Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Before I go any further may I wish all of you Happy Independence Day.

Today we have completed 65 years of gaining independence after having been ruled for so many centuries by outsiders. Like on every Independence Day a lot of celebrations have been done and a lot of show of patriotism claimed. Most of us, including me as I was just 2 years old at that time, are not in a position to understand the actual importance of this transition except what we gather from history books. Unfortunately even history books make a passing reference to atrocities carried out by those rulers as our present set of elected rulers are more worried about vote banks than what is good for our country. We all know how Babar could establish his dynastic rule and how East India Company pushed out the then rulers to take over.

It was all basically because of disunity or not being ONE with each other. It seems that we have not learnt this lesson as evident from what our respected leaders say and do. I know we elected the ones who rule us but is it not a fact that except a handful of voters who judge candidate by merit, rest majority is swayed by caste, religion, region and many a times by pressure of unlawful activity by goons of some candidates? Is it not time to become aware of such actions of ours and be sensible while electing our representatives? Should the ones who have ability to raise awareness about power of vote speak to those who are not so literate to understand this while casting vote?


Should we let the history repeat itself and be ruled by OUTSIDERS after  our country is split into fragments by outside influence?


Irfanuddin said...

A thought provoking post Sir....
but i am afraid and i don't see anything happening against this caste, religion and region things...moreover even authorities give it a fuel by doing previous census on caste based statistics....:(

Sakshi said...

I think, people need to wake up.. and become aware. And vote sensibly.

Revacious said...

A lot of those things happen because a lot of our population is still not educated, and the politicians are not willing to change this.. it becomes a virtual cycle.
Nice blog you have here, uncle.

Thinking said...

hmm...Happy Independence Day Dear Uncle Jack....

Amrita Tanmay said...

जागो भारत का नारा नींद में लगा रहे हैं सभी..जागना तो कोई नहीं चाह रहा है.. काश..

Jigyasa said...

The I-day is celebrated as a remembrance that on Aug 15th,1947 we were given the responsibility of handling democracy and act independently...but it is sad...that we only remember the celebration part and mostly it is known as a National Holiday :(

Rià said...

So true...but i do agree with what Irfanuddin has said.

Jyoti Mishra said...

thoughtful post as ever :)
agree with you.. it's high time that we should realize the seriousness of the responsibility which Constitution of India has vested in its citizens..

For long term as well short term benefit we should make use of this power cautiously !!

Meera Sundararajan said...

You have raised a very important point Uncle. I think in a democracy the people need to understand that they are ultimate power holders- we get the sort of government we vote for. It is about time our people started to exercise wise decisions while electing leaders!

Jack said...


That is a pity, isn't it? Take care


I hope and pray for that. I am sure youngsters like you will definitely bring in much needed reforms. Take care


Spreading education should be topmost priority for us. Take care


Thanks. Take care



Jack said...


It is really so sad that we have forgotten responsibilities. Our leaders are more worried about vote bank than what is good for country. Take care


That is what makes me feel so sad and depressed. Take care


Hope and pray that you youngsters usher in the much needed reforms. Take care


Let us, who can understand what is needed, start raising awareness that vote is not just a piece of paper but our right to choose who should govern us. Take care

Sonshu said...

Firstly thanks for the sweet comment on the blog.

And I don't know why your posts haven't been appearing on my dashboard, thank god I decided to come here and check out for myself.

Anyway. As usual your posts always give me things to think about.

I can't wait to turn 18 and cast a sensible vote like very few other people in our country.

Great thought uncle! :)


buckingfastard said...

no...i dont think the problem is their is no one to guide them sensibly to vote logically...because they do vote logically...their logic is that a person from his caste or creed will take a tiny little bit more pity on him rather than someone from outside caste....

its the same family logic people use...wen we face a problem...we first open up to someone in family rather than a counselor, though a counselor might provide a more logical solution...its the hope that a family is more considerate..

so unless one proves them repeatedly that a person's judgement is not biased by cast, creed, religion, region, orientation, dialect etc...they will keep doing what they feel is the logical choice...

first time at ur blog and sorry for the ranting btw :P

Jack said...


You write well and deserve good views. Do vote with proper application of mind when time comes. Take care


Welcome to my space. No, it is not ranting but a valid view point. I fully agree about family but after having seen what the leaders do, public should become wiser by now. Those who understand should try to raise awareness of casting votes with due consideration of candidates ability and background.

Take care

Oldfox004 said...

Happy [In]dependence Day to you too, though its a little too late to wish:)

How u doing, uncle??

Bhavana said...

True. Isn't it time we took pride in our freedom and exercised our rights? But Jack, so many people dont know what democracy means. Independence day celebration is just getting self-rule but self rule means rule of established set of people in our country. ID does not convert into celebration of democracy. How do we bring about that?

Jack said...


Thanks. I am doing fine. Take care


As I have said above, we need to ensure that each person is educated. Once we have achieved total literacy we can then hope for use of voting rights with due application of mind. We can presently try to raise awareness of public to use this right with due thinking. Take care