Sunday, September 21, 2014


When I saw that it is a month since I shared anything with you all, I felt so sad. So I decided that no matter how I feel I must write what I wish to share with you all. So here I go.

There are so many issues going on which make me feel what is happening to our sense of values. Take the case of Sh Ajit Singh refusing to give up bungalow which he is occupying unauthorisedly.  And to top it he is inciting his followers to create ruckus. Is this what our so called political leaders teach us how to obey law of the land?  Can recently retired government officers also refuse to vacate houses, which they may have occupied for over a decade or so, allotted to them during their service career?

What was that PANCHYAT thinking when girls were told not to go to school so they can avoid being teased by rowdy boys? Does it mean that the elders of PANCHYAT approve of unwanted behavior of such boys? Or they feel helpless in teaching the boys to have respects for girls? Would they lock up all females of their families in house so they avoid being teased?

There has been so much talked about Love Jihad. This is being made into a political issue. I strongly feel that love knows no boundaries of region or religion but at the same time any relationship established by deceit is criminal. Such deceit could be in respect of religion, education, family background, job, financial status, marital status, health or any issue which should be known to the intended partner. Any person indulging in such deceit should be punished as per law.

I feel that we all should apply our mind before electing anyone to position, be in as MP, MLA or even member of PANCHYAT etc, which can affect our day to day life. We should also educate those who due to being less educated form bulk of vote bank for such unscrupulous persons.   


Ellen said...

:-( It's sad that these things should happen with no one standing up courageously for what is right nor in defense of the oppressed. But similar things happen too in other countries... the bad getting away with being bad. Truly sad.

Escapist said...

Uncle jack so i m back...tcr

Jack said...


So true. We need to stand up to the right issues without any hesitations or fear. Hope it does happen in my life time. Take care


Welcome back. Wish you all the best for all the times to come. Take care