no intentions of overtaking as I was to turn left after about a kilometer or so. The weather was good as it had rained heavily little about an hour ago. The plants and trees in the open fields on both sides of road looked so freshly washed. I was enjoying the drive and keeping sharp look out as per my habit.

We must have covered about half a kilometer when that auto suddenly drifted left slowing down drastically. There was nothing infront of him or any traffic lights. I applied brake harshly and cut towards left but that auto had slowed down drastically. That was when I realized that there is no chance of not hitting it. The thought flashed through my mind “ Oh, God! I am going to collide with it. Hope nothing happens to children.”

My car when it hit that auto on its extreme left rear had stopped. The auto went further for about few yards and a person fell out of it. I told children that I am going to check up and they should stay put in the car. On reaching there I saw that auto had a very minor dent on left of tail light which was intact. That person turned out to be the driver and had minor bruises. However I called up police to have this sorted out. On coming back to my car I was shocked that panel behind the right head light had totally crumpled. The experience with police will make for another post. The SI who had come told me to hire an auto to send children to our place. I was so shocked as they are just 9 and 5. The distance from that place to our house is more than 15 kms while our daughter’s house to was 6 kms. However I called up our daughter who left her office immediately to be with us.

Apart from damage to car, none of us were hurt even a little except that my pride was hurt as my record of accident free run came to an end.


Mishi said...

oh Jack thankz Lord you and the kids were safe are right about the last moment before something goes extremely wrong..
that one last moment is somthing you can never forget in your entire life..I have one or two similar experiences..but to your's..Thankz thousands of time that you remained could have gone real bad!

Amrita said...

Even I think the same, Thank God the kids were ok.
Aur koi baat nehi uncle, acha batsman bhi duck out hota hai
waise hi acha driver ke record main ek daag chalta hai :)

Tanvi said...

Glad the kids or anyone else didn't get hurt ... sorry about your record though! Sometimes it just happens!

♡ from ©

Raj said...

ironic. pride broken by something that didn't arise due to your fault. but at least all of you are safe :)

Gowthami Nandigala said...


ha I read this in tension and I ws praying hope nothing shud happen...
and m glad to read the ending..all r safe...happy :)


sorry for loosing that record, but good part part is you all were safe and unhurt....Thank God.

Take Care and stay Safe.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Thank god u n kids r safe..
auto driver are literally maniacs most of them r.
Records r meant to b broken so no worries about that :)

suruchi said...

nevermind the pride Uncle J-it happens with the best of us..let's say the bright part in it all was-ki aap saste mein nipat gaye-the accident could have been worser and worse still without any fault of yours!

Harman said...

...its good guys are safe!
little kids and seniors..thank God its all well! collisions are worst of its kind on highways!

Sh@s said...

Glad to know that you and your grandkids were safe. Its sad that one has to pay for somebody else's carelessness.

Chakoli said...

Glad to know that u and children are fine...

Erratic Thoughts said...

Oh Gosh!
Thank the Lord you n kids were fine...
n just to mend that dent in your pride, it wasn't your fault!

When I read the title of the post, it brought back some memories for me and when I read it I could relate to your agony...

God bless!

Sakshi said...

And I was no help :(

Jack said...


I am so moved by such concern shown by you. Yes, God has been very kind and it is due to good wishes of all my dear friends like you here. May God be with you always. Take care


It is so sweet of you to be with me at this time and cheer me up with logical sayings. God bless you. Take care


You are right, what has to happen will happen. I am glad that children were unharmed, so let the record be over. Take care


Thanks for such supportive view and cheering me up. Take care

Jack said...


Would you believe me if I told that yesterday I reached your space but saw so many posts pending that I postponed it to today. I will be there later today to catch up. I am really so thankful for your concern. May God be with you always.
Take care


Yes, I am so grateful to God for the good part. Thanks for your wishes. Take care


You are right. God be thanked for the kindness. I am always very scared to these auto or even motorcycle riders but it seems it was in my luck. Take care

Jack said...


You are so right. I should not even think about record as God has been so kind that children did not get hurt. May God bless you for support. Take care


Yes, I am so grateful to God that children were not hurt at all. I agree chances of such happening are high on highways. Take care

SH@S :

So sweet of you for such support. I am grateful to God that none of us were hurt. I have to get over it a s a p. Take care

Jack said...


Thanks you for your sweet thoughts. I too am so thankful to God that they were not hurt. Take care

E T :

I am so grateful for such support. God has been really so kind and as I said to Mishi above it is all due to good wishes of dear friends like you all here. Take care


Who says so? You gave absolutely right advice and it worked out fine. However I still feel that we should have met that day. Anyway your support made me feel confident to tackle it with firm attitude. Take care

Jigyasa said...

I am so glad Uncle J that you are fine and the kids are good too....though I feel bad about your record :( ...I guess people in Delhi NCR shall get used to of such cases..

But the SI is all the same...last Saturday 3 drunkards banged our car from behind...and the similar story happened...i reported...they made some calls and wanted us to visit the police station and they will report if they find then the guy who had banged our car must have fled is a pity!

Rohit said...
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Rohit said...

Thanks God you and children are safe.

I think we should have 'TrafficPAL' to take care all ignorant police personnel. I hope this will ensure a better traffic system and people with more traffic sense

Starry-eyed nut said...

Thank gawd everyone is fine uncle. Were the kids shaken? Delhi rOads can be mean with no fault of yours.

☆ Rià ღ said...

Thank god nobody got hurt!

Gowthami Nandigala said...


you are tagged here!


Gowthami Nandigala said...


you are tagged here!


Gowthami Nandigala said...


you are tagged here!


Librangirl said...

Good to know that you and your grand children are all safe!

Jack said...


I always say that in Delhi it is next to impossible to have car scratch free unless you keep it in garage or drive only when roads are empty. I am thankful to God that children were not hurt even a bit. And lesser said about police attitude better it is. Take care


Yes, I too am thankful to God for kindness. I am of the opinion that there should be intensive classes on traffic rules as well as road courtesies for commercial vehicle drivers at the time of issue of driving licence as well as renewal which should be on yearly basis. Take care


Thanks a lot from my heart. I have been there and left comment. Take care

L G :

So nice to see you here. Thanks for your support. God has been so kind due to good wishes of dear friends like you. Take care

viddhi said...

its ok.
it hapenns sometimes.
thank god the kids are fine and nobody hurt. :)

Jack said...


Thanks for your support. Take care

Oldfox004 said...

hmmmm....god bless for little miracles!

to hell with ur record... (jus kidding)

Jack said...


Yes, God be thanked for children being unhurt. And as far as record goes, I agree with you. So you have started pulling my leg, LOL. Take care

Amrita Tanmay said...

भगवान् का लाख-लाख शुक्र है कि आप सभी सकुशल हैं.सबों को शुभकामना.

Jack said...



Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am glad you are ok. Sometimes we have to bear the brunt of other's fault. There was something in it for you and the auto driver, and God's intention was never to hurt you. Glad you all are safe

Jack said...


True, God has been so kind. And there is a lesson for all involved. Take care