Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last month I had planned a project for rural area to be conducted by NGO I am consultant with. I was asked by President of that NGO to accompany him for a meeting with secretary of rural development department to explore if state would fund it. I was to give power point presentation. I agreed. So off we went on fine morning last week to the state capital where we had appointment with the concerned person at 1 pm. It was about 4 hours drive. Enroute he briefed me about the said secretary. I was told that he was not only honest and strict but deeply knowledgeable thus capable of asking probing questions. This was all fine with me as I always liked to associate with those projects where chances of misuse of funds was minimal.

When we were ushered in for the meeting I saw a well built Sikh gentleman occupying the chair. We sat down and I found him staring at me with little frown on his forehead. On my being introduced, he just got up and moved around the table reaching me in no time. He touched my feet exclaiming how lucky he was to see me after so many years. When he straightened, my mental computer locked onto who he was and I was transported back by more than 25 years.

I was in an organization as Head of administration & personnel. He was a junior assistant aged about 22 or so. He was hard working with a smile on his face always. He had done PG in psychology but being from a not so well off family took up the first job which came his way. He had a unsatiateable quest for knowledge. A few months down the line I found him to be little preoccupied in his thoughts. Though there were no slip ups in his work but it was evident that he was not his ownself. One day I asked him frankly if he trusted me to share what was bothering him. He told me that he had fallen in love with a girl of well to do family and she too reciprocated. Though they were from different castes, there was no objection from her family as they were broadminded. Only stipulation they had was that he upgrade his status. They offered him position in their business but he did not take it up as he was quite proud with a lot of self respect. He was not vain or egoist but practical. I told him why did he not sit for civil services examination. He frankly told that he was not aware as to how to prepare. Those days there were hardly any coaching institutes. I gave him some directions like going through guides available giving last five years or so question paper with solution, general knowledge book as well as keeping himself updated on current affairs by reading newspapers. He earnestly started preparing for it. I moved on thereafter and lost contact with that organisation.

Coming back to that day now, he did not listen to my protests while ordering lunch for us. He told that it will be such a pleasure to have lunch together. Over lunch he told the rest of the happenings. He cleared civil services examinations in first attempt. Thereafter there was no hitch in his getting married to his love. He did face some obstacles in his career due to being honest and strict but in the end it paid off. They had 2 children, a girl ,doctor and married, a boy in a good position as an engineer. He wanted me to meet them but due to paucity of time I requested him to let it be for next visit.

When we got onto presentation part, he just bluntly said that there was no need as if I had prepared the project and was involved in implementing it, he had no hesitations in sanctioning funds. He said that his faith in me was absolute.


Scribbling Girl said...

wow amazing :)
No doubt u influenced his life and aims in much more ways than u foresee and finding such ppl in crucial point in one's life(specially youth) is a bliss very few of us get....and if we find such mentor life is indeed a ride....and what more is finding genuine ppl who follow the path...u showed the path like a true mentor and he followed like a true student.... perfect relation and perfect ends :)

I am sure i am gonna learn a lot by visiting ur blog :) thanks for sharing the experience!

Sakshi said...

Wow, this is the second story that you have told us about how you touched people's lives. Proud of you uncle J.

♥ ♥ Strawberry ♥ ♥ said...


Woww..I guy meets you as well..and become smthng in lyf soon..! :)

rohini said...

Sir ..such a touchy story...a moral esson...thnx for sharing it...

ritika said...

Superb, and yes! Everything pays off one day or the other. I firmly believe in this!

Hope your NGO keep getting funds and you help lot of people!

Cheers. Take Care.

Jack said...

S G :

All credit goes to him. Mine was just a small suggestion. Take care


It is just my luck that he did what I suggested. It does give a deep sense of satisfaction to see someone happy on following what you suggest. Take care


Nice to see you here. I am sure your guy will do much better with you giving him support all the way. Take care


I have always believed that we should try to guide youngsters with our experience. If someone is benefitted it does give a lot of happiness. Take care


I agree. Everything comes back with interest. We have given formal proposal and I am hopeful that there will be no hitch. Have you got your Driving Licence yet or not? I just got an International made for our son as he is going abroad on official visit. Take care

Anonymous said...

That is indeed amazing..I wish I cud touch lives like u :)

Komal Ali said...

Kudos! :)
I've always wanted to influence people in a good way.
Best wishes.

EM said...


this brought in immense gratitude - to you and everyone i know who touches others lives..

inspiring and humbling,

in search of ...... said...

well m glad its not a kind of forwarded story we get in emails to motivate or be positive....its a true story n it definitely encourages us to do a lot more things in life....25 yrs earlier i guess u were off the same age as m today.....

Jack said...


You too can do it if you keep positive attitude and willingness to help others. Only caution is that the other person should also be willing to listen to you. Take care


It is not with the idea of influencing people but to show direction to one who needs it. Rest is upto that person. Take care

EM :

Nice to see you here. One should try to help whenever possible. Take care

IN S O :

Thanks for visit and encouraging comments. We should try to show way to happiness to those willing to listen and leave it to them to do what they feel after that. Take care

Ellen said...

As some old folks would say:
'what comes out, comes around'
And the good old Book says:
'whatsoever you shall sow,
so shall you reap.'
And nana would borrow a famous quote
and say:
'do to persons what you would want them do to you'

Blessings to you and your family, Jack! Enjoy your blessed day.

Jack said...


It is so heartening to see you here. If one does any good deed with eye on results or rewards then it is no good. One should do what is right without any future thoughts. Take care

suruchi said...

Hi Jack...
Wow...that’s so nice of u to share it with us...
I especially appreciate it coz I am often on the move in my car and have least knowledge of its operation in case of a crisis!
Also loved the analogy with life:-)

Take care

Jack said...


Now I know how busy Seeya is keeping you. You read next post and left comments here. It is still so nice to see you here in my space. Thanks for appreciating the analogy. Take care