Sunday, October 19, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I read in newspaper that scientists have come out with a way by what a person can control his or her memories. It would help a person to erase bad memories while retaining good ones. It makes me feel that we are turning into a human computer with delete and save buttons. I do not know how far this is possible but if it does happen we would be nothing but walking human robots.

We all have memories – good, bad as well as ugly. I too have many memories which flash in my mind at totally unexpected moments. Some of these I would like to forget as it is painful to remember those times. How many of us have any control over it? Human mind travels at speed much greater than even light. We may be thinking of something totally mundane like what to wear for a gettogehter and lo! our mind travels back by many years to a party where we had a gala time flashing images. And then suddenly it brings out something which haunts us as it should not have happened. We hardly seem to have made any effort to have those memories flashing infront of us. I do not feel if we can ever have any control over our memories.

I feel that we should savor our good memories while learn lesson from bad or ugly ones to avoid those circumstance when those happened.

What do you say?  


The Gardener said...

Yes, I agree with what you have said in the last paragraph.

Jack said...

T G,

Sorry for late reply. Thanks for your kind support to what I feel.

Take care