Monday, November 14, 2011


I am struck so numb and speechless by what a very prominent, intelligent, highly educated and role model for many youngsters has suggested which amounts to - if a criminal activity cannot be curbed or controlled, it be legalized and given a fancy name. And there are some takers for this. May I have audacity to ask them should we not legalize RAPE too as that too seems difficult to curb or control and what he suggested for legalization is nothing short of Rape of our Nation?

PS : This has been necessitated after first 2 comments as I felt that the main issue may escape memory. Suggestion was made to legalize CORRUPTION and a fancy name, something like hastening fee for work, was suggested for it.


Kanupriya said...

Who was this role model???

Neha said...

What is this about, Jack uncle? I seem to be lagging behind in all matters related to general affairs these days :(

sulagna ™ said...

ya.jack uncle whom are we talking about..i know you probably will not eb able to write the name but do drop me a mail .

PS: i think i deleted your diwali greeting in a hurry by mistake..pls pls i am really sorry and even worse because i can not find it in any other folder.please accept my apologies :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Who is this u r talking abt Uncle J?

Movingcloud said...
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Movingcloud said...

Hello Jack!

His idea about legalizing corruption is not complete without saying 'Legalizing Only Paying Bribe' not entire give & take.

If a person accepts bribe he is punishable.

The suggestion has sarcasm, wherein its accepting the fact that things in India aren't moving without paying bribe at all.

If you dont pay the bribe your work is highly impacted & paying bribe is illegal or if payee succumbs he may be booked for the offence as well.

Imagine corporates announcing in their annual reports - We have paid so many crores for a babu in this dept & we have paid so much for another politician etc for they wont do their work normally...

Its his frustration that he put it like that saying only legalizing bribe giving is left, for companies to work in a competitive world....

Am in the same field & was in the same company before.. we keep hearing so & so asked so much bribe for so & so proj. After 3 months some company would get the same project for higher cost & lower quality bcos you know they 'paid him'...

Btw am not supporting the idea of legalizing corruption..

Mannu said...

Work Hastening Fees ! He has a point, uncle Jack. U see, in case of Passport making, there is one system of "Tatkal" which has higher charges than normal route of 2 months, which in a sense is 'legalisation of corruption'. Problme and irony and funny part is __ even in 'Tatkal', the passport gets delayed unless u "bribe" him. ! So the other young man, (myself being first one:p) loses the strength of his argument, although not the truth of it.
Same applies in Train 'Tatkal' services.
In short, we should conclude that bribe is something which has to be necessarily 'il-legally' paid..and if u make bribe 'legal' by any form and make-over, it loses it's charm.
Just as sex is pleasure as long as it is secret and amorous. After marriage, couples lose interest.
Rape is forceful and only the victim has right to claim f it different from a consensual sex. Maybe then, lesson is that let 'monetary exchanges', a la Bribe, happen, but still have a panel to adjudge the event should any person, a la the victim, rise up to put his claim that it is Corruption.
Important point will be-- 1) To have an Institution to adjudg the claim. 2) the instituion should work fairly, and itself not become subject to 'monetary exchanges'. 3) Adjudging of claims for the cases when third party has risen it who has suffered his interest his the monetary exchange. (in Carnal descriptives, it is like a spouse making claim of cheating, an Adultry).

Quite a lesson and analogy to understand the Corruption ! Good work.!:-)

Harman said...

its SaD!
its like when you cant beat them join them
dats what it is meant!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Before legalizing and giving fancy names one must work on his own attitude.. its not the legal problem but the attitude differences create all the rubbish stuff..

Sakshi said...

Uncle detailed post. Please. Thanks!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Oh yes, i too was taken aback after reading about the hastening fee!!! Well said! can't curb it, legalize it! :D


Jack said...


A few days ago it was in ToI telling of one member of India Inc making such statement and again on 14 Nov it was repeated naming Mr Adi Godrej backing suggestion of Mr Kaushik Basu, Chief Economic Adviser to legalize bribes. He of course put a rider in his backing with maximum limit. I have scanned this news but have not been able to paste it in my post for you all to read it. Take care


Please read what I told Kanupriya above. Take care


I have told Kanupriya above who it was. You may read that. Take care


Please read my reply to Kanupriya above. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. I do not think it was said in that speech that takers will be punished. If he meant it as sarcastic remark on inefficiency of Government to curb corruption, it is well said but if it is in serious note, well then I stick to what I said. I too have had enough exposure in corporates and have been able to avoid it most of the times. I would have welcomed if he had said " LET US ALL FROM BIG HOUSES TAKE A PLEDGE NOT TO PAY BRIBES TO GET ANY WORK DONE NO MATTER EVEN IF IT MEANS WE STAND TO LOSE A CONTRACT OR ANYTHING. WE SHOULD NOT LET OUR COMPETITION LEAD TO THIS CANCER. Take care


TATKAL service is on paying higher fee officially and that does not go into the pocket of concerned BABU. Even in that there are greedy BABUs who will ask for MITHAI. What you say by forming an institution to adjudge if it is corruption or not amounts to saying that IF RAPE IS COMMITTED WITHOUT MUCH OF VIOLENCE IT MAY NOT BE CALLED RAPE. Please read my reply to Movingcloud above. Take care


Yes, unfortunately that is what it seems to convey. So if you can not stop a rapist from what he is doing, should one join him in the act? Take care


Rightly said. It is our attitude which needs change. We have to get over this thinking MY WORK IS WHAT I AM WORRIED ABOUT AND HOW I HAVE IT DONE IS MY BUSINESS. HELL WITH OTHERS AND RIGHT PRINCIPLES. Take care

Jack said...


Please read what I told Kanupriya above and also do read what I replied to Movingcloud, Manu and Pramoda. Take care


Shocking, isn't it? Are you supporting it or against it? Please do read what I replied to Movingcloud and Mannu above. Take care

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

This is outrageous !
If you call it "hastening fee for work", then what is their salary for ??!!!!

And soon, the ones who pay a higher fee will get work done, and thsoe who pay lower, not get things done ... so, where is the limit then ???!!!!

Here is a video which speak on exactly why we should stop corruption ::

its 15 min video, and has subtitles too

Jack said...


Thanks for such strong support. Could not see the video as link does not seem to take me there. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

Thr mail problem with corruption is that more than 60% of corruption is mutual.
Giver n taker both r comfortable in happy.

As a result no matter wat u do.. its almost impossible to eradicate it.
Legalizing it wont help rather it will make it more mess.

Jack said...


As they say " Where there is will there is way." If we really wish to do something about it then it can be done. I have ideas on ways but will any government be willing as vote bank is what is in mind. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

that is where all efforts fail...
policymakers are too busy in serving party n personal interests.

they need to rise above from that, but that looks like impossible 4 them.

Jack said...


Very true. It is almost impossible as no one is willing to bell the cat which feeds them with needed funds.

Take care