Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Laugh

Today is the last day of May 2009. It is hot and with rain in the early morning it is humid too. So instead of putting something serious I thought it prudent to give something light for taking mind of hot & humid weather with little laugh. The one which was intended will follow in a day or so.

We live in a small lane off the main busy road with just about 8 small cottages – four on each side with a dead end. It is nice and peaceful. There are offices, commercial establishments on the other side of the main road. There lived a huge mixed breed dog in the lane and he was liked by one & all. He used to ensure no unwanted person had easy access to this lane. He used to escort children to and back from school bus stop. No vendor could raise his hawking voice more than certain decibel and pitch so as not to disturb peace, specially in the afternoons. All of us loved him and gave him something or the other to eat but he was choosy. One day while chasing away an adamant intruder he got run over by bus on the main road. We all felt sad and got together to give him a decent send off in the municipal crematorium for pets. Though we all felt sad one boy who was working for a push cart vendor on the corner of our lane was crying inconsolably. They served food for workers in the office opposite. We tried to pacify him that it was God’s will etc. Over his sobs we heard him say “ Now who will help me clean the dishes”.

In our locality community park we used to see a man walking briskly mornings and evenings. He looked about 40ish. We were astonished to learn that he was about 70. We all wondered how was it possible. So one day someone dared ask him secret of this. He said when he got married he and his wife made a pact that whenever one of them felt that the other was being too overbearing he or she would go for a walk instead of being angry and getting into arguments. So when asked did it work. His reply was don’t you people see my fitness, I started walking most of the day from the first day after wedding and am yet to spend time at home except for meals or rest.

A doctor was advising his patient in 50s ‘ to live for another 30 years give up drinking, flirting, surfing net and sleeping late in the mornings’. His patient replied ‘then what is the idea of living.’

A man touching 80 got married to a girl in early 20s. His friend who was doctor too advised him ‘ take a similar age boarder for keeping company to your wife.’ The old man agreed. They met after about 6 months. Doctor asked ‘ how is everything going.’ Old man replied ‘ couldn’t be better. My wife is 4 months pregnant.’ Doctor was happy and asked ‘ so you took my advice about taking a boarder.’ Old man said ‘ yes and she is pregnant too’.

Well, friends that is to keep you in good mood to welcome JUNE,2009.


Sakshi said...

Happy June...!!! Life is funny...aint it??

Keshi said...

HAHAHA @boarder n becoming pregz!

hey it's the first day of Winter here in Aus! Happy June indeed, cos it's my birthday month too :)


Jack said...


Life is as you look at it. Do your best but at the same time keep some time for laughter too.

Take care


What date? If I have your e-mail id I can send e greetings at least.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thnx for providing some really unadulterated laughter! :)
A happy June to you too.

geeta banati said...

Hope this month brings many more laughter in our lives...
Happy June...
my birthday month too....

Ki said...

Haha! :D

Not everything is black and white Jack. :D

nups said...

hey Jack
good ones... oh u dont knw hw warmly i welcomed June n waiting for it to speed off too... :) good ones..the dog one was the best though.. n i yell some more!! some more!! :)

Jack said...


Thanks for your visit and such encouraging comments. Take care


Why this month, why not whole year? Which date, please? I will try to send e greeting, if I may. Take care

KI :

I agree. Some things need to be left to imagination too. Take care


I am glad you liked these. Will try to post some more after little serious ones. Take care

Tabitha said...

Nice Post Uncle....I love June one of my favorite month's of the year...Interesting tactic adopted by the man " Walk when Angry"

♥ Dip ♥ said...

lol.. the walk one was very funny.. and the last one too..

good idea to keep husband in shape!

Jack said...


It is my pleasure to make you have little laugh. Take care


I am glad you enjoyed some of them. Take care

Vandita said...

hehee! esp the last one ;)