Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today morning I was going to the market on some errand when I saw two cars which had met with accident at traffic lights. Both were damaged badly. In one the front was badly damaged while in other it was left side. On checking I learnt that the car which had damage on side had stated crossing the intersection when the lights turned green but just halfway a car from left side who’s lights had turned red came at high speed and smashed into it. Fortunately no one was badly hurt. It was a clear case of jumping red light by the second car which resulted in this accident. The person driving this was a young man in early twenties and seemed well educated.

This set me thinking that when we see green light ahead of us in an intersection we try to rush to pass before it turns red. We do not realize that if we speed up and it turns red, there may not be enough time to stop the car while those who get green light would also rush to move. There have been number of accidents due to this reason but I do not know when will we learn to take it easy. This is also the cause of many cars stopping on zebra crossing blocking the path for pedestrians, if not hitting someone trying to cross the road.        


RiĆ  said...

Thats the problem in India, nobody seems to have the patience to stop! I always see cars slowing down here even before the signal starts turning red.

Harman said...

its always a patience ..that keeps one ahead always but unfortunately patience is something we need to hold our self in reality. Before moving ahead..
drive safe ..its better to b safe then Sorry!!

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Patience is a virtue not many are blessed with! Thank god no one was seriously injured.

Jack said...


I do not know when will we learn to follow traffic rules or for that matter all rules as such. Take care


It is so unfortunate that even after such accidents people who are involved do not learn lesson but continue doing same again and again. Take care


You have told it so rightly. We need to inculcate this virtue. Take care

Meera Sundararajan said...

I have seen this so often, people trying to rush to get to the gree nlight. I think they should realize that it is better to "late" than to be "the late".

Jack said...


How I wish people realize what you said! Take care