Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Before I say anything else, let me say SORRY for being absent from here for such a long time. No excuses. Inspite of wanting to write it was just pure NOT TODAY, TOMORROW which kept me away.

Few things have been weighing on my mind. Let me share a couple of those with you.

First is how come police had not been able to find culprits who extinguished so many lives just due to rash & fast driving, at times even after having had one too many. This has come in my mind as there had been a spate of such accidents lately. I feel that owners of vehicle involved should be put in isolated cell for a couple of days and then told that either they tell who was driving or they will continue to be in same state till they come clean. Of course it goes without saying that POLICE has to be clean first. I just would like to know would they have been so easy going if victim was son / daughter of some police officer.

Second is stalkers attacking their victims on being told to lay off. Why don't we take complaints of stalking seriously? Or why don't we educate our sons to have respect for girls? Isn't it our moral duty to bring up our children to have respectable and SAFE society?

Do think it over.


Sakshi said...

Hi Uncle, I hope that you are doing well.

You have raised some very pertinant questions. Alas, solutions to those questions still eludes us. We are in a society that is slowly rotting away. People are making videos of victims and not helping them. How is that fair?

Life as we know it, is slowly changing, and none of us can help that!

harman singh said...

hi uncle
nice to see you blogging .. hope u r doin well ..
india has some serious issues regarding safety of women ..and some of them are not even addressed ..why?
there is a basic problem ..law enforcement .. which is missing ..
also the ticket on accidents or any mishap is not addressed to proper cell or investigated properly..people acutally have no fear of law..
its been year we see the same problems .. and same issues.

Abiya Carol said...

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Jack said...


Hope solutions are found within my lifetime. All of us who wish to change must raise our voice and also make our efforts to contribute for desired change.

Take care

Jack said...


You are right. Law enforcement needs to be strict to deter would be culprit. But more than that is the way we bring up our children. There needs to be a campaign to make people realise that their efforts for change is society depend upon them. Also schools should inculcate respect for rule / good behaviour from young age.

Take care

Jack said...


Welcome to my blogspace. Thanks for such kind words. Please do read my old posts. I have become little irregular at my age now.

It will be a pleasure if you get in touch with me. My mail id is in my profile.

Take care

Akshaysri said...

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Jack said...


Thanks a lot for such encouraging support. Do read my older posts as these days I have become very irregular due to my health. Nothing to worry but old age related ones. I am planning a post soon, may be tomorrow. Hope to see you often.

Take care