Saturday, August 31, 2013


I have a lot of apprehensions about self styled Saints or so called Godmen. May be I have inherited this from my late grandmother or even my parents. My grandmother was very religious and prayed all through the day with rosary. She passed away peacefully with rosary in hand. She was not sick or anything and her going off was sudden. She used to say that God resides in everyone’s heart and it is we who have to make God’s dwelling place worth by being clean &honest at heart. She never subscribed to any Guru or self styled Godman. She used to say that anyone who shows off his or her so called proximity to God is not a true saint as that shows his or her wish to gain materialistic things through large number of followers. My parents, though religious, were also of the same opinion and did not join any such crowd of followers.

Let us see what makes one saint or Godman. In my thinking one who renounces materialistic things and devotes his or her time to God by following what God desires which is to do good for the society. Just saying prayers is not sufficient but it is the conduct which is needed alongwith that.  If one wants or accepts to have a lot of Ashrams or organizations named after him or her even by followers then where is renouncement of materialistic things?  By wearing crown etc to project image of being Godly is not what makes a person a saint. One needs to live in simple ways and be one amongst the others. He or she should not only preach but follow it also. Living or travelling in luxury is a much sought after materialist way. I think one who lives with family leading normal life doing expected chores but sincerely following God's directions is better than any self styled saint who craves for fame. 

Do think it over.


Jyoti Mishra said...

I never liked saints.. not even a single.
I also abhor idol worship. It hurts me a lot to see the amount of tantrums and unnecessary processes are being done in the name of god.

People like Asharam makes my belief more stronger than ever.

Zee Zoo said...

I have never liked saints and Im not much of a religious person myself but i do believe in God and I believe that if your a good person , a loving parent, a caring neighbor, an honest fun loving friend then thats more than enough

Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind

Rashi said...

But only if our people would understand.

Well written !

Anonymous said...

well written, nice post uncle jack

general knowledge

Jack said...


I am with you totally on this issue. God is one's faith and is in heart. There is no need at all the show off. Take care


Welcome to my space. What you say is absolutely true. We need to be true humans. Take care


Nice to see you here. How I also wish people understand this.
Take care


Welcome to my space. Thanks for appreciative view. Take care

Hafza Majeed said...

Lovely , very touching ! love from Pakistan

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Thanks for such encouraging views. I will try to visit your space a s a p. Please do let me know if I can do anything for you. My mail id is in my profile. Take care