Friday, August 16, 2013


A couple of days ago when I was returning from market after some chore there was an elderly lady, close to my age, alongwith two younger ones ahead of me, may be her daughters. There is a double carriageway main road between markets of two sectors.  I had to cross that to reach sector where I reside. They too seemed to be waiting to cross over. We waited for reasonable gap in the traffic to cross. As we started crossing the road a motorcycle at a safe distance suddenly speeded up and started doing zigzag pattern while driving. There were two young boys, may be even less the 18 years, on that. They were not wearing helmets. They zoomed past us making a S, starting from bottom  encircling the elderly lady in front and then dangerously going behind the younger ones on upper curve, making all of us more startled than scared. All this while they were making loud noises. Once they had passed, the boy on pillion looked back laughing and making unwanted gestures.

This set me thinking as to what has gone wrong with our younger generation of today. I have seen youngsters on motorcycles driving dangerously zigzagging through traffic, getting in whatever gap they find in heavy traffic even overtaking the vehicle in front from wrong side and then swerving in front of it. Few times even I had to brake hard to avoid hitting such youngsters. Most of the times they are without helmets. There have been reports in the newspapers about gangs of such motorcyclists causing havoc by indulging in stunts endangering others in traffic, specially pedestrians. A couple of years ago I had personally seen youngsters on three motorcycles doing stunts while driving on Noida e-way. The ones on pillion would stand up doing dance moments while ones driving would do all kind of stunts like zigzagging or lifting the front wheel. They were all without helmets. I am quite sure that parents of such youngsters are mostly not aware of what they do or those who know shrug it off saying “After all they are youngsters to have some fun.”  And if there is an accident resulting in death, such parents blame the traffic police.

I strongly feel that it is upto us  parents to inculcate habit of safe driving in our children, specially two wheelers and cars as well.  Why just safe driving, we should inculcate good habits like respect for others, specially girls, as well as doing their job, even studies, with heart into it and ensure that they do not do anything wrong including corruption.  

Is it not true that behavior of a person shows upbringing he or she has had as well as the family culture?


harman singh said...

I guess the police needs to be smart and should often given these guys tickets for harassing the public..
Stupid assholes!!

Ann said...

You are right Uncle.. A lot depends on the parents and their upbringing. Most of the Indians make our boys Machos and girls the Sati Savitri (No offence to anyone) but that's what I've noticed. Rather we must tell our sons to behave properly as we do with our daughters.

Amrita said...

I agree that it is a lot to do with up bringing. but then i also feel teenage is a weird time... there is peer pressure and things youngsters do under the influence of friends to seem 'cool'
i dread to think of raising my child in those years... an insight from you might be nice on this topic. what do u think? is it only parenting? or is it a bit to do with the individual - i feel its common sense to wear helmets and be safe.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Why are such incidents becoming so common these days? It's sad really. At a basic level every person knows the 'right' way to behave in society. But they choose to ignore that. Why? Do they think they can get away with it? Is it always the parent's fault?
I read somewhere that the basic human nature is to destroy. Even as little kids it seems they gain more enjoyment in throwing around things, breaking etc. At that age it can be ignored. But is it that some people cannot ignore that basic instinct at a later point in life?
Because all parents KNOW that you need to bring up your kids in a certain way - teach them right from wrong. Then where are they failing?

I think I am asking too many questions in my comment for which I have no answers! But I really don't understand what is it that makes people behave in such a manner.

p.s Haven't seen you on my blog for a long time Uncle! How have you been?

Ellen said...

I think so many factors help shape a person's character from birth. But one comes on top of that list... parents. Education and character formation starts from the home, like it or not.

So nice to see you blogging, Jack. I look forward to your insights on life and living.

Thank you for coming by my blog, it's appreciated.

I hope you are keeping well. Please take care. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

simple girl..... said...

I think police should be more strict about these things.. Helmet part may have nothing or little to do with parents, but the part of lewd remarks and disgusting gestures definitely depends on their thought process which requires proper conditioning since childhood and hence depends on family..

Jack said...


I agree police needs to be tough with such persons but that still does not absolve parents or elders to inculcate the right things in youngsters. Take care


You are right that we need to ensure that both boys and girls are treated equally and given right upbringing. Take care


If a child is taught right from wrong he or she will not succumb to any peer pressure, rather will make efforts to bring around peers who indulge in unwanted behavior. Take care

Jack said...


I agree that there are too many factors but if upbringing is right, not by making child fear but by reasoning out, he or she will not go astray no matter what peer pressure be. Parents are main responsible lot followed by others like elders in family or society, teachers etc. Let us start with first step properly and then hope for the best. You have very righty brought out your doubts. I had written a post a couple of time on parenting. Please do read those if you find time. Take care


You have put it so rightly. It is parents first who need to inculcate right thinking in child first followed by teachers and other elders. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views in future also. Parents play a big role in making a child understand right from wrong. If start is good rest of the race will be won. Take care