Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There was a wedding on 14 Feb 2009 at Chandigarh. My wife had to positively attend that as the bride to be was daughter of my wife’s brother. I was keen that our son and his wife too attend this as I wanted them to start shouldering responsibilities of family. So we all planed to attend this. Now there was a small hitch. Our two cocker spaniels ( almost 3 years old ) could not be taken along. I was not keen that they were put in some kennel as last time we had placed our Doberman while we went out of town for our daughter’s wedding, it took me almost a week to get rid of ticks she had picked up as well as she had started feeling very insecure that we may leave her alone whenever we went out. So the only choice was that yours truly stays back to be with them. Thus I was left all alone on Valentines Day morning with only these two brats giving me company. I thought that it would be OK and I would able to catch up with some pending chores as well as write something here. But alas! That was not to be.

They all drove off at about 9 in the morning. I thought I might as well have a cup of tea before I settle down to groom these companions which I normally do at about 7:30 in the morning after their post meal walk. I was all set to make my cup of tea but lo behold there were no tea leaves in the daily use container. Now where the HECK ( you may replace it with the appropriate expletive ) was the bulk container? After going through different cupboards I could find it hiding behind miscellaneous pots. Precious time was lost and by then my urge for tea had ebbed. I felt like calling her up to check what else would be amiss but held back as I did not want to be termed as incompetent to run the house. I still went ahead to make my cup and after having had it settled down to groom my friends. They are tuned to it and know who has to be first and who second. On completion of this task I went for bath only to find bath towel missing. Now where could it be? Again I had to rummage through pile of clothes lying to be segregated to find it at the bottom of the heap. After getting ready I somehow managed to prepare my breakfast hunting for butter knife, frying pan etc etc. Then I went out for some bank work followed by market tasks left for me. By now all my inclination to catch up with writing slowly evaporated. I had been briefed that cooked vegetables are in the fridge and I should ask visiting maid to make chappatis. When she arrived I dutifully told her to make chappatis and again I was lost as there was no kneaded dough. So I had to settle for buns from the market. Both the brats by now after having roamed around all the rooms and going to the entrance door many times had realized that I was the only company left. So they kept checking my movements to ensure that I had no intentions of deserting them. Somehow the time dragged on and by the evening I too was influenced by their feeling of being left out. This made me take out the brats more often than usual and they too were happily surprised to have more outings. While having my few Chhota Old Monks I did little surfing of channels to see if something could hold my attention as I hardly watch TV except for news or just glances at what my wife is watching – usual soaps and a little net browsing. I could not concentrate on either as there was nothing interesting on TV and both of them kept giving me woeful looks and rubbing against me or pawing conveying their concern about others not being there. This is when I realized how my evenings normally fly with our grandchildren. Evening meal for them was toast with chicken soup which was luckily available. I had to once again be content with bread, dal and vegetables.

After little disturbed sleep as they both kept climbing on bed to check me out, I got up in the morning little later than usual at about 6 am to take them out for the first round. I was feeling victorious as return of all was expected around 12 noon. Now came the task to prepare morning meal for my companions. It is porridge and it took me sometime to locate where was it kept. Somehow I managed to cook it and mix some chicken soup to ensure they have their fill. All the time I kept an eye on the clock while going on with daily activities. This is where I was once again stumped when presswala, safaiwala etc came over and had to deal with them. But happy I was as time for end of my solitude was in sight. My feeling of euphoria plunged on getting call that they would start from Chandigarh only in the afternoon so reaching here by may be 9 in the evening or so. Not to bore you much it was once again repeat of previous day with yours truly just trying to keep going on robotlike. Sure enough they all came back little after 9 pm ending my 36 hours of being alone. The statement which I had made in one of my earlier posts “ Happiness is in your hands “ that home is what lady of the house makes was surely proved beyond any doubt. And a houseful of children is what makes a day go happy. I vowed not to venture in such situation again if I could help it, though with apologies to our best friends.


Keshi said...

awww how very lucky r ya Jack! u hv a house full of LOVE. Blessed r ya!

**that home is what lady of the house makes

So true :)

Im glad u hv a great family with lots of love from ur wife, kids n grandkids.


nups said...

hey Jack
tat was quite a day man! hahaaa but u r a kind soul.. trust me i knw hw it feels like when u have to leave ur doggy n go.. i m a dog lover ..tats an understatement though :) i thnk God made me a human by default ..i find solace more in the canine company ;)
so wat r ur 2 brats called ..and can u post thei pic would love to see them :)

Jack said...


I am really thankful to God to have so much of love and affection not only at home but here too from young friends like you. I sincerely hope that all of you have happiness always and if I can do anything to contribute to that you will not find me wanting. Take care


They are just like family members. One is Joey and other is Zuby. I will try to post their picture here but I am not that proficient with computers. I can however attach those to e-mail. I have sent to some of other blogmates at site. If you wish you may write to me by navigating here on my profile and I will surely reply with pictures. Take care

gureja said...
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suvaiba said...

this was so hilarious but indeed you had a tough time managing them but i think they love you and vice versa.
its good to have pets that don't leave you alone. :)