Monday, January 18, 2010


During this forced leave till the internet was connected I thought that I will be able to write number of posts as there are so many thoughts to share with you all but though we settled down in a couple of days as we had shifted within the same locality so there was no hassle of finding sources for daily need items, I still have not been able to find my writing mind which seems to have been left behind in the old house or may be it is yet to thaw in this biting cold. And there is so much to catch up with what you all have posted. May be my age is playing up as it is taking time for me to visit you all. Kindly do bear with me a little more. As it is I am so overwhelmed with affection shown by you all, so do pardon me for little more time.

Till I really get back, here is something to bring smile to you :

A newly married man told his wife that when he leaves for office in the morning he sees their neighbor also leaving at the same time and kissing his wife. His wife said with lot of expectation “ Why don’t you do the same.” He said “ I do not know her well enough.”

Two misers were indulging in one upmanship. One said he saved 50% when he went on honeymoon. “How” the other asked. He said “ I went alone.” The other laughed and said he saved 100% as he sent his wife with a friend.

Well, jokes apart lately I have been thinking how we make our lives miserable with our pre-conceived ideas. Soon I will share some live examples with you.


The Bald Guy said...

Welcome back Sir. Look forward to more of your posts and humor too! :)

Sakshi said...

Welcome back!!! :)

Jigyasa said...

Welcome back!

And like always you have got back with smiles for all...waiting for more posts.

Escapist said...

Oh man welcum...i used to turn every day to your page to look for you.....


ash89 said...

welcome back!

Amrita said...

Welcome back! Awaiting you next post.

anjali said...

hey jack.
i have been as remiss as you, so did not know they you were on a break. but as i am also back now...will follow you religiously. how is your new year coming along?
oh and i have changed my blog URL, you can reach it by my profile.
write soon.

Iced Eskimo said...

welcome back Uncle-Jokes! lol! :)

Jack said...


Thanks for inspiration. I will write within a couple of days. Take care


Thanks for your kind words.
Take care


Thanks for your appreciation. I will visit you soon and also write something worthwhile in a couple of days. Take care


I will not let you down. I will make all efforts to write regularly. Take care


Thanks. Hope to see you more often. Take care


I plead guilty of not visiting you but will make ammends soon. You may see my next post in a couple of days. Take care


Welcome. I am moved by such kind words. I will visit you soon. The year is fine and it is actually in mind that we see good or bad. One should be positive as far as possible. Take care


Thanks for appreciating jokes. Have left my comments in your space. Take care

geeta said...

welcome back...
Jokes really brought a smile on my face...
come soon with your next post and in the mean time hop into my blog and see if you find something interesting...

Americanising Desi said...

and i have missed havin you around uncle jack :)

Jack said...


Posted one just a while ago. Visited your space but could not do justice. Will be back there soon. Take care

A D :

Feeling is mutual. I will visit you soon and read all pending posts. These days I am a little lethargic. May be age catching up. Take care

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hope you've by now settled down in your new home :)