Saturday, March 5, 2011


Lately there has been a lot of talk about black money stashed away in foreign accounts. A lot of noise is made by many righteous sounding persons but I have my serious doubts if anything tangible will come out of this uproar. Why talk about funds abroad, how about within the country? Two news items make me say this. One is about unaccounted cash including foreign having been found in a religious place and second about Rs 100 crore wedding.

The first instance should make all of us wonder about accountability of religious institutes. I know we do not wish to hurt religious feelings as we all feel that being religious absolves us from all sins but should we not also take a practical view without any bias? Lot of offerings are made at even small places but is there any proper track of that being kept? Is there any audit like that of corporate accounts? Do they take cash or kind offerings on charge at close of everyday and account for the same? Is someone responsible to authenticate it? Is there a foolproof method of spending it for right causes? Are we sure that part of it does not find way into wrong hands for unwanted activities?

In second instance it has been reported that Rs 100 crore is being spent for a wedding. It is all very fine as it would definitely give profit to many involved parties related to work for it. But what comes to my mind is that to have that much of amount one needs to have made profit of at least 1 ½ times of this amount to have saved this much after paying Income Tax etc. Is there a check on this? And is it not just a vain show off? For half of that amount I could have for all the years to come in future ensured imparting vocational training in different skills every year to more than 4000 youngsters from underprivileged class to make them self reliant. And then we talk of unjust society.


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle,

Thats rightly thought of..

Inside the country lot many things have been happening on the back stage and ppl are crying abt the black money ..!!

Hmm.. corruption free india is still long way to go..:(

Hw r u uncle?.. hpe eveyhting is fine at your end ..

:).. k uncle, take care..

Alka Gurha said...

Power rules...Its unfortunate.You have touched a very valid point here. About accountability of religious institutions...I wonder if IT officials are after the MP who gifted a helicopter to his son in law..or is the common man always the target?

Amrita said...

Talking is the easiest thing that can be done is nt it? So there we go. Doing the easiest thing.
I think because money is the scarce resource in developing countries people who have it make a pomp and show of it. Like family bonding is a bit scarce in western civilisation, people who have it make a show of it (I am not being racist here, just my thought) In India, since our culture itself upholds a close knit family, we dont have a show of it to others.
Its just a case of having a superiority complex, when you have lots more of a thing that the common man on the street does nt.
I think i am deviating from the topic here, i just feel if there were concerted efforts at eradicating the differences by both govt methods and social awareness, a lot could be solved. But then thats the dream!

Harish said...

money stored without a purpose is having the value of the paper in which it is printed.

meerasrajan said...

So true! Whenever I see the crowds in a jewellery shop I always wonder where the poor are in this country!! But we as a nation take pride in blowing money - sad isn't it?

suruchi said...

we don't talk of an "unjust society" uncle jack...we have stopped bothering about it...somethings would never change i guess..sad facts of life.

if only we could direct the money rightly...India would be so much of a better place to live in...n i'd be way more prouder of being an Indian..though i already am very:-)

Jack said...


I am so glad that you could find time to visit. Till we can exercise our voting right judiciously this sort of situation will continue. And for voter to do so, it is must that he or she is educated. So let us try to spread education. Take care


I have serious doubts if those who can do something about it will ever do so. Take care


Right you are. We talk but when it comes to action, we draw back. If we use our vote properly we can ensure that those who come to power know that we expect them to deliver. And for that education of masses is starting point. We should see that education is spread to all. Take care


Welcome to my space. I agree that one should not hoard money but should we use it for show off or put it to use for benefit of not only self but society too? Take care


Welcome to my space. It is pity that those who have it do not think about how they use it. I am not advocating that they should give charity but suggest the they should try to do their bit as duty to society too. Take care


How I wish that DREAM comes true! And it is not difficult if we can ensure accountibility of those in power by using our right to vote with proper application of mind and not on religion, region or caste basis. That situation will definitely make persons like you and me much more proud. Take care

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hello! It's a sorry state. We as citizens almost feel so powerless, that we just want to avoid such topics, because we can only talk about it, and can't do much... Its sad.

Jack said...


It does seem so but if we can manage to inculcate habit in our close ones to exercise their voting rights judiciously and to spread the same it will be a beginning. When we talk of Government we must keep in mind that it is we who have put them in a position to govern us.

Take care