Wednesday, June 30, 2010


June is coming to an end and monsoons are likely to arrive soon. Let us welcome July with some humour so we get good rains.

One evening Jojo had gone to meet a friend staying closeby. They got talking of old times and did not realize how much time had passed. All this while friend’s wife kept regular supply snacks to go with their drinks. By the time they finished dinner it had started raining heavily. So his friend asked him to sleep over at their place. Jojo agreed. His friend showed him the guest room and went to get fresh linen. On his return he was surprised to see Jojo totally drenched. On seeing questioning look in his friend’s eyes, Jojo explained that he had gone to get nightsuit from his house.

Tutu was hauled up before court for misbehaving with a woman journalist. When magistrate asked him to explain his conduct, Tutu asked him as to what would he do if it was marked PUSH on the door. The magistrate replied that he would push the door open. Tutu then said if it is written PULL then. The magistrate by now was getting annoyed but said he would pull the door open. Tutu then said, “ Sir, that is it. I just followed instructions as it was written on her t shirt PRESS.”

A village simpleton was crying inconsolably on his wife’s death. People tried hard to pacify him but more they tried harder he cried. After sometime an elderly man told him to get hold of himself as no one comes back after death. He sobbingly said , “ I know but when my father died a few years ago a lot of elderly persons told me not to worry as they are there, when my mother died last year so many elderly women told me that they are there to take care but now not a single girl has come forward to tell me not to feel the loss as she is there.”

A man on his return from work was stunned to see his wife of so many years in bed with a tramp. Before he could say anything, she told him that she could explain everything. She told him that little while ago this tramp rang the door bell asking for something to eat as he had not had a meal for a couple of days. She gave him left over pizza from his dinner last night. She saw his shoes were totally torn, so she gave him a pair of sturdy shoes which he had discarded after buying new pair. She saw he had no socks, so she gave his pair of socks which he had not used for a long time. Then the tramp had asked if she had any woolen to spare as the coat he was wearing was torn at many places. She remembered a decent coat which he had not used for many years so she gave that to the tramp. She said then the tramp asked, “ Is there anything else which your husband has not used for long time and you would like to give that to me.”

She further added, “ And that is how I landed up in bed with him.”


Tara said...

That was great fun time lol !!



preeti said...

Hi Jack
very very funny :) loved the names too.. jojo tutu :):)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hi jack,
im back to blogging now after my break :)
had a good laugh at the jokes :)

suruchi said...

Haha...funny ticklers there!
Quite a compilation Uncle Jack!
So we see the light side too of you....niyyyyyce:-)

rohini said...

:)))))))))))) nice funny welcome Sir....

Mademoiselle Deva said...

Hi Jack!!! Thank you so much for your comments!! I am sorry for not being in touch with you for so long! I am coming back to blogging on regular basis!!!

Your post was funny!!

Have a beautiful weekend!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

hahaha... i have been reading soo mnay funny posts since mrng.. my day shd be good now.. he ..:T thanks fr contributing uncle.. :)

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope you liked my other posts too. Looking for your views on those also. Take care

BS :

I am glad you enjoyed these. Take care


I am glad you had a good laugh and liked these names. Take care


I feel happy that you are back and had a good laugh at these. I will visit you soon. Take care


I have been giving lighter posts off and on. Do try to read older ones also and let me know how did you like those. Take care


We need to have laugh to keep sane,isn't it? Take care


I am so glad that you are here. I will keep visiting you to read your new posts. Take care


Hope you did have a good day. Take care

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

LOL. This really has brought a smile on my face to welcome July. :)


Jack said...

L S L :

I feel so happy that it made you have smile at least if not a hearty laugh. Take care