Friday, May 15, 2009

For A Few Laughs

I have been writing on topics which are on the serious side. So this time I thought let me write something light to make you have little laugh. Here is a collection of some jokes which I am sure would bring a smile to your face if not make you laugh outright.

In a small town there was a fair. In one of the events participants displayed their strength. One strong looking man took a lemon, cut it into two and squeezed almost 1/4th glass full of juice. Then he challenged the audience that if anyone could get another drop out of it he would be his pupil for the rest of his life. One puny looking man walked upto the stage and took up the challenge. All present laughed at his audacity. He took lemon peels one by one and lo behold squeezed almost same amount of juice again. Everyone was surprised. The strong man was shocked. He asked puny one what is his profession. The reply was “ I am an Income Tax Officer “.

After hectic work in office two women, one redhead and other blonde, were relaxing over steaming cups of coffee. TV was showing news in which a man was standing on ledge of fourth floor and was ready to jump down. The redhead told blonde that she would bet that the man would jump. The bet was settled for 25 dollars. The man jumped after few minutes. The blonde took out wallet to give money. The redhead told her to forget it as she would feel guilty taking the money because she had seen the same news at 2 pm telecast. The blonde replied “ It is ok. I also saw it but thought he would not jump this time “.

A man was hauled up in the court for banging his car at a crossing while overtaking from left side the car ahead driven by a woman which turned left. His defence was that woman had extended her hand fully outside towards right thus indicating she was turning right so he started overtaking her from left and she suddenly turned left. On this she said “ Oh, that. I was just drying nail polish on my right hand “.

A young couple took a month long sea voyage for belated honeymoon. A day prior to their return to mother port the husband told his wife that purser ( who generally is second important officer on ship ) is a big brag. On being asked he told that purser was boasting in the bar that during this voyage he has slept with every female on voyage except one. The wife said “ Oh, that must be the old biddy in cabin 7 “.

Well, that is it. Why not you too take it up as tag and share some good jokes?


D said...

hehe liked the news one.."i thought h won't jump this time"


Jack said...


Why don't you take it up and let us have some nice jokes?

Take care

Tabitha said...

He he he he...I like the income tax joke...So true!!!

Jack said...


I am glad you enjoyed it. Now your turn, OK?

Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

This post was fun!
Agree with D. the news one was fun. and the nail polish drying :)
I'm so glad you liked my post. Your comments are really inspiring!
Take care :)

Dewdrop said...

:) All smiles

Sakshi said...

good ones... :)

Sonal Arora said...

i like themm all...a good attempt to mk us all smile

Jack said...


I am glad you all enjoyed them. May I look for some good ones from you all in near future?

I have a serious one lined up which I will post in another 2 or 3days.

Take care

geeta banati said...

Hi!! there
You really need a dose of laughter after some serious notes....They were really good ones...I think I should also gear up to give some laughter dose in a day or two....
Take care

Jack said...


Thanks. Looking forward to light one from your side.

Take care

Keshi said...

LOL Jack!


Anonymous said...

Very funny! :D

I have a favour to ask, can I mail you? Need some advice from you.

Jack said...


We all need some lighter moments in life, isn't it? I am glad you liked it. Take care

KI :

I am glad you liked it. Come on now, you donot have to be so formal. Go ahead and write. Hope I can do justice to confidence reposed. Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

Can't wait for your next post :)

WarmSunshine said...

hehe thanks for the laughs :)

Jack said...


I am giving finishing touches and will post it tomorrow. Take care


You are most welcome. You made my day by this visit. Hope you saw my comment on your post. Take care

Vandita said...