Friday, August 5, 2011


Today noon I was enjoying a glass of beer with my friends in our club bar, chitchatting and keeping an eye on the TV which was showing a popular news channel. There was a pop up “ Breaking News “. We got interested fearing the worst, like some accident or another criminal attack and also optimistically hoping that some unscrupulous person who has been plundering our country and stashing money abroad has been nabbed with ill gotten wealth on way back to our treasury. But no it was even a BIGGER NEWS as per media to deserve such attention grabbing tactic. It was “ Amitabh Bachan wishes Sonia speedy recovery “ or words to such effect.

This set me thinking has the media gone round the bend to dish out such trivial information in such fanfare which truly deserves only a mention in some inner page of newspaper. What about actual information which we badly need? How about telling what is the latest on black money, price rise, steps for safety of common public, exposing corrupt politicians or babus, arrest of those who commit heinous crimes and punishment awarded instead of telling us gossip like someone being in family way or not in relationship anymore or going steady with so & so or having extra marital relations etc etc.? What happened to MEDIA RESPONSIBILITY?


Rakesh Kumar said...

Why do you want to go inside like

'latest on black money, price rise, steps for safety of common public, exposing corrupt politicians or babus, arrest of those who commit heinous crimes and punishment awarded instead of telling us gossip'

Media would present those news only which raises the TRP or would get benefit otherwise.

☆ Rià ღ said...

I totally agree with Mr. Rakesh. Media chooses to show only what they know will get them more TRPs! That's the sad truth.

Rachit said...

for news that really matters visit News Not Making News aka N2MN @

Weakest LINK :)

Shruti said...

May be that is why I stopped watching most of the TV news channels. Media has sold their professional ethics in order to get TRPs. It's really sad.. I am only wondering how much more of these nonsense we can tolerate.

Alka Gurha said...

Jack..Media is more tabloid journalism..everything sensational is breaking news.

♥ Solitaire ♥ said...

don't know what's wrong with media.
the bottom line is money ! thats it.

Harman said...

very true! everything else in news except the important issues!
cheers on that! enjoy the drink and smile...!
*thanks for the wishes from E card
truly blessed!

Heavenly Muse said...

that'swhat i often think.few days back there was a news part of 9pm news million .
''Katrina kaif said she really wants to get married and have family''

million of girls have the same desires.and the millions of woman who used to be girl once,had had the same wish so what so special in it.


well..this is so common in our news channels...i think Govt agencies like AIR n Doordarshan somewhat more reliable as far as news is least they don't create panic, but then they speak for Government more, so not very impartial.

Amrita said...

I do not care about the news at all seeing all the sensationalism that makes the rounds.

Thinking said...

hmm...our beloved country's media is same...

If only they understands the change they can bring with their show...but alas....wrong people have the right weapons....

What to do?

Jack...nice post.

Jack said...


Is it possible to keep taking such nonsense without a word? We need to let it be known that we need NEWS and NOT Gossip. Take care


It is sad but should we not make an effort to let media know what we want? Take care


Thanks, I will visit that.
Take care


I know we may stop watching news in disgust but that is passive. We need to tell these people what we need and not accept what they force on us. Take care

Jack said...

AlKA :

I know but that is rather sad, isn't it? Take care


So right you are, it is GREED. Take care


Right you are, it seems like that. Take care

H M :

You know what I meant. How long can we tolerate such nonsense?
Take care

Jack said...


You have got the situation so right. It is between two evils and we are poor victims. Let us hope we can raise voice and it is heard. Take care


Is it possible to live without finding or what is going on? I think, may be if we depend on some honest newspaper but then it is stale news. Take care


So right, Right weapons in wrong hands. We need to raise voice to make them understand what we expect. Take care

PS : Thanks for visiting old posts too. Replied in previous posts also.

Sakshi said...

Oh, Media has become an extension of Ekta Kapoor serials.. there is less news and mostly drama.
That is one reason, I watch DD, when I need correct news!

