Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have been contemplating to write for some time but could not make myself brace up to sit down for longish time to do so. Today I decided to do it as there are too many issues raising questions in my mind.

I am so aghast at statements made by some of our so called learned and popular political leaders about rape. One says that rape is not done intentionally but happens by mistake. Another says that boys will be boys while yet another one says that no one goes out to rape but it happens by default. I would love to know if they would make same statements if the victim is their daughter or granddaughter or daughter in law? Why don’t they put their mind to find how could we inculcate respect for girls in the minds of everyone instead of opening their mouth making such statements?

I strongly condemn brutal killing of young man in Pune by persons who took an offence to his posting caricature of their leader on his Facebook page which they took as degrading. Not that I condone their action but does anyone have right to make fun or degrade persons of prominence without any restriction?  Now why politicians and media are trying to give it communal colour instead of sticking to the facts of the case? Those who took this unwanted step of killing should be penalized by ensuring a speedy trial but at the same time should we not educate people to respect other’s feelings also?

I always respected lawyers as they represent system to ensure law is abided by society but do they have right to take law into their hands? Some time ago a lawyer who got into argument with guard at an educational institute and he called up his colleagues. Together they not only beat that guard up but ransacked the institute also. Another lawyer who is facing case of eve-teasing made his colleagues threaten and beat up not only the complainant but her lawyer also in the court complex where case was being heard. Should such persons not be debarred from practice or even take up any job needing legal qualifications?

In my opinion as a common man, Mr Modi did a right thing by inviting leaders of SAARC on his swearing in ceremony as it would open doors for further talks in congenial way to resolve irksome issues between two countries but then why some persons lead by leaders with blinkers on protested this gesture? Is it not behaving like small children that you did wrong to me or my friends so I am KUTTI ( not on talking terms ) with you?

Talking about this also reminds me that why did one of the ministers from an ally party refuse to take oath as he or his party leader was not happy with the portfolio allotted? Is it that they wanted some portfolio which can have opportunity of making some easy money? Or the allotted portfolio involved hard work?

It seems that people who were defeated in elections have nothing better to do than to point fingers at those in power now, otherwise what is the reason of raising issues of educational qualification of any minister instead of watching his or her performance? I think there are numerous examples of those with very little education having excelled not only in politics but at business also.

Last but not the least, last month I saw a lot of food thrown on footpaths around places of worship. It seemed that some persons wanting to feed the poor had set up stalls to distribute food there. Many persons including small children collected the food so given but consumed only what they wanted and threw away the rest. It is a shame to see such wastage which could have fed at least hundreds needy hungry ones. In this respect I appreciate LANGAR held at GURUDWARAs as people to be fed are made to sit in lines and volunteers serve food to each one as per his or her need ensuring minimum wastage.

May I have your views on what I have rambled on? 


V. Archana said...

Hi Jack,

Your thoughts in this post interested me , for even I think about the way things are in India. let it be politics or religious issues.

The way the politicians commented about Rape, tells their character too. " politicians hain toh power bhi honi Chahiye unke haath mein'
Haven't you seen some Bollywood movies portraying villains as politicians, whose sons (in the movie) take advantage of the poor and helpless, molesting and raping a young girl in the movie? These are shown in the movies because they happen in reality.
Most of these politicians who have made such abhorring comments would have in some or the other way involved in these crimes.

India is one such country where people don't have freedom of speech (in this case freedom to even show the world one's talent of art) But this case clearly shows our country is one in the top list racist countries with all the caste feelings, exploiting everyone in the name of religion, giving rise to communal violence.
Its shameful to see how people with their narrow-mindedness, have given a wrong notion to the world about our indian society.
You and I are among the mere onlookers who are helpless for all the 'hatyachar' that happens around in our country. We can only put out our thought through blogging, which only other mere onlookers are going to read. This brutality is going to continue as long as there are corrupt, senseless people ruling the government, relating everything to their religious sentiments, who flair up for even as simple as a caricature of theirs, which is actually deserved to be appreciated.

Sarkari naukri hai toh, apne aap ko sarkar samaj baite hai yeh log. Such lawyer's license to practice should definitely be terminated.

I am looking forward to the improvement Modi's government will bring to our country.

Food wastage is the same everywhere. I sometimes wonder why these big restaurants throw away one day old food. The rather distribute it among the homeless who cannot even afford one proper meal for the day. At least these people will get to have one day old food, rather than starve to death.

It was a nice bunch of articles you have clubbed in this post. Happy Blogging!
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Live2cherish said...

Freedom of expression is what people freely exercise without being responsible of their acts on public domain.
Regarding food wastage, some of the restaurants here have policy to donate to homeless and needy as their service to society and following safer practice for business- may be that's what we need in india.

Jack said...


I feel so glad that you have given such a detailed comment supporting my views. I am so grateful. I had visited your profile few days back by clicking on your name here and saw that you post in three blogs. I had quick glance at those but could not read fully that day due to time constraint and on subsequent days due to my not being too well. Today I decided to read your posts but on clicking on your name here I get navigated to your Google profile and can not find your blog urls. Kindly do let me know those at my mail id I shall be grateful. Take care

L2C :

So nice to see you here. I fully agree that with freedom of speech comes responsibility to use it judiciously. How I wish that same policy could be followed here also. Take care

V. Archana said...

Hi Jack,
here are the links for my blogs:

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I dont blog as often as i used to before, though i want to, but i cant because of my time constraints.

I hope you are doing fine now, Jack. wish you speedy recovery.
take care! :)

Jack said...


Thanks for the lead. I would have been much happy with an e-mail.
Take care