Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In my previous post I shared what Prateek told me without any alternations except holding back his angry outburst against his friends who made his dream remain unfulfilled. My basic aim of sharing it here was to bring out what could be the reasons for such unhappy situation. In my opinion these can be any or combination of the following :

1. Inadequate parental interaction. I firmly believe that parents interaction with children is of utmost importance. It needs to undergo change from authoritative to openness and friendly as the child grows. Of course the discipline is not forgotten but child is made aware that rights come with responsibility. Parents need to develop confidence in children to speak to them on any matter without any hesitations. Watchful parents can mostly observe if there is change in behavior of a child and can cajole the child to confide in them. I think that interaction was lacking as there must have been some visible change in his behavior which they did not see.

2. Succumbing to peer pressure in absence of proper guidance provided either at home or school. Children need to be taught about facts of life as per growing age. Parents and teachers are the ones who are best suited for this. Or proper counseling be done with parents knowledge , this could also be part of school activity.

3. Double standards which are prevalent in our society. Boys would prefer wife to be without any blemish but do they think of same when it comes to them?

4. Gender discrimination. Why should there be restrictions placed on girls? Let the girls too have same privileges as boys but safe environments should be ensured and adequate guidance given to use their discretion with utmost care. No girl should be forced to accept what she is not willing to. In this case it seems that Namrata was given laced drinks to make her lose control over mind and make judgmental errors.

May I request for your valuable views on this.

PS : I had advised Prateek to take up flying as hobby since he is still keen to fly citing if Douglas Bader, a pilot with RAF who lost both legs in an air accident but still flew fighters during WW II, why can he not.


Mishi said...

hello there! I dont how I missed your previous post and i guess to comment over this one..I will have to read the previous I will just go back and read that first

Aparana Pitale said...

The points you have highlighted are so correct. It’s my own experience when you have a free and healthy interaction with your parents; you get solutions to your problems faster rather you can safely trespass any such misfortune to happen. There are 2 possibilities where children can take wrong decisions in life, either they are kept into lot of restrictions or have been given a lot of freedom. Liberty should be given but with some limits.
PS. I just hope Prateek gets a chance to complete his dream.
Overall Good one :) :)

Harman said...

you covered it very well..all relevant points..
most of the time..parents are strict or too lenient ..with the result its towards destruction... I personally think..there should open atmosphere and kids know ..the wrong and the right and its impact on future..

*I really like you way of follow -up!

Amrita Tanmay said...

राह में आने वाले बाधाओं से ही मजबूती मिलती है. अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने कि कोशिश नहीं छोड़ना चाहिए.

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Double standards which are prevalent in our society. Boys would prefer wife to be without any blemish but do they think of same when it comes to them?

definitely not all!!

also, children shall be made aware of their good and bad qualities as a sincere feedback.. it always helps..

Good post uncle..

Jyoti Mishra said...

The points u have given are almost true..
what happened to him can be a cumulative effect of various such situations.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi Jack ,

it was indeed sad .. and I guess Prateek paid a really huge price ... really, karma catches up with all of us, doesnt it ?

you know , this generation (me included) is a lot more into risk taking, and risk enjoying. temptations are given into, and not controlled. rape etc all get condoned. the body is treated as a mere instrument of pleasure. these are also factors

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

but, Prateek's incident has probably turned him into a much more considerate and selfless human being.

i hope he gets to fly

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

I hadn't read your previous post. Just did :)
The points you have come up with are totally true.
Parents need to be more of a friend to their children. And children do need to know about the real world. By keeping the children in the dark, and by putting a lot of restrictions, parents are harming them.
Great posts :)
Take Care!

Celestial Dreamz said...

oh yes ... so very true ...

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

the 1st part and the 2nd .. both touched my heart...!!
sometimes books ant enough to teach you lessons that is the time when life pushes you down...
nice story ... i hope prateik gets over the past and works towards his future..!
keep writing

Jack said...


Did you read the previous post? Waiting for your valuable views. Take care


You have told what I say so nicely. Children also must be made to understand that liberty comes with related responsibility. Take care


It has to be a healthy mix of both - freedom and caution. Openness with clear teaching that one needs to see responsibility related to have liberty. Take care



Jack said...


This is sad, isn't it? Why should such double standards exist? Children after certain age need to be explained things logically and with reasoning. They should be made to understand pros and cons of everything and allowed to take own decisions. Take care


Thanks for supportive view. It is combination of these reasons which lead to this state. Take care


I am highly impressed with your so honest views. I too hope that he does go for flying as hobby and fulfill his cherished dream. Take care

Jack said...


You are right. After certain age parents need to be more on friendly terms than being authoritarians. Children should be made to see right and wrong logically with reasoning. They then be allowed to take own decisions. Take care

C D :

I am so grateful for supportive view. Take care


I feel so satisfied that you found these to be worthwhile. I too hope and will support him to achieve happiness. Take care

Arooj said...

i guess the qualities those are supposed to be acquired by parents as per your post,are really ideal ones.If only few of them maintains their presence in parents behavior,the society and family's problems are likely to reduce very soon.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hello Uncle Jack. I read this post and the one before this. Your views are truly thought provoking. I guess the problem is that majority of the parents continue to be authoritative and feel they have a right to decide everything for the child. Here is when the child stops trusting the parent and seeks advise elsewhere. Again, I also feel that friends must be made very very carefully.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Thanks a ton for your comments I'm so glad you like my posts. I've written the next part of my story. Do come by :)
Take Care..

Erratic Thoughts said...

That was such a valuable suggestion you gave him, what will we youngsters do without elders as nice as you?
All your points are true and correctly put.
One can easily succumb to temptation, but the tough part is how you win over it.
I would suggest that every youngster should stop and indulge in self-appraisal and self-inspection once in a while and think responsibly.
Very well said, really every youngster should read this!

Thank you for sharing it:)

Jack said...


Please do keep this in mind when your time comes. As parent one needs to guide the child with love and not with orders. Take care


As parent one needs to inculcate trust and confidence in the child to share his or her thoughts or curiosities by being open and logical. Take care


Been there, read that and left my comment. Take care

E T :

I feel so honoured by what you said. We need to encourage the child to have confidence to share what is in his or her mind without any fears. That is possible only by being open and supportive. Take care

Rashi said...

Uncle J,

I got motivated...Thanks.

Take Care...

Ellen said...

Thought to drop by to say Hello. :-) You are at your best with this post. The dependable guru to family problems. Blessings to you, my friend.

Jigyasa said...

With you on each word....parental guidance & openness is the key to protect children from societal one is to blame is just that everyone should understand and accept the change that is their in cultures & environment...yes children should be told that rights come with responsibility....

This post is very apt & important....else the kids suffer all their life in some way or the other...

And for Prateek - I would just say, Go is the limit.

Jack said...


Hope in positive way. Take care

EllEN :

I am left speechless by your such supportive view. This is what motivates me to write more. Take care


You have summed up what I tried to say so well. Rights and responsibilities are complimentary to each other. Parents being open and approachable is of immense importance. Take care