Tuesday, June 6, 2017


For the last few days I have been wanting to share with you all what I think about a couple of things which had been dominating news.

First is, what kind of elected representatives do we have? This came to my mind after watching MLAs throwing paper missiles on Hon'bel Governor when he was addressing their session. Thereafter they had audacity to say that they were not throwing paper at him but giving their applications. Applications for what? And is that the way to give applications,if those were applications? They think the public is without brains and will swallow whatever they say. PITY. This also proves a famous saying " We get the government we deserve." So true. We only elected those leaders to work for our good cause.

Second is, so many well known persons as well as a couple of political parties are raising voice against Army for their actions in Kashmir against stone pelters and against Army Chief for saying that he can not ask his personnel to stand mute to get hurt. I will not say anything on this issue except that such persons should be taken without any publicity and made to wear forces uniform to be with the them to face stone pelters. I am all for HUMAN RIGHTs but don't we feel that with that comes HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY? We have freedom to choose our profession, can I choose to be a spy for enemy country and claim it as my Human Right? Can I damage public property for protesting whatever cause be it and shout against such acts if my own property is damaged by protesters?

Food for thought. 


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Jack said...

Dear Philips,

Welcome to my space. Thanks for such encouraging views. Hope to see you regularly. Do read my older posts also. Take care

Dear Aashi,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I did not read your starting blog and will try to do so a a a p. You too have a wonderful time. May God bless you with all the happiness and success. Take care