Saturday, February 6, 2010


I think I will take up another tag which I remember. Preeti Subramanian had also tagged me some time ago and I promised that I would take it up a s a p. As per rules of the tag one is supposed to tell 10 honest things about himself / herself. Difficult one as once again I have to speak about myself. I think in this I will tell what may be good, bad or ugly.

So here it goes –

1. I have been trying to control my short temper but still can not when I see our younger grandchildren doing something which may hurt them in the presence of nannies or other family members. Or can not find something needed urgently because it has been moved from it’s usual place. I know I could point out that neglect in normal way but that seems to have no affect.
2. I just can not withstand hypocrisy and have been sarcastic at times to persons who indulge it this. It has harmed my relations at times or even caused me financial loss but I can not change.
3. I enjoy 3 – 4 “Chhotta” Old Monks with water in the evening but maintain that enjoy your drink and do not let it enjoy you. Whenever I feel craving for a drink in the evening, I give it up for a week or more.
4. I do tell a lie sometimes but that is in the same way as narrated in
“ Mr Know All” a short story by Somerset Maughm.
5. I have a soft corner for girls. I know some of you may feel this old man has gone round the bend but it is because they are always at the receiving end. I wish to see them with equal standing.
6. I am a dreamer. I always have a wish to leave some sort of legacy behind.
7. I have lost out on awards number of times due to manipulation of my rivals but have never tried to counter it as I feel satisfied with my own achievements.
8. I never have forced my will on our children as I feel that they should take their own decisions. I have been labeled a softee by some relatives. However when I find them going wrong I just tell them to resolve issues in proper manner.
9. I love to see everyone living in harmony and feel sad at bickering for silly reasons which are just figments of mind.
10. I feel very angry at persons who try to use divisive ways to gain their selfish motives, be it at lower lever or national level. If I could even help it I would like to see them suffer due to their own madness.

I think it is enough of EYE ( I ) problem. I am not tagging anyone but leave it to those who wish to take it up.

Preeti, hope I am honest enough.

I do have a hazy recollection that there are few more friends here who had tagged me, please do give me clue so I can take those up also.


Sakshi said...

Hey Uncle j-
These were some nice honest revelations...:) Great read.

Jaky Astik said...

What you can honestly expose, you can overcome.

The Bald Guy said...

Sir ji, all Men usually think that girls are nice. We usually have a soft spot for them all through.

3 - 4 drinks each evening?

Not good Sir ji.

Control. Is. A. Word.

sulagna ™ said...

and jack there are lots of little "girls" like em who love reading what you have to write, just smiling at the fact that some one as old and as wise as you takes time to write all this for us

preeti said...

Dear Jack
Good better best tag :):) thanks for taking it up and doing full justice to it. Honored.

Jack said...


Thanks for your appreciation. Take care


Very true. What you can talk about, you can control too. Take care

B G :

Thanks for the warning. I will try to cut down. Take care


It will really give a lot of pleasuere if I can be of any help or guidance to anyone. I hate to see anyone suffering emotionally. Take care


Thanks for encouragement.
Take care

Girl Next Door said...

Soft Corner for girls :) I liked it and I appreciate your view of seeing them independent and equal..

Anonymous said...

I had figured out you have a soft spot for girls :) you give very sweet heartfelt advice :)

Jack said...

G N D :

I would like to contribute more than LIP SERVICE for bringing equality for girls but they too have to understand and take steps accordingly. Isn't it? Take care

KI :

You have an analytical mind which will make you a very dependable person. I only hope that before I get recalled by our Creator, I can be of some use to those who are in need. It hurts me to see someone in distress and still trying to stay self centred. I know it is good to take decision about your life independently but at time it is advisible to take opinion from someone who can have unbiased broader view. Take care

Take care

Ellen said...

Dear Jack,

Perhaps I haven't told you yet but I like your blog very much and enjoy reading your thoughts and wisdom in every post. Particularly one of your recent ones -- the tags and that on 'preconceived ideas'. Your replies in the two tags struck familiar tones in my own amazingly. Is it that people at our age become almost quite similar in most things? :-)

Easily we all fall into that centuries old mind trap of 'preconceived ideas'. But I want to think that age moves a person away from it quite successfully and gives insights which lead to a better understanding & appreciation of individual differences and situations. And too make room for human failure and error.

Thank you for putting up a wonderful gem of a blog such as this. Take care. Blessings of peace and happiness to you and your family.

P.S. Thanks for your lovely visit to my blog.

WarmSunshine said...

Hello Uncle Jack :)

Sorry for my abrupt disappearing act. How are things with you?

Jack said...


The rolling years leave an imprint on body and mind of a person. One should not feel unhappy about broadening of girth and base as alongwith that it is mind too which broadens outlook. Age teaches all of us in the same way but few learn lessons well and make efforts to pass on what is the best way to live happily. That is why our thoughts echo with each other so well. Take care


Am I glad to see you here? This would be the understatement of the year. You have made my day. Hope ALLLLLL ISSSSSSS WELLLLLLLLL with you. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Take care

Mademoiselle Deva said...

I really like your 6 and 9 points. I am also a dreamer and I do want to see everyone living in harmony. This is beautiful Jack.

Jack said...

DEVA : Nice to see you after such a long time. Hope you read my other posts also. Would it not be Heaven on this earth if we all could live in harmony?Take care

Shruti Mukundan said...

very honest post. honesty is probably the best accent a person can have. n ya u r seriously a real sweet-heart @ soft corner for girls :D

Tranquility Speaks said... that gives me a glimpse into the person that you are :-)