Being Pramoda... said...

This was exactly the same i was thinking in the evening while watching the TV..they make it more than what it actually is..:)

Responsibility shall be felt by the Media..

P said...

ha ha I am really surprised that you actually paid attention when they flashed "Breaking News". Last time I was in India, I noticed that those two words are pasted in front of every news channel all the time..even with gossip news like Neetu Singh does not approve of Katrina Kaif as Ranbir's girl friend. I was thinking no one in India will even notice those two flashing words on TV by now.

Erratic Thoughts said...

My sentiments exactly, what's with Media these days...
The other day, I came across a news channel where half of the display was covered with ads...I wonder what exactly that news channel wanted to sell-news or products!

Purba said...

News Channels are packaging themselves as entertainment channels in a bid to grab TRP's. And there are people who prefer "entertaining news" rather than news that really matters.

Brainless people catering to the brainless!

Ritika said...

LOL. News channels are indeed funny these days.

They make breaking news out of anything. I have stopped watching news channels for a long time now.

Jack said...


What a simile! But it seems true also. So we watch serials on all channels except sports and education ones. Take care


Sure, they make mountain out of mole hill but let the actual mountain be hidden. Take care

P :

I am so glad to see you here. I am also grateful for enlightening me as I hardly get a chance to watch TV as remote is either in the hands of my wife or our 3 1/2 years old granddaughter insists on her channels. I was still under impression that they still tell NEWS. Take care

Jack said...

E T :

Sad state of affairs. We surely need to raise our voice. Replied in previous posts too. Take care


Your closing sentence summed up the whole issue so well. Take care


True, those are more like comedy shows. But to give up watching is accepting what nonsense they churn out. We should raise our voice against such disgusting ways to increase TRP. Take care

swats.... said...

Hello sir, Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Keep visiting! by the way, i worked for Media and I know your anguish.

Sabi Sunshine said...

Nice discussion topic... Media is good until certain level.... and mostly it's all about how to make people inetersted in media...

Media has to make money too in order to survive in their career.

Take care
Sabi Sunshine

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

Another great post. Agree with you

Jack said...


From your post about war heroes, I could understand that you were in media. Hope you join again and do something to change what is happening. Take care


It is so nice to see you here. Did not find any new post in your space when I visited last a few days ago. I agree money matters but should one stoop so much? Take care


Thanks for your supportive views. Take care

Sonshu said...

I always though so. The media has begun giving more importance to trivial issues. Next will prolly be when stars pee or buy a shamppoooo. Wonderful. I agree with this wholly, I think they do it for TRPs.


Sh@s said...

Media and news channels have turned into comedy houses. Its disturbing to watch them pandering to the whims and fancies of the powerful. Its sad to see them turn something serious into triviality just to get TRPS.

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hi Jack

I was quite busy with my exam and so many other things but will keep writing because i am really behind with my posts..

Sabi Sunshine

Jack said...


Thanks for such supportive view and what you say it so probable to come true. Take care

SH@S :

It pains to see those who are supposed to be watchdogs for wrong doings do such things. Thanks fo supportive views. Take care


What examinations have you appeared for? I am sure you must have done very well. Looking forward to your new posts. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

The best in breaking news is on Aaj Tak. I don't even have to elaborate on it. Nice post!

Jyoti Mishra said...

Media is totally commercialized and sometimes it seems that all senses are gone too.
Very pathetic condition of our third pillar of governance

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

The meaning of Media is changing. And what we require to know, is no longer seen. That is why today's generation is not aware about what they should be!
This is just the beginning. Lets see how bad it gets soon!

Jack said...


I do not wish to disappoint you, that is why I did not name the channel. Take care


I agree pathetic is what is this state presently. How I wish we can do something to bring about some change. Take care


It is such a pity that why only younger generation but everyone is deprived of what needs to be told in correct way. Take care