Thursday, September 6, 2018


Our pet dog Zubi passed away on 29 August this year. I am still to get over the loss. She was 12 years 5 months old. She had developed tumours. I had taken her for operation but unfortunately she passed away on the operating table. While we were waiting for her to be taken into operation room, she kept looking at me as if to convey “ It is ok as you are there with me.” We cremated her the same day and immersed her ashes in river Yamuna next day.

We have been keeping dogs for a long time, say almost for over 30 years. When our previous dogs died, I did feel sad but got over it in a few days. This may be as our children and later grandchildren also were with us. This time Zubi gave us company for the last  4 years 8 months when self and my wife have been living alone. That may be the reason my attachment to her developed a lot and I treated her like a family member. That may be why I am yet to get over her going away even after more than a week.

I pray that May God bless her soul with eternal peace.

I am sorry, I could not resist sharing my feelings with you all.


Furree Katt said...

RIP Zubi, I am sorry for your loss!

Amrita said...

My condolences!

Jack said...

Dear Furree Katt :

Thanks for your support. You do not know how much it means to me. Yes, May God grant her sould eternal peace.

Do keep in touch. How are things at your end? Looking forward to your mail.

Take care

Dear Amrita :

Thanks for your support. It is a loss which I have to overcome but it will take time due to age and being alone with wife.

Do keep in touch. My e-mail id if in my profile.

Take care

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