Saturday, June 2, 2018


I had told earlier that I and my wife live alone as our daughter is married and our son is in Canada with his family. Though our daughter is in Delhi but we meet once in a month or so but are in telephonic touch. Her children visit us when they have long vacations. It had been working fine but lately I have started feeling lonely.

So, my friends, please do keep in touch and visit if you can find time to make this old man little happy.

Take care and love to all of you


Ellen said...

Hi Jack,

As I write this there's a lovely sun shining outside my window. After days of heavy rains, this is such a welcome sight. Reminding me that life is similar to that. We have days of boredom, bland, misery, loneliness. But it does not last. Because sooner than you think, in comes to your life such sweet joy, gladness, happiness, lovely surprises all.

I have felt that too in my days, in my life. Like you, my children all have grown now. Although I have still two children living with me as they are yet single. But one daughter has married and left the nest to live her own life with her own family.

On some days, I would wish that things were the same again with my family close around me. But I also know that it won't happen, except on special gatherings and occasions with family. Then I would be lonely.

Life moves on, whether we like it or not. But if we have created memories through the years, wonderful memories, these are the very things which will lend us continuing strength, courage, hope, and joy in times needed.

You're a wonderful person and friend, Jack. Although we don't connect as often as we should (life gives us humans tons of things to do, right?)... but know that you are remembered with fond memories of friendship. This is part of my treasure chest of wonderful memories. You have carved your own niche in the blog world and in my blog life. Thank you for the treasure of your friendship.

Take care and know that God is mighty pleased with you. He blesses you with all things beautiful.

Best regards to you and your wife.

Jack said...


Sorry for such a late reply. No excuses but on laziness.

I agree with you that we need to let children have their own life. If we have brought them up with right values, they will surely remember us and keep in touch. Our daughter who is here in Delhi speaks to her mother daily. So do her children. Our son calls up on week ends which is understandable. I had written this at the spur of moment.

Take care