Friday, November 20, 2009


Today we completed 38 years of married life. We, of course, have had our ups and downs in loving relationship with not on talking terms and throwing tantrums but she was always there when I needed her. I, too, did reciprocate the same whenever need arose. These years made me wiser. So today I thought of putting up a post with lighter tone, Jokes on married life. Here we go, hope you do enjoy these :

In the evening of 25th wedding anniversary wife found husband sitting in the reading room with tears in eyes and drinking. She was overcome with emotions and told him that she was so glad to see tears of happiness. He said, “ Do you remember when your Police Officer father caught us in your room what did he say?” She replied, “ Yes, I do remember even though I was so scared at being caught that way, he told you either you marry me or he will have you sent to jail for 25 years.” He started crying loudly saying , “ Do you understand I would have been a free man by now.”

A young man asked his married friend for advice as he wanted to get married. His friend told him “ Marriage has 3 rings, Engagement Ring, Marriage Ring and SufferRing.”

Marriage is a ceremony where a man loses his Bachelor’s degree while a woman get Master’s.

A couple was driving past a farm on the highway and were having heated argument. On seeing some pigs in the farm field he told her, “ Your relatives.” She immediately retorted, “ Yes, from in-laws side.”

A couple was having heated argument in front of some friends. She told him, “ My choice is always better than yours.” He agreed whole heartedly saying, “ I agree with you fully.” His friend later asked him as to why did he agree. He told, “ After all I am her choice and she is my choice.”

Do you know full form of WIFE? It is acronym for Worries Invited For Ever.

What is the difference between in-laws and outlaws? Outlaws are atleast WANTED.

There was discussion in the office about colour of eyes and faithfulness. It transpired that those with black eyes are most faithful, with blue eyes are flirts, green eyed fantasize and those with brown eyes are least faithful. A newly married man went home earlier than normal. When he opened his flat door with his key, he found his wife sleeping in the bedroom. He tiptoed to her and lifted her eye lids gently. On seeing colour of eyes he was taken aback and said loudly, “ Oh, brown.” And out came his close friend Brown from under the bed saying with surprise, “ How did you know I am here?”

A private in the Army got married to a Lady Staff Sergeant who was not only senior but little elder in age too. She was also drill instructor for the formation. His friends asked him as to why did he do that. He told them, “ Well, I do what you people always wish while on parade.”


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Uncle,

Good Morning..:)

These jokes have ignited my day.:) Thanks a ton...lovely ones and i specially likes all of them..)

You are very good at delivering jokes..:)

Have a nice time..:)

Dipti said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ash89 said...

heyy...happy anniversary!

Sakshi said...

Happy Anniversary- Here is wishing you loads more love..happiness and togetherness.

Cursed♪♫ said...

Happy Anniversary :)
May you always remain happy!! ♥♥
Nice jokes :)

Sophia Ali said...

Hi Uncle Jack,

Belated Wedding Anniversary...

Thank God, I am single...hahahah...

TC & God Bless!

Jack said...


I am glad you liked the lighter post. Take care


Thanks a lot. I am now waiting to reciprocate. Hurry up, please. Take care


So sweet of you. Thanks a lot. Take care


Thanks a lot for all your beautiful wishes. I pray that you too have all the happiness and togetherness with one you feel close to. Take care


Thanks a lot. May you too be happy in your time. Take care


Thanks for your wishes. And don't you gloat over your current status as it won't be for long. I pray that you get tied to one you really like. Take care

مى said...

Congratulations!! Happy anniversary! 38 is a big number, enjoy it :)

Miss Always Carried Away said...

Hi Jack!!!

Congratulation on your anniversary!!! I hope you are and will be very happy in your marriage!

Those jokes were so funny!!!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hey Jack!
Happy Anniversary! Sorry wasn't around to wish you on time...
I loved your collection of jokes..refreshing as always! :P

Jack said...


Welcome to my space. Thanks for your wishes and sure we will enjoy with your good wishes. Hope you read some older posts too. Your views on those are most welcome. Take care

M A C A :

Thanks a lot for your wishes. I am glad you liked these jokes. Take care

T -f L :

Thanks for your wishes. I feel happy that you liked these jokes. Take care

Escapist said...

Hiya Jack...
Happy 38th Anniversary ...

Boss awesome jokes...n i guess some of them must have taken into life of certain couples...


Heavenly Muse said...
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Heavenly Muse said... eyes's color is black...and my husband to-be's eyes' color is brown..u scared me..;-)
happy anniversary Sir....

Naveen said...

belated happy anniversary ...

gr8 jokes ...

Jack said...


Thanks for your wishes. I also feel some of these may have happened in real life too.
Take care

H M :

Thanks for your wishes. Don't you worry, it was in lighter vein. You can always keep him straight with lots of love. Take care


Welcome to my space. Thanks for your wishes. Hope you read some older posts too. Take care

Cursed♪♫ said...

Hey!! Check out my new poems :)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...


Wishing you a Blissful and happier married life. It sounds beautiful when you hear of two people sharing lives for so long. There is something magical about a marriage.


Ellen said...

Hi Jack,

This was fun and entertaining. Thanks for lighting up the day. :-) And most of all, Happy Anniversary to you both. Take care and God bless!

Heavenly Muse said...

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i am waiting bealted Eid wish...

Jack said...


Read the poem and left my feelings. Take care

L S L :

Thanks for wishes. It is upto you to keep the magic alive in any relationship and of course marriage is much more happier if you do so. Take care


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