Thursday, July 21, 2011


“ Elderly couple - Well educated, self reliant with own conveyance and with no major medical problem, available for grandparental care of your little ones. Need accommodation and proper respect. Will accept assignment only after mutual satisfaction. Call 0000000000”

Do you think such advertisements will appear anytime in near future?


Tanvi said...

Don't know if they would ... but does sound like a 'marketable' idea! Not saying it is correct or incorrect ... but sure has an consumer appeal! :)

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Furree Katt said...

well, i sincerely hope not. but with the way things are, it does seem possible. disrespect for senior citizens is definitely increasing. :(

viddhi said...

it surely is. but then looking at the brighter side it might just make people value their parents at home as these days with both the parents working child care is a problem and this option is viable

Dishita said...

No way.
At least i hope not.

Sakshi said...

I hope not! If they do, then shame on the kids!

Harman said...

its pathetic!
if it goes like that...we are already in that era Now this wud be soon seen,,,
indeed a very sorry state of affairs!

Sach! said...

That will be the day I feel really really pity our lives. :(
I pray such a day never comes.

☆ Rià ღ said...

I hope we never come to such a time...but really can't predict the future.

Purba said...

That felt like a slap!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Its quite possible. Am trying to look at this in a positive way.. Imagine a young couple with kids, who have both lost their parents... If something like this really works out, its like they've found a new family!
If you've lost a child you can adopt a child if you've lost your parents why cant you adopt them as well? :) Its just a thought...
Although the 'need proper respect' part has a little sad touch to it.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Its a blessing for those kids who have the privilege to grow up with their grand parents. I was lucky in that way.. Although its a sad thing for grandparents to be on sale, but i will be a boon for the tiny ones..
coincidently , i was writing a similar piece for my column..thanks for the input Jack! :)

Starry-eyed nut said...

I dont think its possible but its a wonderful idea given the increasing nuclear families. But what about the original set of grandparents?

Jack said...


It has consumer appeal but why should parents need to take on elderly couple for caring their little ones if their own parents are there or why should that elderly couple need to look for this if they have their own children & grandchildren? In the absence of such, may be. Take care


I too hope so. As you say disrespect for senior citizens is on the increase so may be they could not put up with insults metted out by own kith & kin? Take care


Hope we do keep that in mind that our parents are best suited for this as this has double benefit, one they are looked after in their old age and children have all their love while growing up. When they are there, then maybe. Take care


I too hope so if own parents are there to take care of you children. Take care

Jack said...


It will really reflect on children if their parents have to do so.
Take care


It will be really pathetic if own parents are not given their due and you get someone on such terms for own children. Take care


I too hope so but under certain circumstance it may come to that, like if own parents of either spouse are not there or elderly couple does not have anyone to give their love to. Take care


I agree but do read my reply to Sach above. Take care

Jack said...


Yes, under normal circumstance it is. Take care


I agree with you. As they are self reliant it is not need of job or money but to fill the loneliness so proper respect just like from own children or grandchildren is in order. Take care

T-F L :

Yes, nothing like own grandparents. I too have had so much of love from my DADI Ji. But under circumstances as said by TGAFA, it may be in order with what I replied to her. Take care


It is so if original grandparents of either spouse are not there. Take care

Chakoli said...

Ahhh... for sure they would!

suruchi said...

It sounds good for many elderly couple who stay alone as their children live abroad or study outside or have no children-this could really give them a reason to live on and hope to survive!

It would be a mutually beneficial agreement!
Yet there are too many things to be considered here before any such alliance can materialize.

You always maintain this that working parents should have grandparents around the children to take care of them. But what if sometimes grandparents are too set in their routines to bother too much or too careless for whatever reasons?

Ritika said...

O M G.

Its pathetic.

Grandparents are irreplaceable.

Its like a slap on the face of today's generation, on the way they are treating elderly people.

Jack said...


It does seem possible the way we are heading. Take care


It is beneficial to both parties under such circumstances but should one ignore own parents for taking care of little ones? We need to shoulder our responsibilities as we grow in age. If I am not mistaken there is a poem by W S called Seven Stages of Man which shows how we need to change with age. Those who do not do it need to be politely told that it is time for them to do so. We may have our own routine but not at the cost of our responsibility. Take care


Hope people understand. Both parties. Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

I hope not but not sure at the same time..!!

Jack said...


It may not be a bad idea under some circumstances as I have said above to Suruchi. Take care

Felicity said...

I would really really really love to draw something for you before I shift to the hostel :) So do let me know what I should draw. :)

Fatimaa.S said...

I hope not. This is very incorrect. Senior citizens should be treated with respected not be rented or sold. They've raised us after all.

Jack said...


It is so nice of you. Do you only do portraits or other sketches too? May we talk about it by mail? My id is Take care


One should give due respect and care to own parents or grandparents. There is nothing like them to give so much of love to little ones. However under certain circumstances this kind of arrangement may be suitable as told to SACH and SURUCHI by me above. Take care

♥ Solitaire ♥ said...

I just wish it happens..

Jigyasa said...

It does seems likely. What a pity? ...but surely this as a commercial ad is a complete no...any grandparents shall not face such a situation - is what i feel personally but yes the real world seems different way different...!

But then if the youngsters are so empowered to jump on all wrong things - why not empower the elderly so that there is never the need of such an ad.

