Sunday, July 4, 2010


Once all organs of a body were arguing as to who is the Boss. Brain said, “ I give directions to all to do what is needed, so I am the Boss.” Heart said, “ That is what you think, if I do not purify and supply blood you will not be able to do anything. So I am the Boss.” Lungs retorted, “ If we do not give you purified oxygen do you think you can purify blood? So we are the Boss.” And so on and on the other organs too staked their claim. AH was quite all this time but when all had finished staking their claim, it said, “ I am the Boss.” Everybody else laughed as it was without any reasoning. They all ridiculed it. So AH told, “ You all will repent if I stop functioning.” There was loud hilarious laughter from all. So AH went on non functioning mode. All was fine on first day. Second day there was little discomfort. Third day there was difficulty being faced by others for normal functioning. By fourth day all others were in panic as they just could not function. On fifth day they all were in terrible shape, so they all surrendered accepting AH to be the Boss.

So do remember even if BOSS is an AH but for smooth functioning we do need a BOSS.


rohini said...

nice post sir..i too had written smthing like this a yr back...chek it out...

ritika said...

To add on, Bosses should be good, only then everything can be managed in an efficient manner.. otherwise, it again leads to big chaos!


Keshi said...

lol so true!

Hows u Jack? :)


Sonshu said...

Now that was really true! :)

There's a message on my blog for ya'al! :)

ritika said...

Would you mind giving me your e-mail address.. ?

Komal Ali said...

Till the end of the post, I was thinking what's an ah. *shrugs*
I got it now. lol.

True that! :D As long as the boss is nice, I'm fine :p

Jack said...


You were the first one to comment but I do not know where it has vanished. Please give me that link again so I can read it. Take care


I agree if BOSS is more of human then work gets done not only efficiently but faster too. My email id is in my profile, however it is

Take care


It has been raining so heavily here since yesterday. Now I know the reason, YOU visited! LOL. I am so happy to see you here. I am fine, you? May I request you to send me mail, if you feel comfortable? Take care


Thanks for the support. I will visit you just after this. Take care


Don't we all wish for a nice BOSS? But there are some who make life so difficult. I have been with some such and that taught me to be more of friend with those with you but firm, of course. Human approach always pays. Take care

Ann said...

Lollzzz... It was a nice one ;) thaks for sharing .. And yeah, how are you?

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi uncle,

thats hilarious..!! haha.. :)..

Thanks fr the fun..;)

PS: Hw r u ? would like to read a story y ur grand daughter.. :)

i started a series abt me and my grand pa.. pls do join..

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. I am glad you enjoyed this. We are fine, You? Take care


Facts, isn't it? She has not written anything for sometime as she got busy with her school. I will ask her to do so soon. Do give me the link so I can visit that site. Take care

rohini said...

the link is -

and sir u have een tagged...check the latest post too...:)

Chandrika Shubham said...

'Yes Boss' is only one can say. This statement will be appreciated by the good as well as bad boss.

Maria said...

Ha ha ha..yea ..get it! The boss is for sure an AH...but jhelna padega!

And sent you an email. Check gmail.

Jack said...

sablumROHINI :

Thanks. I will read it today. Take care


Is it possible to be " Yesman " even comprosing your principles?
Take care


True, one has to JHELO it. Got the mail. Thanks a million. Take care

♥ ♥ Strawberry ♥ ♥ said...

Nice concept.

Jack said...


Fact, isn't it?

Take care

Mademoiselle Deva said...

hahah I've heard that once before!!! so funny!

Jack thank you for visiting me and for leaving your comments! I love reading them and thank you so much for your support!

I have a new url for my blog! Please update your blog roll!

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. Thanks for intimating new url. I have updated.

Take care

Misty Michelle said...

I like this story! it's so easy to think you can do it all on your own.. and things go well.. then less well.. then all the sudden you are spiraling out of control.

We need all of our support systems, faith, family, friends, love.. etc to keep us functioning.

Have a great day Jack!


socialcanal said...

thanks you for sharing your experiences and thoughts about your boss. I am lucky to have a nice boss.I guess I should start sharing my experiences and thoughts about my boss.
Best Regards
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Jack said...


Very true, we all need support system and Boss is part of that. Take care

S C :

Welcome to my space. Hope you have read some of my older posts too. I look forward to your views on those too. Visited your url but there was no post as yet. I will visit again and hope you do post something soon. Take care