Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Lately there has been a lot in news about a well known girl who spoke about having been physically molested by a person sitting behind her while in a flight. I have two points on this issue.

First being that let us accept what that man says and is supported by his wife. He stated that he is a frequent flier and had gone off to sleep soon after the flight took off. He states that did not do anything inappropriate. He had placed his foot on the armrest of the seat where that girl was sitting. I would like to ask him if it is proper for anyone to place his foot on the armrest of seat in front. Would he accept the passenger sitting behind placing his foot on his armrest? Is this kind of act acceptable in flight? It was a deliberate act of molestation.

Secondly, would the media have given same coverage to this incident had the girl been a common citizen?     


harman singh said...

looks like they are from village traveling keeping feet on armrest.. I mean c"mmon .. education class and etiquettes does not permit that..
like my recent travel to India .. sitting in Air India domestic flight guy next to me wanted desperately to talk .. asked me whether cake is Veg or non-veg.. I was like ask flight attendent :P he kept on staring .. I was like don't eat if you are in doubt..
Weird people travel ,, its like keep distance or ignore..
I have travelled in US too domestic flights.. scene is different here jus because sexual harassment charges are severe .. makes people sit upright...not that people are less here but law enforcement is better.

Jack said...


Right you are. It is the family upbringing and weak enforcement of laws.

Take care