Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teaching a child

Our granddaughter had been given assignment for vacations to draw lessons from some incidents in the life of elders. She asked me for some and I narrated 2. I am giving below what this young one of 7 & ½ years typed on my PC :

An Incident in my nana’s life

My nana was in the third standard those days there were wooden slates called takhti one day in the recess my nana forgot his takhti when he reached the school then he remembered that he has forgotten his takhti he said I will make a story when he reached the class the teacher asked where is your takhti my nana told there were some bad boys they took my takhti the teacher asked some other boys who used to go with my nana they said no he did not bring his takhti when the teacher came to the class he asked where is your takhti my nana again made a story the bad boys took my takhti no you are telling a lie have you forgotten your takhti yes I have forgotten my takhti so the teacher made my nana stand out of the class the whole period

Moral : Never tell lie.

An Incident in my nana’s life

When my nana was in sixth standard and when my nana was having holidays and my nana went to his nana and nani house and my nana kept playing the whole day and he could not finish his homework when he went back he tried to finish his homework but he could not finish when he went to school the teacher said you have not finished the homework the teacher gave him two days to complete his homework and my nana had to sit late in the night and do his homework

Moral : One should do work first and play later.

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Sakshi said...

This is SO cute. Two morals being instilled in the young lady by her nana at the most right age.

ash89 said...

aww...that was so sweet!
sorry I havent been regular with my comments...been a bit stressed!

Anonymous said...

It sounds so cuteeee..!..I was enjoying every bit of her writing.!

Pls let her write more of these Guest posts..:)..:)

Convey my wishes to sweetie..!

♥ Dip ♥ said...

Important morals!!!

Rahul Jain said...

Two great and very cute lessons..
like my nana and nani were telling me those stories..

Jack said...


I owe this trait to my Dadi who used to tell me stories with some lessons when I was 4 years or so. Take care


Thanks for visit. Can I be of any help to de-stress you? If you wish to share what is causing it, you may write to me. Take care


I will sure ask her to type some of her thoughts and post here. Thanks for encouraging comments. Take care


I feel it is the duty of us, elders, to instil good values in children at the right age.
Take care


Thanks for leaving your link. I will surely visit you soon. Grandparents not only love little ones more but try to mould their character too. Take care

Keshi said...

Wonderful lessons of life!

I dun lie to others, but sometimes I lie to myself..just to get by :)

**One should do work first and play later.

agree totally! thats why i come to work early, do all the work and then blog later in the day lol!


Tabitha said...

Really Cute.....Children are so innocent!

Pavi!!!! said...

aha! so cute :D

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello..that was a nice read. enjoyed every bit of it and remembered my childhood days as well..

and urs is a very interesting blog..i will keep u updated with my views :)

say hi to ur lovely grand daughter...

this is my link.. hope to see ur reflections on my thoughts there...welcome to my world.

:) keep expressing ..


Jack said...


You are a wise girl. Work first play later. Take care


Yes, children are so innocents and we need to instil good qualities in them. Take care


I am so happy you could find time to visit. May I request your views on some of my previous posts too. Take care


I feel so happy with your visit. I have made a note of your url and will visit very soon. Hope you have read some of my older posts too dealing with personal relations. I will really appreciate your views on those. Take care

Amrita said...

hehehe this was soooooooo cute oh my god.. how brilliantly and how emphatically she wrote the morals!

Anonymous said...

Aww. :)

You've instilled good morals in the little one. :)

Jack said...


We should try to teach young ones good things of life at every opportunity. Take care

QI :

Nice to see you here. Hope for regular visits. Take care

nups said...

hi Jack
good one :) love the wisdom u alws impart ... tell me how important is pysical relation to a it more important than it is to a woman ?
are women insensitive to tat aspect..

Jack said...


If I can be of help to someone because of my experience why should I not share it? You have asked a very pertinent question. I will try to reply here. A man is more open and demanding while woman has similar needs but does not show it openly or feels shy to demand it even from husband. A man's physical reactions on arousal are plainly visible while in case of woman it is not so prominant. Both men & women need outlet for their urges and it should not be surpressed. Men will seek outlet while women will wait for it to happen. I am not advising women to be promiscous but they should be open about their needs or urges with their partners. Pre-marriage physical relations will depend upon each individual's thinking. All I say is that one should follow own conscience.

Take care

Amrita said...

Jack, what might be the best medium to communicate? Can you pass me ur email id?

Jack said...


I left a comment on your recent post. You may use id given in my profile or Once I hear from you I will let you know my personal details.

Take care

WarmSunshine said...

Your grand daughter is adorable mashAllah :)

Such innocence :)

Jack said...


Thanks, I will convey it to her. Nice to see you here. Hope all is fine now. Please do remember you can always count on me for support.

Take care

WarmSunshine said...

That's very kind of you :)

Thank you!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

very nice incidents and very cutely written!!

:P however, being the bad girl i was, i always tried to escape. very rarely was i caught, but it was kind of worth it. I know what is right and what is wrong, but i also know where to draw the line. I also know which teacher falls for which excuse :P

sigh!! im gonna miss school!

ps- hope you dont mind, but i wrote this comment and meant it to be taken lightly

Ketan said...

Those were interesting observations you made. Am I reading too much if I feel that you were quite amused by the first conclusion that your granddaughter had drawn? It sounds quite ironical that way.

You can click on my name above and, I'd love to have your comments on my blog--'Neglected Serendipity'. But I'd like to point out that my recent posts have been quite frivolous and won't be representative enough of my take on life. I'd suggest your going through the labels in my blog's sidebar.


Vandita said...

so cute... kids are just the best :)

Nahl said...

Hahahaha this is SO cute!!!
I guess we all have lessons to learn from you!