Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last few weeks were full of provoking news about spate of rapes mostly in Haryana and also in some other states. That not only made me feel angry but ashamed too as I expected that after first couple of such heinous acts the authorities as well as local elders would have or should have come out with some concrete plan to curb it. It shocked me to read what our respectable leaders including of KHAPs had to say about this. Instead of coming out with ways to curb such deplorable crimes, they showed their lack of sensitivity as well as thinking power.

One said that girls should be married off at young age. Will that make them Rapeproof? Don’t married girls too fall victims? Or did he mean that let boys be married at young age to channelize their energy? Don’t married men also make targets for their lust?

Another one, a lady, said that rapes are due to free inter mingling of boys and girls. May I request her to suggest what is the remedy, segregate both genders at all times.

Yet another one said that most of rapes are consensual as if he had been witness to those.

KHAP leaders blamed Chowmein or fast food for such acts. Does that not show how stupid a person can be?

I know that it is not possible for Police to give protection to everyone but certain steps can be taken to discourage potential rapists. To start with investigation of such complaints should be carried out fast and trials should be time bound including appeals to the highest court.  Once found guilty, punishment should be a deterrent – may be castration and made to do menial jobs in lunatic hospitals for the rest of life.

Awareness for respect of girls should be inculcated from young age and for this role of elders including teachers cannot be overemphasized.  Apart from that girls should be trained to protect themselves should they encounter such beasts. Some basic precautions need to be kept in mind. If a girl has to travel alone at unwarranted hours, then due protection should be looked for. If a couple wants to cozy up, they should ensure that place they choose for such activity is not exposed to unwanted intrusions. 


Anonymous said...

i find you to be a very broad minded person. the solutions you have given are very well versed and easy to implement. i hope we people start enforcing them.

Sonshu said...

I completely understand, I felt the same too. Its very disheartening to see the nation in this pitiful state.

Brilliant post, people need to read this.


khushi said...

I like your writings and the way you make a point.
The problem in country is not only this, but the the roots. In our country, boy is taught that he is superior to his own sister; and this is taught by his own mother!!!
when we have such women(mothers) who teach their sons to disrespect the female by making them feel inferior, then what can we expect!
In India, the problem is one woman is not supported by another women! She will condemn the rape activities, but will not teach her own son to respect females!!

Shilpa Garg said...

As long as such leaders dish out outrageous verdicts and statements, the rapists will get all the more fearless and such heinous crimes against women will continue unabated!
Truly sick state of affairs!

Veena said...

I so agree with u Jack Sir... its ridiculous how people love to shift blame on others...

Harman said...

its sad.. and very act of cowardliness full-of filth,,shows up the .. sexed up people and dirty minds...
there will be many laws made ..steps will be taken but what about implementing them?? how soon ??.. how hard would be that??
sorry state!

Harman said...

its sad.. and very act of cowardliness full-of filth,,shows up the .. sexed up people and dirty minds...
there will be many laws made ..steps will be taken but what about implementing them?? how soon ??.. how hard would be that??
sorry state!

Bhagyashree said...

To tell you frankly I have stopped expecting anything from the authorities. A girl has to defend herself. if we have decided to be independent, we might as well learn to protect herself. I may sound harsh but tehn really what can you expect with such perverts and perverted views??

Punam said...

Dear Uncle Jack, I believe the only solution to this, is to make karate and self-defense classes absolutely necessary for girls from the most initial age - that is from Kindergarten. I think this will solve the problem of the 'weaker' sex and men will think twice before attacking or overpowering a girl.
By compulsory, I mean, it should be made as important as ABCs.
I can see this as the only solution. Nothing else will ever protect girls from predators than their own self-defense training... both physically and mentally too.

Imagine 20 years down the line, if every boy KNOWS that every girl around him is an expert in karate, how many rape cases would happen?

subtlescribbler said...

u have echoed and out my thoughts into words. The everyday cases of rape and then statements given by Khap, some politicians and infact people around really makes my feel wht gloom the situation is going down into.
before looking for possible solutions its better v first act to shut these dumb heads!


Sakshi said...

I think that we live in a life that is full of uncertainties, and there is nothing that can save us girls from this crime other than fighting back with a vengeance, to hell with everything.

Revacious said...

Uncle, this post is really heartening. Kudos to you. I have found that most people, especially from the older generation, don't realise these simple facts. Only when this mindset changes, can we start to expect common sense from the authorities.

Ellen said...

Jack, I'm here again!! .. and so glad to be. No more malware (malicious software) blocking me from accessing your blog. Big thanks to your friend without whose help the problem would have stayed on and on.

Punam has a bright idea --- yes, teach girls the art of self-defense. Schools should include it in their curriculum. Parents should ask the government to prioritize this self-defense training program for school children of all ages. Great idea, Punam!

Good post, Jack. Bless you!

Momina said...

A very important topic, you've selected to talk about! The think is when they don't go through it themselves, when their own daughters and sisters are safe, they don't care. They'll give you aimless excuses and remedies!

I also like the suggestions you give. Parents should also be open to children and inform them well of such predators. And totally agreed on your last point, self defense classes at young ages_ to both boy and girls_ should be provided!

Always Happy said...

sad state of affairs.

the remarks of those leaders is outrageous.

You have suggested very good solutions uncle. How I wish these were implemented.

Ruchi Jain said...

so deep and profound post..

Jack said...


Thanks for your appreciation. I sincerely hope that situation does change in near future. Take care


Thanks for supportive view. Hope that something tangible is done soon. Take care


Welcome to my space and thanks for such appreciation. It is really shocking that women themselves belittle their own gender by showing bias towards sons. They forget their own childhood and pain felt at such discrimination. Take care


That is a pity that those who can change mindset of masses speak such shallow things. Women need to join hands and ensure that respect by boys for their gender is inculcated from childhood itself. Take care

Jack said...


It is a shame that we still vote for such shallow persons. Take care


Laws are made but who cares to implement those? If leaders speak in such thoughtless manner would those responsible for enforcing laws will take serious action? Take care


I agree with you that we need to make them self reliant to defend themselves but that should not absolve authorities or our leaders from their responsibilities.
Take care


How I wish that girls can really take on such animals in human form and teach them a lesson! There are some dirty trick a girl must know to put the attacker at her mercy. Take care

Jack said...

S S :

I agree with you that we need to tell such characters that they can not get away with making such stupid statements. Law has to be enforced with stern hand. Take care


Yes, fight back they must with full vengeance. Take care


I fully agree that mindset needs to change on priority. Take care


I am so glad to see you. I am really grateful to my blogger friend for such much needed help. I also agree with Punam and please do see my reply to her views. Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views in future also. It is a pity that people are indifferent unless it happens to someone close to them. We surely need to provide self defense skill to girls from young age. Take care

A H :

It is surely a pity. I sincerely hope that some proper thought is given to this by those in position of power. Take care


Welcome to my space. Hope to have your valuable views in future also. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

You are bang on target here! I have nothing else to add here..Parents should sensitize their young boys in being respectful to womenfolk always. That should nip it in the bud!

Jack said...


How I wish this happens! This will surely be a blessing.

Take care

Bhavana said...

I love this post for one single reason--you have rightly pointed out that boys/men need to learn to respect women at a young age and that ought to be taught by elders and teachers!Right on!

Jack said...


Thanks for such supportive views. Take care