Thursday, May 21, 2009

Educated Illiterates

This incident happened more than a year ago and I had put a post in my o3 space. I still find similar happeinings. So I updated it and am putting it up for your views.
I was on my way to a meeting when I realised that I forgot the gift in my office which was meant for the person I was to meet. It was his birthday. As I was barely making it in time, I decided to buy one from market on the way. I could not find parking space in front of shop I wanted to visit, so I parked in proper place a few shops away and dashed to other side of the road to do the needful. On way back I saw that someone had parked car right behind mine. It took me sometime to cross the busy road and on reaching my car I found a smartly dressed lady occupying front passanger seat. I requested her to move the car as I was in hurry. She looked at me as if I had made some indecent proposal. She just uttered her husband had parked the car only for TWO MINUTES as he had gone to ATM for cash. I looked at the ATM and saw that 3 persons were waiting in the queue. I again requested her if she could move the car as I was in hurry. Her reply was “ Can't you have patience and wait.”. I had no option but to wait. After nearly ten minutes a well dressed youngman returned and got into the car without even bothering to acknowledge that I was waiting for him to move the car. I had seen him watching me and he was last in the queue. Of course, I was late for the meeting and had to face ire of that elderly person who was a stickler for punctuality. This reminded me how often have I seen in our residential complex cars parked haphazardly and at times blocking someone from taking his or her car out.
This set me thinking how often do we face such uncalled for and impolite situations. I remembered few of them which I will share with you all.
You are in peak hour fast moving heavy traffic trying to make it in time to your destination and person in front of you is driving very slow. You have no option but to follow as traffic does not let you overtake. On seeing carefully you find that person is talking on mobile. This continues for a couple of kilometers without that person moving out of traffic to park and talk or to curtail talkng. I always maintain that mobiles are for communication and not conversation.
You are in heavy traffic moving at within limits high speed, keeping pace while sticking to correct lane. Person behind you starts honking and flickering lights for you to give way. There is no way for you to do so as the traffic is congested but that person persists on doing it. And it is not an Ambulance nor has turn indicators flickering showing emergency. All you can see in your rear view mirror is that the person driving the car behind you is young.
You are at traffic lights and waiting to turn right. You stay in correct lane, say second from right as the markers indicate so. When lights turn green and you find that a person in fourth lane from right executes a U turn upsetting movement of all those who were waiting to turn right in corrcet manner.
You commence taking permitted U turn at a crossing when traffic light turns green. You get blocked by vehicle which comes from the road on right and takes left turn being fully aware that he can do so later once those taking U turn on green signal have cleared off.
The lesser said about blaring music from car music system better it is as it would take many pages to tell all.
I have a very simple thumb rule for polite driving – You are not right if someone has to apply brakes due to your driving.
You are standing at a shop counter waiting for you turn and suddenly a nicely dressed person jostles you around without even saying “ excuse me “ to reach counterstaff.
You are walking your dog on leash and suddenly another pet dog charges at you as it in not on leash. You take all steps to avoid dogfight or being bitten. On looking you find that owner, a well to do person little distance away calling out to dog without making effort to rush. And on reaching close just moves on with dog following without even offering regrets.
This list is endless. I am sure that you all must have face such situations. I have used word person as it indicates both genders.
What does it show? We are becoming EDUCATED ILLITERATES. There is no respects for values. Who is to blame? We all, as we accept all this nonsense. Does our education system include lessons on values or how to live in a cultured society? Do we teach our children about values? I shudder to think what we are heading for. May God bless us all.
I am now looking forward to your comments.


Sonal Arora said...

aww...Everyone of us must have faced something or the other like this...and especially these people who just bash into you and those people who do not follow traffic rules...well whatsoever...mistakes people make...."Sorry", "please", "excuse me", "Thank you" are the golden words one must always is a fast moving world..Sometimes, we do make little or big mistakes, we must be responsible for our actions..and respect everyone's time.

Sakshi said...

Its often said- That polite words and polite manners are disappearing in our 'civilized' society, where status is not defined by the kind of person you are, but by the amount of money that you have, the car that you drive.
Its not the tongue.. but the money that speaks. Unfortunately, its only getting worse with the younger generation, wherein, their high society schools and cars.. and bodyguards... decide whether to be polite or not. Being rude and rash has become the new fashion... and I hope that it goes out of fashion soon...!!! Oh, and not to forget- That all those who are polite... are laughed on upon...

Anonymous said...

The title is so apt..

thre r very youngsters who respect senior citizens.. just a handful of them..

U r right..our curriculum doesnt include lessons on humanity..v first need to become better human beings than better entrepreneurs

ash89 said...

These things happen so often. The real reason being that we have lost respect for each other...

Keshi said...

I so know wut u mean!

** On looking you find that owner, a well to do person little distance away calling out to dog without making effort to rush. And on reaching close just moves on with dog following without even offering regrets.

