Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am not able to find suitable words to say as to how proud I felt by the solidarity shown by persons from all walks of life to Anna Hazare for his efforts to make India corruption free. Those in power recognized the people’s power and first step has been taken to enact law to ensure that those who rob our Nation will be brought to book. I hope and pray that no hitch comes in the way now as there are plenty of those who would like to see this effort scuttled.

Having said that let me now come to what I have in my mind to say in my humble way to ensure corruption free India.

Let us all take a vow that we will not bribe to :

a) avoid getting challaned by traffic police.

b) have our complaint registered at whichever agency it may be.

c) get our file traced or pushed to have our request considered.

d) influence favourable disposable of our case by whatever means.

e) have our tender passed.

f) ensure procurement of our material by Purchase staff of production companies.

g) get OK report from inspection teams

If we all can sincerely do this, I think we AAM AADMI can curb corruption as when there is NO OFFER , how can there be DEMAND. I know all of us will face hard times but in my thinking that is the only way. There is no GAIN without PAIN.


Kanupriya said...

Well said NG, if all of us will take care of ethics and right things to do at our end, maybe we will reduce the corruption someday. Curbing or eliminating it totally is something which might not be possible in immediate future but I\if none of us would give bribe or take illegal routes, then I'm sure askers wont have any other option than to do our work the legal way.

sulagna ™ said...

how true , a little can go a long way :)

Starry-eyed nut said...

I agree, it begins with us.
We were getting Poppins passport made last month and post submission of the papers we received a message from the Haryana Commissioners’ office, citing that at any point of time if anyone asks for money please report on this number.
And sure enough through the police verification no one asked us for a penny. A very refreshing change from the usual requests for "chai paani."

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Uncle, u said it! I also wrote about it,in "corrup me, nah!" post that we must first stop trying to bribe.

We forget that we too are a party to all that's happening.

U brought out some practical points... we must must follow them as far as possible.


Sanjana said...

Rightly said! If we really want a change, firstly we shall change ourselves and our mind set, I know it could be little difficult but these small steps can really save our nation from a demon called corruption.

Sach! said...

and also not pay bribe to police personal when he comes for address verification after you apply for a passport!
and and that corrupt disgusting looking police wala standing at airport when you leave the airpiort after custom check waiting to ask you ek hara note hai kya :x

I choose not to pay-a-bribe no matter what! :) And I am proud of the fact that I never did.

And yes uncle, it was such a beautiful feeling.. even here in US people had this awesome proof to show they support things in India; no matter where they are, they are still INDIANS!

Tanvi said...

Well said Uncle!! Hopefully we will get there (sooner) ... world without bribe!

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Harman said...

yes..we can do it,,its not impossible ...and life would be so much simpler.

Sonshu said...

Go Anna Hazare, he made a change, we've gotta keep up with it! :)

Wonderfully said! :)

Jack said...


That is what I tried to convey. We should start inculcating ethics from childhood by example and narrating morale ending tales. Take care


Yes, little by little one can achieve big goals. Take care


You emphasised the point very well. Take care

Jack said...


Though I had this in my mind for a long time as we all crib while paying without realising that we are party to it, your post was an inspiration to take it up further. Take care


Very true. If we wish change, we ought to start with ourselves. Take care


You brought out another point. I feel so happy that you do not indulge in this. God bless you. Take care

Jack said...


I do not mind if it takes a little time but reach there we must. We need to take our first step soon. Take care


Difficult but surely not impossible. Let us face little hardship in the beginning but the goal is so attractive that we should not mind it. Take care


Yes, he made the change and let us carry forward from our side too. Take care

♥ Duchess ♥ said...

future is in our hands...
anna hazare is the best example ...if he alone can do it...we all can

Purba said...

I agree that it should start with us refusing to take an easy way out.

But like a friend said, assure me that my work will get done and I will not pay a bribe. For most of us it is as a last resort, out of sheer helplessness.

Being Pramoda... said...

No gain without pain and its very much true too:)

U mentioned some every important points which we often neglect. we shall implement these..;)

Good post uncle..;)

Jack said...


Why should we not? We must contribute our share. Btw I am unable to open your space as the moment it opens there is a pop up saying internet can not open this site and off it goes. Please check. Take care


That is what we need, to get over that feeling of helplessness and succumb to temptation of getting our work done by greasing palms. If we all join in this ANDOLAN not to give bribes, things will change after sometime. We have to face rough weather in the beginning. Take care


Yes, we all must stop giving bribes. That is the way to route out corruption. Take care

Vinnie said...

rightly put...i take a vow now after reading ur post but what if i get tempted at the moment of truth?? thats a question i kept asking myself during the Jan Lokpal bill peaceful strike.

till date, i have been paying fines n standing in queues, never thought about bribes or cutting rules...just when i started thinking that i should get practical in life, along comes this people's movement bringing in a new wave of HOPE:)
So Uncle, I promise to take the vow!

P.S. do have a look here http://prasantnaidu.posterous.com/tag/corruption

Noor-ul-ain Hanif said...

Sir, you've highlighted very valid points. Our future is in our hand!

Jack said...


I am glad that you have not succumed to this till date. Be strong and you never will. Take care


It is in the hands of citizens of any nation to live with dignity without any fears. Take care

Gayu said...

Thought provoking post uncle. I agree its we who can curb corruption.

When we shifted to our new house, we had to trans fer the Gas connection to the new address. Also we had connection to only one cylinder. I visited Bharat Gas office and enquired about the availability of one more cylinder. The official there said that there is a shortage in cylinder supply, so it will take some time. I agreed and filled up the form. However the official sitting next to him said that if i pay Rs5000 extra i can get the connection immediately.

I wondered, if there was shortage, how come they could arrange for a cylinder. I refused to pay the money...I know i was at loss and got the connection after 6 months. There were many people who said that I should have given them the money.

What is your opinion???


Jack said...


BRAVO. You did the right thing. Yes, you faced hard time but you made your contribution to Corruption Free India. You conscinece is clear. May we have more people like you. God bless you.

Take care

PS : Visited your space a little while ago.

Gayu said...

Thank you uncle...
Ur comments keep me going!!!!!

Howz the heat in Delhi???


Jack said...


Just remember I will be there whenever you need. It is building up but still bearable though we have started using AC at night and in car. Take care

Jyoti Mishra said...

This is something is really needed to eradicate corruption from its root level. Common man should start it. No policies, laws and groups can do it unless the general people feels to remove it by their trivial efforts.
This is what really counts.

Jack said...


Thanks for supportive comments. If we can influence even 4 or 5 more persons for desisting from offering bribe and they in turn can do the same, I think chain reaction will start to curb corruption.

Take care