Maryam A. said...

I HOPE NOT. Its just wrong how old people are not treated the way they should be. The fact is that they are the main people behind what we are today. Now that I've lost my grandpa and grandma (RIP), I've realized how precious they were. I'd do anything to have them back. ANYTHING. Sniff.

Jack said...


Would you like to share why do you want this to happen? You may write a post on this or you know how to reach me. Take care


The way things are going this kind of situation seems likely. However under certain circumstances as I told Sach and Suruchi above it may be beneficial to both parties. Take care


I too hope so. Grandparents are anchor in one's life. Sorry to know about your loss but I am sure their blessings will always be with you. Take care

Sonshu said...

Well, Lets all pray an hope it doesnt. Though its highly likely considering children are becoming more and more inhumane as the day passes.

Tat actually was scary.

Tanvi said...

I meant that ONLY if their is a lack of their own - whether children or grandparents. Of course if they have their own ... then there isn't even any consumer appeal! So to speak!

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Jack said...


I too hope that it is only when it is need from both sides as natural relations are not there. Take care


I know you meant it that way if either old couple does not have anyone or young parents do not have elders in the family. Take care

Sanjana said...

Well, maybe we can see such advertisements in the near future..and if that really happens..that would be highly unfortunate..that would be like losing our moral values and disrespecting our culture...our future generation will not be blessed with grandma's or grandpa's interesting bedtime stories and tales like we used to be during our childhood... I truly hope we don't get to see such unfortunate advertisements... !!

Jack said...


I agree with you. But as I told Sach above under circumstances it may be beneficial too. Take care

Ann said...

Well.. It might be possible in future.. coz kids people these days have become intolerable towards their parents.. But it becomes true.. then it wud be the biggest irony of life... I hope I close my eyes before seeing such a day..

Komal Ali said...

This just made me very sad, Uncle Jack.

Jack said...


I agree it is sad state of affairs but for some persons who may be in such need due to what I told Sach and Suruchi above it may be beneficial. Relax, you do not have to take it to heart. Take care


It will indeed be so sad if children after getting married neglect their parents so much that the old couple is forced to look for emotional support like this. Take care


i just wish n pray that i never go through such advertisement, buttttt when i see around the treatment our "BUZURG" are getting from their young ones, i don't see any reason of my wish being fulfilled n my pray being answered positively....its really painful, lets hope that some sense prevails among the GEN-NEXT.


Jack said...


That is the reason of my writing this post. I have been seeing so many instances of mistreatment meted out to our seniors by their children. I do hope that sense prevails and things do improve. Take care

PS : My sincere apologies of not having visited you till date but today I will positively do so.

Rakesh Kumar said...

I called at 0000000000.No one replied.In future,what would happen,God knows.
But,you have put an interesting question on which a good discussion is taking place.The comments and your replies are worthy to read.

I would like to follow your blog.

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I am honoured that you would like to follow my blogs. I too hope that there is never a need for a reply from such phone number. May sense prevail and respect for elders be as it is supposed to be. Take care

Celestial Dreamz said...

sad but very likely for a society that is growing towards more and more insensitivity.

your writings are like a slap; an awakening. Thanks for sharing. regards.

Mitesh Shah aka SM said...

sure in future they will appear on FB and blogs.

Shruti said...

I hope not! It will be a shame on humanity and mainly our generation if anyone did that. I live in the old age where you worship parents, love them and take care of them in need.
I am curious. what prompted you? ;)

Mehwisky said...

Thank you so much for your deep insight about my posts, Jack. Truly appreciate it.

Perhaps, we will be seeing such advertisements. But in today's independent globe, such open-minded oldies will have no issue staying busy! :)

Cheers from Pakistan.

Jack said...

C D :

I am so glad to see you here and with such supportive view. Take care


Do you think it is fine under normal circumstances? Take care


Welcome to my space. I agree with you but under some circumstances as I told Sach and Suruchi above this may be in order. But otherwise it surely shows ungratefulness of children. I have seen some old couples suffer emotionally even when they are well off, particularly parents of those who chose to move abroad for their own dreams. Take care


Welcome aboard. I agree this will give happiness to old couples and keep them busy too but would you find it justified that their own children ignore them? Take care

Sh@s said...

I had posted my comment here few days back. I can't see it :(

Jack said...

SH@S :

I am surprised as I have not seen it. I would love to know your views on this. Take care

Thinking said...

hmmm...grandmothers and grandfathers who can serve the children while the working parents are on job are blessing now...

I see alot of young mothers and fathers enjoying every bit in office hour because they know that their infants are in good their parents care...

And most of their services are out of love and cost only love and care and respect in return...

What a beautiful could wish for....hmm...

Jack said...


That is how it should be but unfortunately it is not so happy state due to change of thought process in young people. They prefer nucleus families with nanny rather than have parents stay with them as they, specially girls, fear interference from them. It may be so in some cases but all have to realise that need of adjustment is from both sides. Take care

Erratic Thoughts said...

I wonder who would recite bed time stories/Ramayana/Mahabharata etc better than nana/nani-dada/dadi...It used to be(I still believe it is) such an education in itself...
I hope the Gen-next doen't miss out on such heavenly childhood moments!

Jack said...

E T :

You got crux of the matter. Take care