Sunday, June 29, 2014


There have been a lot of happenings in the past month which raised  questions in my mind. I am going to share those with you.

Starting with Delhi University fiasco. To me it seemed that those having differences about length of Graduation course had inflated EGO with no concern about sufferings of young students. Going back to my time in school, Matric or 10th standard was the final examination of school education and it was conducted by Punjab University. Thereafter a student joined college to do 2 years Intermediate and then 2 years Graduation. Thus one could be a Graduate in total of 14 years in school and college. When I reached 9th standard, school tenure was increased by 1 year making it Higher Secondary. Examinations of both 10th and 11th were conducted by the university. There was corresponding reduction in college education. One joined college for 1 year Prep after Higher Secondary and continued to 2 year course of graduation. Thus to be a Graduate it still was 14 years of school and college education.  Then schooling was increased to 10+ 2 ie making it 12 years of school education and in college it was made 3 years to graduate. So now one took 15 years of school and college to be a Graduate. Latest increase of graduation to 4 years after schooling seems a little more than needed. Also how can an ordinary college cater for B Tech or BMS education which are specialized in engineering or administrative institutes?

There used to be only 1 university covering whole of Punjab which included Haryana at that time as well as Himachal. Now I think there are half a dozen universities covering the same area. And similarly universities have mushroomed nationally also. It may be due to large number of students but still it seems that there are too many universities without any concern about education standards or co-ordination. I do strongly feel that though a university may retain freedom in day to day functioning but there is positive need to have an agency to ensure that all universities maintain same overall standard and norms of education.

The stand off between BMC and residents of Campa Cola area buildings is rather very intriguing. I am surprised that when these buildings were under construction many years ago, BMC had found the builder was indulging in unauthorized construction. He or the company was fined for that but what about after that? How did he manage to continue with construction without having approved plans? Not only that but the flats were sold out which could not have happened overnight. How did the owners get water and electricity connections if the buildings were unauthorized? Is it not mandatory to give details of building approval for obtaining these connections?  My heart goes out to those occupying those flats for so many years but it seems that most of them were aware at the time of purchasing that there was dispute about sanction of building these. If we regularize these now, it will encourage others to indulge in same practice. In my opinion the only way out is to penalize the builder or his heirs by attaching all their assets to pay off occupants and then demolish these buildings. Heir of that builder may include his close relatives also, like siblings, nephews / nieces etc. That should set an example for other unscrupulous builders.

There have been many building collapses resulting in loss of many lives as well as injuring many more apart from loss of belonging and property. In most cases it was due to construction of basements undertaken in the plots next to those. Is it not common sense that if you expose foundation of any building it definitely makes it prone to collapse? Are the persons who undertake construction work not aware of this as they are supposed to be specialists?  Why should those responsible to undertake such constructions in the next plot not be tried for murder or attempt to murder?   


harman singh said...

Sorry state I wud say!
its indian system where laws are made but not implemented..
and rest studies and practical experience on site is must too !!

Neha said...

On your blog after ages, uncle. Agree with most of the suggestions you made here. It's true that most of these disputes are the result of hurt egos. In the 4 year college scenario, why don't universities focus on making courses more job centric, rather than prolonging the tenure? Unless we have progressive leaders and management, nothing would change.

V. Archana said...

I feel the increased duration in the number of years to complete graduation is a good thing, for, the students will be able to learn a lot more than his/her grandparents would have in their schooling.
As there have been so many advancements in science, technology, or to that matter of fact any field of education there have been enormous amount of developments happening.
That is the nature of we humans right? to learn and explore the new findings and gain more insight on it?
One other reason for the 16 or 17 years could also be of the vast syllabus in every subject which could be easier studied if split into semesters.

Thats a sad news about the illegal buildings. there are many such incidents happening everywhere around the country which i think the buyers should be more aware of. But with such forgery by which one cannot make out the difference of an illegally constructed buildings. we are definitely helpless.
It feels sad, for, these residents. The government should be more rigid and vigilant and allow such constructions.

Being Pramoda... said...

Universities have become corporate too, it seems! with all the deemed thing coming up , its becoming difficult for the management to control. There must be some strict guidelines from the government and regular evaluations by the strong panel which might change the phase!

These too many building collapses have touched me too! It became a good business long back and the results of that are appearing now a days! Well, it could be one in many buildings by the same contractor, but the quality of his working style matters!

Hw r u doing uncle? Hope everything is fine...

Thanks, Pramoda

Jack said...


I am so delighted to see you here. Thanks for your supportive views. Take care


I am not only delighted but relieved too to see you here as I was wondering where had you vanished. Thanks for your support. Take care


I agree that in keeping with advancement and growth in knowledge to be gained we may need to relook at our education system but it should be done taking all involved into confidence and in a transparent manner. We need to enforce strict laws for construction and penalise the concerned contractor as well as official who is responsible to oversee safe & legal constructions. Take care


I am so happy that you found time to visit and give your valuable views. Thanks for supporting by thoughts. Take care

V. Archana said...

i agree.