Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been writing here for almost 2 years now. Before that I was writing at o3.indiatimes site. I still post there too, if I can navigate to that space. Lately some of my friends here have expressed if what I write is true incidents or fiction. I would like to clarify that to all my dear friends here. The title of my space is “ Sharing Thoughts and Experiences”. Well, that is what I do. I write posts based on my experience in life, working period of about 41 years in different organisations and earlier during student time. My first exposure to the realities of life was when I was about 5 or so. I saw a train accident as a small culvert had been washed away due to floods caused by heavy rains and selfless help rendered by so many persons as well as apathy shown by some. So I narrate incidents which I have been witness to with little padding up. Some are based on what is narrated by close friends. Mostly it is former. Those are the ones where I give names of involved persons, though changed ones. Then I write what my thoughts are, like posts – For A Happy Married Life in 3 parts, What Makes A Marriage or Relationship Happy and Healthy to name a few. My only fiction has been Darkness At Noon but that too was on realistic mode. Of course I am not talking of Tags or Humour posts.

Enough of clarifications, now for some fun :

A blonde came home elated and told her roommate that she was with her boyfriend when he visited ATM and she got to know the password of his ATM card. On being asked what was it, she told , “ It is ********.”

This one is related by my grandfather who was a Headmaster. There was a visit by Inspector of Schools and he showed desire to visit class rooms. In one of the classes he asked the students if anyone could tell how old he was. Up went one hand. My grandfather, who was with the Inspector, was worried as the student who raised his hand was very naughty. On being asked he told, “ Sir, you are 40 years old.” The Inspector showed surprise and said, “ Very correct.” He gave that boy pat on his back. Later my grandfather asked that student as to how did he guess it correctly. The student replied, “ Sir, in our village we have a mad person who asks stupid questions and he is 20. The question asked by Inspector Sahib was double stupid so I thought he must be 40.”

3 Priests were chit chatting and one of them said that whatever money is offered to the deity, he puts half for deity and takes the rest for himself. Second one said that he draws a line close to deity and throws the money towards deity, whatever crosses the line is for deity and rest for him. The third one said, “ You are fools. I throw the money up and whatever deity wants He keeps and rest falls back for me.”

Little Jimmy was admonished by his teacher many times not to count on finger while replying to addition sums. One day she asked what was 5 plus 5. She saw Jimmy counting on finger. So she told him to put his hands in pockets and then do the sum. Jimmy put his hands in pockets and after a while he replied, “ 11.”

A lady had employed new driver. One days she had to go for a meeting. She was aghast that the driver kept blowing horn most of the time. While returning she told him that she would drive. She thought that she would not use horn at all and then advise the driver. When she got off the car at home and before she could say anything the driver said, “ Madam, you drive so nicely but don’t you feel horny?”

A farmer was sitting on the porch enjoying cake when he saw a rooster chasing a hen. As they passed him, he threw some crumbs. The rooster stopped to eat. The farmer looked towards heaven and prayed, “ O God! Please do not make me that hungry ever.”


Raj said...

lmao. mighty funny sir :)

Sakshi said...

Totally Funny :)

Crazy Diamond said...

haaahaaa ATM hahahaa

Jigyasa said...

Good ones.....esp the ATM & the farmer!!Hehe...

rohini said...

oh so nice sir.....all were just brilliant....
it was not Some but a Huge laughter...:()

suruchi said...

Hi Jack...
I like the fact how u bring in humour after every couple of your serious posts!
Adds some colour to the gray shades!
Anyone who reads you clearly would understand that u relate experiences from everyday life that occur around u!

However your brilliant narration might sometimes confuse one..yet a discering eye should know!
Anyways ...cheers to ur 41 years of experience...the depth as well as the springing of life in u!:-)

Sonshu said...

EPIC funnyyy-ness! :P lol.

Jack said...


I am glad you found these worth a laugh. Take care


Thanks, hope it did make your drab day in court bearable. Take care

C D :

I would always like to see you laughing like this. Take care


You do have a good sense of humour. May God bless you with happiness always. Take care


It gives a good sense of satisfaction that you found these good for a huge laughter. Take care


I am so grateful for your support. How is everything with you all? When do I meet Seeya? Take care


It is so good to see you having a good laugh. May you always have laughter in your life. Take care

Rashi said...

:)laughter riot !

Komal Ali said...

:) That was a good laugh.

I always crack up at the blonde jokes. :P

EM said...

good morning uncle!

hope this day finds you well :)


Jack said...


Nice to see you. I am glad you had a good laugh. Have you written anything new? I was out of station, so am lagging in my visits. Take care


They make a good subject for jokes, I do not know if they are relly that dim witted. Take care

E M :

I am grateful for your concern. I have been absent for few days as I had to go out of station for some family commitments. Take care

Cherry Blossom said...

Hello uncle,a versatile writer is the one who can handle various topics in a coherent and harmonious manner and you have proved yourself to be one. Very light and amazing humorous instances, well-written.

Gauri said...

:) I finally had the time to drop by here ...and what a delight it was. Thanks for giving me reason to go lol lol lol this Monday Morning :)

Jack said...

C B :

Thanks for such encouraging comments. I visited your posts but could not comment as I was not feeling right flow of thoughts. I will be back soon. Take care


I am glad to see you here and having good laugh. Hope you have read my older serious posts too, I look forward to your views on those too. Take care

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