Sunday, March 14, 2010


Amrita and then Sakshi had tagged me some time ago. I am taking up Amrita’s tag first and Sakshi’s will follow soon.

1. A writeup on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless :
Once in 1984 I and my staff were coming back late in the evening from Poonch to Rajouri in jeep. The water level in the river just out of Poonch was little high and at one point it splashed onto jeep engine. The vehicle started missing from then onwards but we continued hoping to reach destination. After some distance the engine stopped and would not start. It was at an isolated place in the hills with forest all around. It had become quite dark by then. Few vehicles passed by but none stopped even at our signaling. After a long time another jeep coming from opposite direction stopped even without our giving any signal. It was an Army vehicle. The gentleman who came to us was a foreigner and in uniform of an officer belonging to UN forces. On hearing what was the problem, he got our jeep towed back to the nearest habitation on his way. We could get shelter there and move in the morning after getting our jeep rectified. We could not even thank him as he moved off soon after leaving us at that place. I was speechless as it set me thinking would I have stopped to help an unknown person at that isolated spot in the night knowing the history of that area that time.

2. Indebted to someone lifelong..who??
My parents. My mother who had been source of encouragement and father who gave me freedom to do my own thing.

3. Want to say "sorry" to someone..who???

My children. I have given them full support for whatever education they wished for and reasonably decent life along with freedom without any strict monitoring except I told them not to do anything which makes us feel ashamed. Even now I am there for whatever they need me for, even financially from whatever meager resources I have but I feel sad as I will not leave any materialistic thing for them.
4. Want to say "thank you" to someone ..who??

My wife. She has been with me through thick and thin even when I had been unreasonable.

5. And whats your most cherished possession till date??

I may seem melodramatic but I am very emotional about 2 Swans and 2 Floral beautiful embroideries made by my grandmother before I was born. Other than that reputation and friends’ faith I enjoyed during my career, even now also.
6. A special moment in life which brings along a smile every time you think of it.
When I held our few hours old daughter and later few hours old son in my arms. Thereafter their children when they too were tiny, few hours old flashing old memories in my mind.

Ab meri baari to tag a few folks : -All those who like my ramblings and would like to share their memories.


ki said...

So sweet! You remind me of my dad in law in this post! :)

ki said...

Di said...

Aww very sweet post :) hug

Amrita said...

Thanks for doing the tag Jack, and it was a very nice read

Being Pramoda... said...

Hello uncle...
hwo r u?? hope evrything is fine with u ..:)

I was soo moved while reading the post.. hats off to ur parents and ur wife..

Dont be sorry, its ok..:)

Any wayss.. i wanna read ur previous post with full concentration, read the title, felt interesting .. will come back..:)

take care uncle...

Jigyasa said...

This is lovely!! And I am sure your children won't be happy to read this sorry thing.....and then the nicest lessons of life are priceless and they are always the best- parents can forward :-)

So stay smiling Uncle J :-)

Escapist said...

That's a kind of yummy piece.....

Hai can u temme which is the best place to go round in india in the month of july with out goa..i don't want to see mountain,those i see here best..Suggest me some place.


geeta said...

Heart touching post Jack,loved reading it...

Looks like life is going too busy these have not hopped into my blog from so long....I always wait for your precious thoughts on my writings...

Jack said...

KI :

I am so moved. Thanks a lot. I visited both sites. Take care

DI :

God bless you for such show of affection. Take care


I said what is felt by me.
Take care


It is nice to see you here. Looking forward to your views on my other posts too. I visited you and left my comments. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care


Thanks for your advice. I will keep smiling. Take care


I am glad you liked it. There are a number of places which you could visit in July in plains or near sea. May I send it by mail? My id is in my profile. It is post marriage plan, isn't it? Take care


I feel happy that you liked it. It is what I really feel. I have made amends and visited you today. Take care

Ellen said...

Gosh, Jack, it looks like my first comment got lost somewhere in transit Lols! Anyway, I always come to read your new posts. But most times, my friend, your posts are so thought provoking that I continue to think about it forgetting to post any comment lols! :-) And then again I have to wrestle with minor technical glitches with this site too.

I like this tag. You are such a nice sincere humble warm person I can gather from your replies. What I most admire and appreciate is #3. Such a noble endearing quality I so admire. It struck the right chord in my heart - cos I can relate and understand that sentiment very much.

Take care and have a blessed day.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice to hear about u. :)
The point 1 and point 5, I liked the most.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hello Jack,
Good to be back here again, and even better reading your honest replies :)

I too agree that the only people i am ever indebted to are my parents. For me, they my two pillars of strength.

also i don't think you have to be sorry to ur kids..what values u have instilled in them are much more precious than the wealth many families hand down to their kids. it only creates more unhappiness among the siblings in the end.

so keep sharing your thoughts n experiences with us..n i promise to continue reading them :)

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. At times it does get frustrating when one can not post comments or read post properly. One has soft corner for children and would like to do whatever possible. Hope you read the previous post too. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope you do read some of my older posts too. I shall look forward to your views regularly. I will visit your space a s a p. Take care

T -f L :

Nice to see you here and thanks for your encouraging comments. Please do keep visiting. Also do let me have your views on some of my older posts. Take care

Escapist said...

Jack yes---But i cant see your id where i can text you....
yes definitely post marriage...want to go some where near sea..



Hi Jack,you seems to be a man with lots of exprnc in life..readn abt ur exprncs is grt..i m new to blogger so just go through ppls post randomly...really liked ur post nd profile..what were u doin at dat time in rajouri sector were u in army??

Jack said...


Received your mail. I will get back to you in a couple of days as I want to check out places. Take care

B S :

Welcome to my space. I feel highly honoured with your appreciation. Hope you do read my older posts too and give your valuable views. I will visit you soon. I was in Forces alright. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

So sweet :)