LOL I hv experienced that but Im not that scared of dogs, unless they look very it's ok :) Prolly the owner knows the dog is friendly or dun attack ppl?


Tabitha said...

Dear Uncle

Though I dont drive I totally understand your point of view... People are so careless on the road...Attitude Sucks Big Time !!!

Jack said...


You are right that we all make mistakes but putting someone to discomfort deliberately is not a mistake. If it is unintentional we should be polite to apologise as you suggested. Take care


I agree with you that it is MONEY, earned legally or ilegally, which intoxicates these persons. Hope realisation dawns soon that money is not everything but politeness is. Take care


Our education system must include teaching of values right from entry level when young minds are impressionable. You are right - we first need to become better human beings than better entrepreneurs. Take care


We can start by trying to inculcate value of respect for others in youngsters who are close to us. Take care


I believe " Bigger the dog friendlier it is ". But do our two pawed companions understand that? You must have seen their photographs in my post here. They want to prove their oneupmanship. I have tough time trying to avoid dogfight. Take care


Yes, it is the attitude which is so rude or arrogant and it hurts one to see youngsters indulging it such behaviour. Take care

D said...

I have faced that thing about dogs being taken out for walks WITHOUT a leash!

me and mom had taken chicklets out for walk and this couple was walking and suddenly their BIG dog came so close to us and both the dogs started barking and fighting with each other. and that couple was so nonchalant about it... such careless people!!! thank God no one got hurt but it was a scary experience.

after that incident, i spotted that same dog walking without a leash again. some people just dont learn


people should not just learn how to drive, they should go through learning the entire driving etiquette! those things you mentioned are very annoying... i would hate to wait around behind a car whose owner is busy talkin on his cellphone..

nups said...

hi Jack
yup u r right we all r educated illiterates... we have no ,manners left.. we educated our kids n send them to posh schools... forgeting we learn at home n the lessons best learnt are frm wa t we observe our seniors do...
well lets stick to our guns n let the world by setting n example..
so dear friend how have u been... longtime...

Jack said...

D :

It is so annoying, isn't it? Yes, some people never learn to be civilised. Take care


That is it. Let us all try to teach manners to youngsters whom we can. Take care

Keshi said...

HAHA ok u hv a point there!


geeta banati said...

Very true...We are living in the so called "civilized society"..but we all need some lessons on social behaviour,humanity,etiquettes...(since they are disappearing )will visit regularly now.waiting for your next post.

sorry for the late comment since I was travelling from past few days...

Jack said...


Thanks. You got it. Take care


Thanks for encouraging comments. I am formating one and will post it soon. Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

Thank You So Much.
Your comments are really inspiring. Lets see if i write again. I just gave it a try. I don't really write stories. :)

Sonal Arora said...

i wanna talk to u

Keshi said...

hey Jack come n check out Sri Lanka!


Jack said...


You write well. Keep it up and it will make you famous. Take care


Kindly send me a mail on my id in profile or to enable me to give my number. Take care


Will do just after this. Take care

Librangirl said...

I've encountered many. People dont utter a word like 'sorry' even though the're aware of their doings. Things have changed. Probably its the young generation who has to take a lead now.True but sad that we've lost respect for our fellow human beings & have forgotten to be considerate.

Jack said...


Thanks for your visit here. Please keep visiting.

We need to bring back the old culture of politeness and respect for elders.

Take care

Amrita said...

Seriously, such people are a test of all goodness left. It is a nightmare to deal with such people. And I wonder if a social service like system as it is in the US would help us in rectifying such behaviour. Anyone who is errant should be made to do social service like spend time with children and teach them traffic rules or be made to stand at junction s holding road safety tasks or having to take good care of the whole colony's pets for a week.

mudita said...

Values and respect for elders is not something that is taught in schools like History, Chemistry subjects. One imbibes values by watching the behaviour of elders around us. It says something of the rot in our society if our children are not imbibing these values and this respect for us.These days parents teach children to give an eye for an eye in order to survive.Would you then expect these children to follow any rules when they grow up. Being respectful, waiting for your turn in a queue, not jumping the red light, not driving aggresively are all perceived to be signs of being a "loser". And that is my grouse against society! The only decent folk I find are in blogosphere. Is that a coincidence or what! Mudita

Ketan said...


I share your disillusionment at how most of the people around us are. And yes, you've also very rightly pointed out how the deficiency lies somewhere with our education system.

Our education system has just become an arena to decide 'winners' to revere, and 'losers' to scoff at.

BTW, I'm very impressen with your thought processes and their manner of expression alike, and therefore, am blogrolling you. :)


Vandita said...

Happens all the time...
A recent incident I would like to share, Dad and I were driving back home and there was this shiny Honda City in front of us...firstly this person decided to display his ownership of the road by not lettin anyone get ahead and then to absolutely bug the hell outta me the co-driver started throwing stuff on the road. It happened not one but five times: empty coffee glass, chips packet, biscuit packet, bisleri bottle..
Absolutely disguisting!